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Ant’s Energy Update – Unity Of The Healed Heart

By on November 2, 2017 in Energy Updates

Ant's Energy Update - Unity Of The Healed Heart

by Ant,
Guest writer, In5D.com

As we move into the floodgates of illumination, November 1-11 shall cast a gateway of reformation in compassionate action. We are activating the high hearts pure intelligence and walking in the path of Divine Love. ?

Compassionate action is the driver to unity in 5D and the energy to heal and power the crystalline light matrix on Gaia. As like minded souls learn to work together compassionately out of the intent of the heart for unconditional love, 5D becomes reality. In this Scorpio energy, we have the potentials wide open to change and transform our lives. Through loving the self first, abundantly sending the love from the crown chakra into the high heart, building a cauldron of golden love-light energy to pour out abundantly onto all. We are all spiritual beacons with the potential to send and receive mass amounts of photonic intelligence each Now. ?✨

After moving out of the October Libra energy, all of the masculine imbalance from working in the head has left us seeking the marriage of the divine feminine. We are transmuting the past conditioned beliefs that keep as from expressing full love. Repairing our lives by listening to our high heart and understanding that intuition is 100%, always. Discernment is key towards creating the reality we want to see reflected. Think, act, and speak out of the intelligence of the high heart and the reflection will be there. Merge the yin and yang archetypes of Self to achieve full love. The divine masculine in its natural form and the divine feminine, both sacred and expressed out of the heart. Unity in the healed heart dear ones. ??

Compassionate love with all of the collective. Loving our selfs firstly, activating the latent quantum parts of the DNA, simply loving everyone and everything in the perfect suchness of Now. Truth is being expressed and we are beacons of light, here to heal the collective wounds of the collective conscious that surface Now. The illumination of November will bring a turning point for many, be the change you want to see. Reflect out of the high hearts intent for compassionate action and love with All. ???

Golden love and light,


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