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As We Shift – A Giant WAVE

By on January 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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As We Shift - A Giant WAVE

by Sophia,

It’s 2017. It is just the 3rd day of the year as this is being written and wow. Already so much is altered. I’ve heard from more than one powerful light warrior/worker and some of what they sense and see is best summed up by this quote from one of them.

“All I saw was a great wave. Tsunami. A huge unstoppable thing has begun. God is the collective consciousness of everything and there is not good or bad.

Everything is a construct of that combined consciousness. And right now the control of it all, the parts directing our shared experience of existence are about to start a war.” This annual forecast by Clif High is great news; evidence that our collective energy is gearing for disclosure and massive shift. We are changing things.

Each day the onslaught of news takes my breath away. I couldn’t sleep yesterday (1/2/2017) and remained busy until 5:30 AM. There is something new and it has arrived. I was not the only one awake all night. There are remnants of name calling and “my truth is more accurate than your truth” still. These masks we wear are falling away. There will come a day when who said it first doesn’t matter; when unity is beneath every headline and comment somewhere. This is where I believe we are headed.

The reason I’m ecstatic about Clif High’s report is because he aggregates hard data. This is not words we’ve heard from someplace and someone beyond earth, but a collection of what all of us are saying everywhere. His predictions, based on this method of collecting data, turn into truth just about every time.

This is validation and evidence for what we’ve been saying these many years. We are living in an age of no such thing as conspiracy theory – it all turns out to be factual. Now truth is relative and depends on your perception. The blind men were all discussing the same elephant with widely different opinions about what they were encountering. This is what is going on for us now. Yet, in the final analysis – there are just a few ultimate truths, regardless of words used to tell them. It was an elephant.

You are love. You are light. You are sovereign. This moment now you’re being asked to show that light wherever you go. It is the one thing that will propel and accelerate this current wave of disclosure and awareness and agape. Let your love shine. Whatever you can do to rev up your joy component – do it. There is a war, it is being waged within. You win every time. There is one outcome. There is one participant. That result has you with your love light shining brilliantly. That’s how you planned this. It’s why you agreed to participate.

We are One.

You see, those who are reflecting the dark need more dark so that they can continue. We supply it for them with our fear, our blame, our defeatism, our sadness. Refuse to feed them and this game is over. Feed yourself instead.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, express joy. This is the nectar of the gods that we are. We are living in unprecedented times.

These moments now hold promise for breathtaking radiance, for peace, for allowing without exception all that we are. We are creating it all. It’s what we do.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love and gratitude,


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