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Aries Full Moon – We Rise As The Phoenix From The Ashes

By on October 2, 2017 in Astrology with 0 Comments
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Aries Full Moon - We Rise As The Phoenix From The Ashes

by Lisa Childs,
Contributing Writer,

The Aries Full Moon October 5th will stir intense passion. The tide is turning and we will be pushed forward to take action and delve deep into the emerging of our new knowing and magnificent self.


We are being asked to give our attention to how are we are using our Power.

Do we give our Power Away?

Do we miss use our power?

How can we use our Power from the Heart instead of the ego?

As the saying goes with great power there is great responsibility. We are being asked to reevaluate our intentions and actions for ourselves and our world. When we ask questions of what is surfacing for evaluation and not in alignment with Love and compassion there is an opportunity for expansion. It is in the questions we ask that allows the unknown to arise.

How are we using our power are we giving to get? Are we in power struggles in our relationships? Are we standing in our power in integrity with consideration for all? Has there been misuse of power and control in our intentions and actions? Do we need to evaluate to be in alignment with the changes before us?

It is vital to be in touch with ourselves and our source energy before we can be of service to others as a friend of mine says “you’re just throwing yourself under the bus again and again” by being a marta or a warrior sacrificing yourself under the waves of victim consciousness so others can thrive.

Where are we out of balance in ourselves even though we have the best intentions of wanting to give? Are we doing too much? Are we filling ourselves with more than we can handle too much work to many classes? Are we involved in complicated emotionally draining relationships? Are we not leaving enough space for our own process of birthing? Are we giving more than we are receiving?

Birthing builds pressure and we are birthing the new we are bringing forth our Divine Source Energy revealing our own unique gifts as creators mastery. Through labor there is a natural divine force that builds pressure to push when we are ready. Pain is a natural part of labor. Power struggles can create premature birthing. We may be I in for a rough ride if we are not flexible and open for change if we are forging ahead without consideration and questioning the true motives and effects of our actions on our world. It is time to move forward out of the shadows that have been holding us back.

When we are in the natural flow with all that presents itself in each moment and give our attention and self-care to what rises within using this influx of energy with focused intention it will make the actions we need to take seem natural and easy. This will give us a greater freedom and exploration of our new found gifts.

Communication, navigation, negotiation and compromising is key to navigating the rising waves of energy. Allowing space for listening and trusting our instincts and intuition will guide us, the inner knowing that we are not alone in this process gives us the ability to make necessary changes with Grace and compassion.

Bringing forward a greater connection and integration with our inner and outer new world embracing the change demonstrated by our new use of power from the heart to co create with consideration for all allowing the rise of something new from the ashes of the old.

The dance of the rise of feminine and masculine energy working together within in unity and not in a collision for change. We will find that it is necessary to let things go simply because they are too heavy.

Blessings to All,

Lisa Childs

About the author: I am a psychic and healer and support myself and others to embrace their gifts creating a heart mind work life balance taking visions from the dream stage to manifestation. I am now excited to be sharing this work online with a mix of ancient and new tools creative self-expression supported by my continuing experience of personal transformation. If you are ready to share your gifts please email to receive info on Sharing Your Gifts online workshop. Engage in the heart and the mind will follow

Image: Pixabay

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