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An Easy Way To Raise Your Vibration (Guaranteed!)

By on December 27, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

An Easy Way To Raise Your Vibration (Guaranteed!)

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by Andrea Schulman,
Guest writer,

A few minutes ago I walked into my local Starbucks, which is where I do quite a bit of my writing. I really like being around the energy of people who are getting ready to start the day. It feels optimistic and hopeful. It’s a lot of fun for me.


However, this article is NOT about how Starbucks can raise your vibration (although to be honest I probably could write about that). I’m just setting the stage here.

Anyway, there is a young man that works here who is very vibrant and upbeat. He’s always smiling and has the absolute best attitude for customer service. I always get excited when I see him, because I know some of that “magic” rubs off on me when I’m around it.

But, this morning, when I got in line to order my gingerbread latte, this young man looked distressed. He seemed hurried, impatient and irritated with the customers he was dealing with. One after another, he was getting odd order requests, rude customers and silly little problems.

I felt bad for him, because I know he takes pride in his work and I know he was suffering from a low vibrational moment.

Lucky for this young man, though, I have a game I play with such people. I’ve found it’s an easy way to help raise someone’s vibration and (even better) a great way for me to raise my own.

It works so well that it has inspired today’s article, and I really hope it’s something you try out in your own life.


So, here it is!

When you encounter someone who looks stressed, sad, irritated or who is just having a plain old bad day, use it as an opportunity to share a little light.

Make it your intention to inspire a little happiness in the other person. Then, smile, compliment, give a hug or take a moment to imagine this person at his or her best.

Then, watch what happens.

When it was my turn to order, I stepped up and told myself “I’m going to see if I can make this guy smile.”

I looked him straight in the eye, smiled, and when he said “can you hold on a second?” I said “absolutely, take your time!” in a pleasant, upbeat and accepting tone.

While he was finishing the previous order I took the opportunity to spend that time imagining him happy and smiling.

Then, when he asked for my order I gave it to him as kindly as I could, said “please” and “thank you,” and smiled again. In my mind, I said again “I am going to make you smile!”

Suddenly, this young man perked up and smiled back. He said “thank you beautiful!” and passed my order off to be made.

As I waited for my coffee at the pick up station, I kept my eye on this young man. Now, instead of rushing around he was in the flow as usual, taking orders, smiling at customers and giving great service.

Consequently, seeing my intention to make this young man smile and feel a little better also gave me a vibrational boost. It’s a lot of fun to watch your intentions unfold in real time, even small ones like this.

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Even better, this moment in time had long lasting effects. As I am finishing up this article (about 30 minutes later), I still see him back there in all of his usual glory. I feel pretty good about helping him find a little happiness today.

So, why does this strategy work so well? It’s easy, that’s why!

A lot of times, we get really caught up in trying to manifest “big” things, and naturally when we think of things as being “big,” we also often feel a great deal of resistance to them. As a result, we often try too hard, and trying too hard prevents manifestation.

However, because we are manifesting something “small” (and something for someone else), it’s an easy intention to have positive expectations about. We all know that we have the power to spread a little cheer when we want to. We all know that a little kindness and appreciation can make someone’s day.


Fortunately, if you can find little ways to raise your vibration like this on a consistent basis, you automatically put your energy in the direction of manifesting other good things. Simply being happy and upbeat will help you attract anything you want, even the big things! Again, you don’t have to “try,” you just need to feel good, and this is an easy excuse to feel good at any time.

This is a great strategy to practice when you are at work (especially if you are dealing with customers, clients or students). It’s also fun to try out when dealing with cashiers, or people you’re standing in line with during checkout. Chances are you will have several opportunities to manifest happiness in others each and every day. With consistent practice, you will be raising your vibration on a more regular basis.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to raise your vibration on a daily basis, try this out! Make someone’s day. It’s a guaranteed way to spread a little light, feel a little better and get your energy in a more receptive state to manifest all of the things you want. It’s also, by the way, just a nice thing to do!

Happy Manifesting! XO, Andrea

Image: Pixabay

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