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Ascension Toolkit #13 – Grace

By on June 30, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Ascension Toolkit #13 - Grace

by Michael H Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

In this series I’ve described a number of tools that are useful on the Ascension pathway. All of these tools are free, available 24/7, and don’t require you to adopt (or reject) any particular religion or philosophy. Nor do they require you to have an in-depth knowledge of metaphysics, spirituality, astrology or esoteric thinking. You just open up that battered ol’ toolbox and get to work.


But using many of these tools can be tough. We only need tools when we need to make repairs, dismantle or build. We don’t need tools to maintain the status quo. Tools mean change, and change is at best unsettling.

Core wounds

When you’re on the Ascension pathway—particularly as you work your way down through the layers of the unconscious towards your core wounds and core masculine/feminine survival programming—to say that change is unsettling is a massive understatement.

Not only does your external life undergo huge shifts but also your whole understanding of who you are alters. At times you may not even have the slightest idea who you are. Yet the issues come at you faster and faster, with ever smaller breaks in between to rest and recalibrate. Those tools are whirring at high speed like a chainsaw juggler as you deal with all of this. That’s when you most need grace.

Is grace a tool? Yes, because you can consciously wield it just like any of the other tools in this series. Grace doesn’t appear randomly. Grace has no option but to appear when you satisfy its preconditions.

The preconditions for grace

Some of them I’ve already covered: responsibility for all that happens in your life. Faith that you are on track, no matter what happens. The courage to step through your worst fears without knowing where it will lead. Knowing when to surrender and let the river of Ascension take you in its flow. Grace comes when you fully accept that you are here to Ascend and everything else is secondary.

When you consciously and consistently deploy all of these tools, grace descends.

A few years ago I was in a car crash. At the exact moment of impact, I could see the front of my car hitting the bumper of the car ahead. I could feel the van behind me crunching into the boot. I knew my son was in the back seat of the car. And I was completely at peace with the world. I knew with total certainty that this experience was a necessary part of my journey, and that everyone and everything was OK. And so it proved. Grace had descended.

When you have mastered grace, you’re ready for the most challenging moments Ascension can throw at you. May these tools help you get there.

Michael H Hallett provides Ascension guidance. He writes on emotional intelligence and the mechanics of Ascension.

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) licence. Can be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.



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