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Anchoring The Fifth Dimension Into The Third

By on October 1, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Anchoring The Fifth Dimension Into The Third

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by Suzanne Forcese,
Guest writer,

Simply stated, the Ascension process of raising our vibrational frequencies to be in alignment with Fifth Dimensional frequencies is about an expansion of consciousness.  It is about living from the heart space where Divine Energy and our connection with the Earth Mother converge. It is a bringing of this Divine Masculine Energy to conjunct with the Divine Feminine. In that heart space conjunction, in that overlap and merging of the two Divines there occurs a creative force that brings us into co-authorship of our own manifestations.


To state it more concisely – we have chosen to be here at this time and in this space to anchor the Fifth Dimension into the world of third dimensional realities with our own vehicle.  The human body.

How do we do this? By alchemizing  the elements that we already have in common with the Divine. Water. Breath. Sound.

There would be no life on this planet without any of these three.

It is our mandate to co-create with this trinity.

Water is the common denominator of all life. While many mainstream scientific observations disagree on the actual percentage of water within the human body there is much evidence to support that we are 98% water when we are perfectly hydrated. Sadly however it is not simply a matter of drinking huge amounts of water to maintain a state of perfect hydration.   It must be water that the cells of the body can accept.  Drinking tap water, reverse osmosis water, distilled water and any other unstructured water(including filtered water) presents several impediments to perfect hydration.

Firstly, all unstructured waters are dead – there is no energetic that can carry the higher life force frequencies of nutrients and minerals to the cells. Further, since all water wants to return to its natural energetic it will do so by reclaiming the minerals and nutrients within the body.   This initiates the aging process and dis-ease. All of this keeps us separate from the Divine connection that water was meant to serve.


Secondly, each and every cell of the human body accepts water through the aquaporin channel one water molecule at a time. All unstructured waters present in molecular clusters of 20,000 to 30,000 molecules. The energy drain on the human body to extract the acceptable number of one molecule into the aquaporin channel makes this a difficult if not impossible task to hydrate adequately.

Both Viktor Schauberger and Dr. Emoto have demonstrated that water has memory and consciousness.

Both have demonstrated that all unstructured water holds within it the memory of everything that has passed by or through it.  This means that when we hydrate with unstructured water we are taking into our bodies the negativity of every harmful substance, germ, virus, fungus, parasite, every negative word, thought, emotion – everything that has passed by or through it.

We must hydrate completely to be the conductors of the higher frequencies being transmitted at this time in our evolution.  And we must hydrate with water that is free of all negative memory and lower negative consciousness.

Structured Water has several qualities that make this possible.

Found in nature in mountain streams for example, water is swirling to the left and to the right over rocks as it makes its descent. This dance to the left and right is the feminine energetic (left) and masculine energetic (right) converging to create alignment and balance. It also serves to bring the memory of water to zero point.

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By drinking only Structured Water we are able to hydrate completely as Structured Water presents in a hexagonal cluster. Six molecules as opposed to the 20,000 to 30,000 molecule cluster of all other waters.  This is a manageable task for each cell of the body to extract that one acceptable molecule at a time. It also allows for an efficient exchange of high frequency energy in and low frequency or dead energy out — a transport facilitating the removal of harmful life- destroying substances from the body .  More importantly it enhances the body’s receptivity to life- enhancing energies.

The zero point of Structured Water means it has been returned to original Source permitting us to ease into the acceptance of the Fifth Dimensional vibrations of harmony, balance, peace, joy, love and co-creation.

As our physical bodies become completely hydrated with the original Source Water we become the anchors of the Fifth Dimension into the third fulfilling our contract with Divine Source and honoring our potential to broadcast  the Light to transmute and transform the lower densities.  Alchemy at its best.

About the author: Suzanne Forcese is author of PRIME TIME – STRUCTURED ENERGIES FOR PEAK LIFE EXPERIENCES, Friesen Press; and co-founder of TOTAL ENCHANTMENT – JOURNEYS IN ASCENSION.  Next Masterclass Retreat in Hot Springs, Arkansas – Upshifting in the  Structured Waters within the Crystal Vortex.  Nov. 5-8.  Suzanne lives in Victoria Beach, Canada.

Image: Pixabay

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