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Ascension Vision: The Solar Flash

By on June 6, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Vision: The Solar Flash

by Kim Hutchinson,
Contributing Writer,

Galactic Cloud

Last month, while in mediation with Source, I saw a huge sphere-like cloud in space. It had a translucent creamy white background that was dotted with a full spectrum of hues. This massive rainbow cloud was in close proximity to our solar system, and we appeared to be moving towards it. I was told it came from the galactic core, and it would act as the catalyst for our ascension.


Science and Prophecy Align

I wasn’t sure about the validity of this vision, so I asked my guides for more information. Several weeks later, I received the confirmation I needed while listening to David Wilcock on Jimmy’s Church’s Fade to Black internet radio show:

In the latter part of the interview, David discussed how global warming is affecting all the planets in our solar system. David has done extensive research over the past decade that clearly shows our entire solar system is heating up. While this was not news to me, I was surprised to learn of the cause. David revealed that our solar system is drifting into a cosmic cloud of very hot, highly magnetic plasma. I knew as soon as he uttered those words that the cloud he described was the same one from my vision!

David went to say that our nearest cosmic neighbor, the Alpha Centauri star system, entered this cloud a year ago (approximately May 2017). The heat and radiation of the galactic cloud caused an epic solar flash, specifically a full halo coronal mass ejection. The CME enveloped all the planets in that solar system, including Proxima B. (On a side note, our scientists identified that planet as being in the Goldilocks Zone, meaning it was ideal for hosting life. This is consistent with my metaphysical experiences. I’ve taken several soul journeys to this world with starseed clients who hailed from there, and I witnessed humanoid life forms.)

As our solar system drifts into this rainbow cloud, it stands to reason that the same thing is likely to happen to our Sun. That possibility is strengthened by numerous ancient texts from cultures around the world that predict a coming solar event. The Vedas, for instance, refer to it as Samvartaka Fire, and they describe rainbow colored clouds appearing as people attain their rainbow body (a.k.a. the spirit light body).

The solar flash not only heralds the dawn of the new golden age, but it also acts as a glorious catalyst for our metamorphosis and subsequent ascent into 5-D. All the ascension upgrades and symptoms we have gone through are in preparation for this coming event. It’s likely that our neighbors from Proxima B have already ascended and, if science and prophecy prove correct, we will soon be joining them.

Ascension Guidance

Live for Today; Not the Event

As thrilling as it may be to contemplate the solar flash, we should not lose sight of what matters most. It is the journey that both enriches and prepares us; not the singular event. We must endeavor to be present and happy right now. So rather than longing for or worrying about the ascension, and ultimately deferring your happiness, find your joy today. Do what makes your heart sing, and that will help keep your vibration high, which in turn, will facilitate your ascension.

Have Faith

No one has all the answers, and so there are no guarantees what will happen, or when. You need to have faith that everything will work out perfectly. Trust in your highest self, for you are a spark of the Divine and are thus a co-creator with Source God. You come from Love, and you will return to Love when this multiverse journey is complete. Until then, let your heart be your guide.

Need More Help?

I am an Ascension Guide and Dream Healer. I provide Distance Multidimensional Energy Healing, coupled with Intuitive Soul Guidance, to help to alleviate ascension symptoms and to help you better understand the process. I have been healing and guiding people for over 10 years. I work with angels, Source and pure intention. My philosophy is, “All healing comes from Love”. To learn more about my healing services, or to book a healing, please visit

About the author: Kim Hutchinson of is a Mystical Guiding Star whose soul journeys through time, space and dimensions to offer healing to people worldwide.

Image: Pixabay

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