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Ascending 5D Souls

By on September 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascending 5D Souls

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

Bright but contrasting ideas flow-proliferate from sects, groups or opinion makers of humanity on fields still unknown and misunderstood by majority of us. Ascending humans thru our spirits or in-situ crystalline change of human bodies are discussed in biblical or metaphysical references. People are inspired, psychic or simply brilliant, they draw information from their consciousness and intuition. One personality says only 7% of 7B humans can graduate to this significant happening occurring every 26,000 years in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Everything overflows us with photon lights of the brilliant pure diamond lights emanating from the photon belt of seven brilliant stars with Alcyone the most brilliant of them all providing light. Who amongst us will ascend with specific numbers is again a prediction. Only human collective consciousness can create events of this magnitude. December 21, 2012 was end of times for Mayan olden predictions which apparently is again wrong interpretation. Everything is individual, and that is what is important, you do it yourself, as no one else can do it for you and your ‘godlike’, Source Energy (SE) actions merge your consciousness with the collective consciousness of humanity creating the event that we all desire, meaning SE designated humans as creators.


Photon lights intense energies are overflowing earth’s atmosphere and all humanity thru the portals of Sol. It is a matter of whether you are prepared to absorb such incoming lights from the Central Sun flowing-passing thru the portal of our Sun-Sol. Others call them healing-cleansing lights absorbed by our bodies thru their deep cellular system transforming cells to crystalline light form, a process where cells spin fast, thence a transfer to higher frequency vibration. Collective consciousness of humanity with Sol raises the vibrational frequency of our planet – Gaia to 5D, our primordial purpose why we are here. Invited spirits came to earth to raise Gaia to higher vibration. You can feel the intense energy flowing every day that our bodies absorb. The Mayans told us of the end times on December 21, 2012 unknowing that it is change to higher consciousness. The Dark Group 13 (DG13) puppets made tons of money by selling new computers or ‘beliefs’ asking moneyed people to donate every material thing they have to their mulcting religious and main stream media (MSM) affiliation as death is imminent thru cataclysmic events. Shumann measurement says Earth have a frequency of low density of 8.6 Hertz to 15-30 Hertz that tells us that the planets frequency is also increasing scientifically!

In our analogy, the Sun’s heat or fire brilliantly blazing throughout the Solar System is a yellow or golden color we saw for 26,000 years and is now turning to white. Our sun has increased HER consciousness and Sol itself is graduating to higher consciousness. The effects of photon rays filling our bodies and atmosphere will allow us to join Sol to in5D. Impurities- ‘diseases’ creating excruciating pains are explanations of light body processes (LBP) that is correlated to these intense flowing energies. It means that Mother Earth is cleansed by Sol. If you turn to white purity, that is a transfer to higher consciousness for our Sun. The effects on humans are disastrous like body aches or death, apparently to clean our system to the micro cellular level and prepare it for conversion to crystalline light form. Some of us can’t hardly last these healing-cleansing of our minds and bodies. My Capt. Dr. G. Stankov has these terrible body aches that may snap the breath out of him and so with all PAT members. I pray he lasts these cleansing process as we like to see the creation of the Golden Galaxy with him at the helm. Whatever SE desires happens. SE shares our love for unity consciousness.

No one can predict the future nor tell us of wholesale ascension as everything depends on human collective consciousness. We are creators of our civilization-as we can alter events the way we desire. Remember SE program of 26,000 years planet’s revolution and our passing the photon belt has overflowed earth and humanity with pure photon lights. The frequency of every human cells-component down to the smallest electrons, neutrons- neutrinos within us are increasing in frequency. That is true with our Mother Earth that has increased her frequency by several notches and we happen to be riders to the satellite and provided with the venue of 3D experience. That is what is happening. Those who can adjust to the rise in this vibrational frequency can be part of the light. They are spinning so fast and are getting prepared to higher frequency preparing humans for in-situ ascension to 5D to crystalline form. The sages said they are those serving, loving others ‘Godlike” in acts and deeds, pre-qualified for transformation to crystalline light form. Some historical icons passed thru this system. They are acts of kindness done as a part of living by spirit entities out here to raise earth to higher frequency. The energies from the heavens are increasing and you must brace yourself for the incoming lights that maybe detrimental to carbon based bodies of humans causing death thus protection of your health is mandatory. Take care of your mind and bodies, that is the only thing you have got, the mobile vehicle of your spirit. Young or old die of severe heat/exhaustion or fatal strokes as they cannot tolerate the intense energies showered on us.

Photon lights flowing thru our minds- spiritual hearts connect them together, the key that binds us all. No one can stop it, alchemist or sorcerers cannot, the demons and negatives cannot as this is the time they must hide as the pure light will vaporize the dark beings like vampires in the world of make believe. Humans must absorb it to their cellular level or run away like the dark beings who scamper for their life to the dark sink holes and pits of other planets to hide from the incoming light. That is the program of All That Is, Everything and no amount of dark who influence us thru human material perks can help anyone who are still puppets of the negatively inclined beings. It is time to analyze each and everyone’s position. You have to exercise Free Will, the Choice given to us in this Earth’s experiment of Source Energy, a first in the universal creation where we are the cog to the next level of higher consciousness of the universe. We increase one notch, one higher vibrational frequency and the universal creation follows. Fantastic, beautiful programs in the thought of Source Energy shared with us, humans.

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Some leaders of UK specifically look positive and prepared to graduate to higher consciousness. After years of investigation, UK parliament leaders apologized in 2016 to their citizens for the death of their youths in this useless Iraq war, a fear creation by puppet cabal leaders using CIA and the American President Bush, father and son, where leadership is passed on to new ringleaders. This is truth: the assault and colonization made is at fault. They wronged the people of Iraq bringing death to citizens and soldiers who follow deranged- idiot leaders of the west. Trump, a Republican bomb Syria on April 7, 2017 in “retaliation” of a chemical warfare by Syrian President Assad where Russia protested as acts of aggression. Russian interceptors got ¾ of the missiles says Assad of Syria, thus less destruction for the country, another fault coming in. Trump orders US war carriers to the seas of North Korea, ready for war! Drug Lords from foreign countries, originally European, then Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysian invaded the consciousness of Filipinos killing their innate desire to live thru drug addiction and Europeans call it false, that drugs cannot destroy one’s mind, another set of idiot DG13 puppets. Drug addiction is a dominion tool since Sumerian plantations are made by the dark 3,400BC and later Queen Elizabeth made a trading and monetary tool of conquest at 1620.


What is EC, Russia and USA doing in wars not theirs. The acts of ringleaders are clear, they never want PEACE but create war and chaos. Puppet leaders at UN, EC, NATO coercing other small nations are deplorable at the 21st century when people start to analyze the realities of their lives. Money is the object in the process by selling warfare, drugs and chemical poisons, the way DG13 would want it to be. The USA lost and bankrupted by these wars in trillion dollars debts but the DG13 hardware war and drug manufacturers made money. They later gave away their waste to third world countries including Philippines (PH). The truth is they are destroying Earth, our planet as they are on the way out. The US treasurer disclosed that they spent more than $3 Trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan wars with $7 Trillion unexplained military spending. Wealth Daily and Outsiders disclosed these facts. MSM make wars palatable for their listeners like Trump has to do it to stop chemical warfare or a foreign president meddling in the affairs of others. Trump withdraw from Climate Change Protocols, another major puppet coming in to further destroy our environment in the guise of economic sustainable development and protectionism, an obsolete economic model. Needless to say, photon energy is free. Solar energy has development and commercial cost lower than coal as countries adopted the technology in commercial quantities lowering costs. Countries open trade but US closed it that explains that MSMs and government leaders are in the pockets of DG13.

You must have awakened-knowledgeable in economic analyses and the deeper meanings of our reality, otherwise we are all lost. The lights from the photon belt and central suns are cleansing and healing our impurities and preparing us for transmutation and cellular frequency vibrational transfer. Do not be coerced by leaders who ask you to go to war. Campaign for peace as our option and alternative action. That is our shield while we prepare our beings to transformation, the full understanding of what unconditional love is all about.

Love and light,
Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

Image: Pixabay

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