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Ascension Rollercoaster Tips

By on October 24, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Rollercoaster Tips

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

Your specific Ascension Rollercoaster experience has been intense indeed and this does not mean you have the green light for this ride of your life to stop and for you to receive the message that all is completed, well, and finalized. ALL IS WELL. But this is not to mean that you reach a particular point in your soul growth, expansion, and your evolution comes to a complete stop. Not to discourage you, but you have come so far indeed. Absolutely farther than projected in whatever timeframe that was asked to give you and expected. In other words, so many have asked for the deadline or timeframe of the Ascension completion process. Again, there is never a completion or a stop to soul growing, evolving, and learning.


I will tell you projected outcome is SUCCESSFUL and we ARE further along than anticipated.

So what you really want to know is about changes. Are they occurring and to what magnitude. I can tell you with absolute truth and certainty that great changes have been made in great strides. So much so, that you will begin to recognize this truth shortly. Collectively there has been a level of Unity achieved. Please realize that we are never separated from one another. We are ALWAYS joined in unity no matter what we think, feel, or perceive as being our truth. I can guide you. I can assist in directing you. But you have to understand that you are the one that holds the ultimate power to believe in whatever “floats your boat.” You are the ONE to choose and decide to join the ALL which is US. We are one Consciousness, one heartbeat, together ALWAYS no matter what deterrents attempt to stand in our way or cloud us with false illusions.

My Mission, along with other Lightworkers, is not to tell you how to think or how to feel a certain way. Our “job” or Mission primarily is to give you hope and determination to move yourselves in whatever form that best fits you. For you to find that self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness that best speaks to YOU!! To be aware that others are out there that will not support you or your growth!! And these societal expectations and norms are situations that you will have to choose to smash through and rise above despite any and all challenges placed before you!! And you can!! AND you will. ❤️

Any challenging or adverse experience in your life is in order to take you back to these three main points that I will continue to rehash:

1. Self-Love.

What did you learn about yourself? What boundaries did you set? If you are hard on yourself, why is this? Are you self sabotaging or have self ridicule? Maybe you don’t take compliments well or think you aren’t good enough no matter what. ?Look in the mirror and tell yourself differently.


2. Soul Empowerment.

Are you settling for toxic behavior, actions, reactions or co-dependency patterns? Addictions? Are you choosing to perform or react as X-Y-Z because an Organization or other societal expectation told you to do so? React as so? BE as so? You don’t feel this change or “expectation” is right for you? Because it’s not. Or you wouldn’t be here. Make the move and change for the better. You can and you will.

3. Higher Consciousness.

You have ALWAYS known and felt you didn’t belong here. You had beliefs that you were not like others. You questioned and challenged the status quo. It was too conditioned and didn’t make any sense to you. You often questioned rules/regulations and the Law. You are changing everything just based on your reaction and your thoughts. If you aren’t happy or satisfied, try changing your perception first. Everything else will fall into place after that if it’s meant to be.

Keep moving yourself forward. This energy does not allow for anything different. Just know that as ONE you are definitely not alone and indifferent. Find support and comfort in the similarities around you.


About the AuthorAdeana M. Slater is an Empathic Lightworker who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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