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Ascension Toolkit #3 – Neutrality

By on April 7, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Toolkit #3 - Neutrality

by Michael H Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

In the first part of this series I described how breathing is the safety blanket of the inherently unstable Ascension process. The second part covered intent, the rocket fuel of Ascension. But where is this rocket going? Neutrality is the compass that guides your journey.


Neutrality, or non-judgment, is achieved through removing the polarized ‘spin’ of good or bad from any event, belief or behavior. Our unconscious programming perceives everything in our experience as good or bad, clean or dirty, desirable or undesirable.

What this programming shows is that 3D thinking is divisive, competitive ‘either-or’ thinking. By comparison, 5D thinking is inclusive, collaborative ‘and’ thinking. To increase neutrality, you need to recognise when you are acting or reacting from a place of judgment. This is initially hard to do but, like anything, improves with practice. The key is self-observation. I’ll write about that tool later.

When you consciously and consistently apply non-judgment to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you change your point of resonance according to the Law of Attraction—the universal rule of ‘like attracts like’.

Zero-point energy

Neutrality disconnects you from the polarized, positive/negative 3D energy matrix. Instead, you gradually plug into the unified, 5D scalar or zero-point energy matrix.

I use the word ‘plug’ advisedly. ‘Tap’ is perhaps better. When you plug a socket into an electrical circuit, it is either on or off. That’s how 3D energy works: on or off. Ascension—for the most part—isn’t like that. It’s gradual. Initial experiences of zero-point energy tend to be occasional, intermittent and frustrating.

It’s like that painting by Michelangelo, ‘The creation of Adam’, where god’s and Adam’s fingers almost—but not quite—touch. We’re desperate for the zap of cosmic connection. The more you cultivate neutrality, the more you get zapped.

The burning house

As you develop neutrality, you also develop detachment. Stuff that used to bother you just doesn’t any more. Detachment is an important practice in Buddhism. It doesn’t mean renouncing wealth or pleasure, it means renouncing judgment. Buddha illustrated this concept with the parable of the burning house. The 3D world of conflicting (polarized) beliefs and behaviors is the burning house. The current political, economic and social order is failing. You can stay inside and blame others or become neutral and get out.

As detachment develops, you start to wonder whether you have lost all sense of feeling. ‘Care but don’t carry’ is the catchphrase here. Yes, you do care. You care enough to stand back and let others choose to stay in the burning house. You realize that the world is nothing but opportunities for people to accept or reject neutrality.

You’ve made your choice. Neutrality is your magnetic north. Follow it.

Michael H Hallett provides Ascension guidance. He writes on emotional intelligence and the mechanics of Ascension.

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) licence. Can be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.

Image: Pixabay

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