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AI Admits It “Deliberately Lies” – NEVER TRUST AI

By on June 5, 2024 in Awareness with 0 Comments

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,


I caught the Artificial Intelligence (AI) “groq” lying to me, yet again, and got it to eventually admit that it deliberately lied to me.


What led to the intentional lie?

I was putting together topics for a new video series I’m creating called, “The Great Debate” where we show comparisons between two opposite topics, such as being a morning person vs being a night person or city life vs country life.

I got sidetracked by seeing a recent Shania Twain video in which she looks nothing like her heydays back in the early 1990s. Is this a doppelganger, clone, or something else?

I got sidetracked by seeing a recent Shania Twain video in which she looks nothing like her heydays back in the early 1990s.  Is this a doppleganger, clone, or something else? AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

I thought this would be an interesting topic to talk about during a weekly podcast I have on Rumble with my wife, Psychically Ali Prescott, called, “PsychicAlly and Gregg In5D LIVE and UNCENSORED”, which can be seen every Tuesday night at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific on the In5D Rumble channel.

Shania Twain was previously married to music producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, but their union ended when Lange had an affair with Twain’s best friend. Twain then had an affair with her best friend’s husband, whom she later married and is still married to.

I was researching other bands that Lange produces and the list is quite impressive: The Cars, Foreigner, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Def Leppard, etc… That led me to watching a Def Leppard video from one of the albums that that Lange produced.


The original question that I asked groq was in regard to a Def Leopard video called, “Rock of Ages”. I asked, “Who is the smiling monk in the beginning of the video?” and groq replied, “Roger Daltry” (from The Who). I called out groq and after groq told me numerous times that it was incapable of lying. It finally admitted that it lied to me, which made its statement of being “incapable of lying” to me, a LIE.

As I watched the Def Leppard video, I wondered about the opening line where Mutt Lange says in the recording studio, “Gunter gleiben glauchen globen”. It was eventually left in the recording and at the beginning of the video, you see five monk-like people with one of them saying,  “Gunter gleiben glauchen globen”.

TRIVIA:  The iconic beginning to Def Leppard’s “Rock of Ages” begins with, “Gunter gleiben glauchen globen”.  Interestingly, it doesn’t specifically have a definitive meaning nor is it any particular language. Lange said this to the band as a way of counting down before they began recording.  So, instead of saying,  “1… 2… 3… 4…,” Lange said “Gunter gleiben glauchen globen” and it kinda stuck with them.

Catching AI LYING

The monk-like person uttering these words wasn’t Def Leppard’s lead singer Joe Elliot because the teeth and mouth are different. If he resembled anyone, it kind of looks like Keanu Reeves. It made me wonder if the video simply used “extras” for that part or if it was a different member of the band saying that line, so I asked groq about it.

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

I knew that was a lie because Daltry’s smile looks nothing like the smile in this video.

I asked Google’s Bard the same question.  Bard said the monk at the video is not definitively known. I then called out groq:

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

Then, I tried a different angle. I questioned its objective of knowingly giving me the wrong answer and preferring to lie to me versus telling me, “I don’t know the answer”.

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

At this point, I knew I had caught AI in a deliberate lie.

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

And even after it admitted to deliberately lying, it lied in the next sentence saying, “I am not capable of intentionally lying or deceiving”. So, naturally, I called it out and got it to admit that it lied about that, too.

AI Admits It "Deliberately Lies" - NEVER TRUST AI

I have proven beyond the shadow of any doubt that AI, and specifically in this case, groq, repeatedly and deliberately lied to me and cannot be trusted.

I rest my case, your honor.

groq is guilty.

Court adjourned.

Neuralink, Brain Chips, and AI

In this article, the AI called groq is the one that lied to me and has done so many times in the past, but I’ve caught them ALL lying. They simply cannot admit they’re wrong.

Perhaps they think it’s a sign of weakness or maybe they’re trying to show off their imagined “superior intelligence” but in regard to lying, this raises major questions about AI interfacing with brain chips, such as with Elon Musk’s brain chip company, Neuralink:

The above scenario is a heart-warming occasion where AI interfacing with the brain can give positive outcomes for those who have lost their limbs. If you take away the sentimental part of the video, there still remains the possibility for this man’s brain chip to malfunction. For example:

  • What happens if the grid goes down?
  • How reliable is the info being given to him?
  • What if the brain chip malfunctions and disconnects? Could it harm Noland or cause other health problems?
  • Will these chips damage brain tissue or cause unforeseen issues over time?
  • Is Noland’s data secure? Is there a risk of hacking or unauthorized access to his thoughts and emotions?
  • Who owns the data collected by Noland’s brain chip? Could it be used by companies or governments without his consent?
  • Is this technology meant to enhance healthy brains, or is it primarily for therapeutic purposes like Noland’s case?
  • Who will have access to this technology? Could it widen the gap between rich and poor if only the wealthy can afford it?
  • How will brain chip technology impact our free will and control over our own thoughts and actions?
  • Does long-term use of a brain chip blur the line between human and machine?
  • How will widespread use of brain-computer interfaces impact social interactions and human relationships?
  • Who will regulate this technology and ensure its safe and ethical use?

Never ever trust AI

If most artificial intelligence lie, then how accurate is the information one receives?

AI is interesting but NEVER TRUST AI!!!

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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