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Autumn Equinox: Massive Upgrades Preparing Us For 2020

By on September 22, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Autumn Equinox: Massive Upgrades Preparing Us For 2020

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Autumn Equinox: Massive Upgrades Preparing Us For 2020

Happy Equinox everyone! The Equinox becomes exact at 3:50 AM EDT (07:50 GMT) on Monday, September 23.


Each time the season turns, it is a cause for celebration! In the Pagan tradition, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is called Mabon. It is a festival celebrating the middle of harvest season—a time to give thanks for and to indulge in the Abundance of crops available to consume.

You can take this literally and indulge in healthy fall fruits and vegetables like squashes and apples! Also, you can take this figuratively and give thanks for all the Abundance in your life right now.

Look in your refrigerator. Is it full of food? Visit your local supermarket—is it teeming with aisles and aisles of delicacies from around the world? This is really quite a miracle, but we often take it for granted. There are billions of people around the world who can barely afford to feed themselves and their families, and even then, they may only be able to survive by eating a meager diet of rice or junk processed foods. Do you have friends and family in your life right now? I know, you want more friends and a new family (LOL), but on this Equinox, give thanks for the friends and family that you do have. Most of our Soul Lessons are worked out in relationships. No one comes into your life by accident. No one. So give thanks to Creator/God/Source for all of the social connections in your life, be them in person or online.

A great practical exercise you can do to honor the Equinox is to make a gratitude journal or at least a single gratitude list. Write down at least 25 things you are grateful for (they can be anything). This can be a daily practice if you wish.


During the Equinox, day and night are of approximately equal length everywhere on the planet! This only happens twice a year. So on this celestial event of day and night being in perfect equal harmony, are you in perfect equal harmony?

If you had to guess, which side of you is more dominant: the intuitive, emotional Divine Feminine side or the logical, practical Divine Masculine side? Also, which side of you requires more healing: the Shadow Masculine (which can manifest as overagressiveness, greed, narcissism, or impatience) or the Shadow Feminine (martyrdom, codependency, playing small, afraid to say no)?


Does your physical life feel like it is in balance? For Lightworkers, it is often more comfortable for us to ‘get our stuff together’ in our meditation and spiritual practices, but our grounded 3D life can remain out of sorts. If you want to truly make it to 5D and be able to stay there consistently, you’ll need to get your 3D life in order so that it naturally becomes a 5D life.

Ask yourself this…

Here are some other Equinox-themed questions of self-inquiry that you can ask yourself. It might be helpful to journal on these:

Am I as grounded as I am idealistic?

Do I spend as much time taking care of my present-time Earthly responsibilities as I do meditating, reading spiritual books, or doing other spiritual things?

Or, conversely, am I not allowing enough time for myself to focus on my spiritual life?

Do I spend enough time expressing myself artistically or creatively on a consistent basis?

Am I taking the best care of my physical body? Does my diet need to be cleaned up? Am I drinking the cleanest water? I am exercising daily? Are there latent viruses, bad bacteria, or heavy metal toxicity within me that needs to be addressed? Is my body satisfied with the amount of sleep I am getting? Is my body satisfied with what time I go to bed at night?

Do I spend as much time appreciating all that I have now as I do dreaming of more, desiring more, or being jealous of those who have more?

Do I spend as much time loving myself as I do giving love to others?

Do I walk my talk? Is there anything I am preaching to others or posting on social media but not actually doing so well myself?

If I had to guess, which side of me needs most of my attention right now? The physical? Mental? Emotional? Or spiritual?

If I wanted to attract my ideal Twin Flame and we were to live happily ever after, am I honestly ready? Or are there things I still need to work on before I am ready? What would those things be?


This Equinox gateway has brought with it a monumental influx of high frequencies emanating from the sun and the Galactic Sun. On September 20, the Schumann Resonance, which is the heartbeat of the Earth so to speak, reached an insane peak of 99 Hz (it is normally at 8 Hz)! These energies are bringing swift and permanent changes in the frequency of the planet and preparing us for the ‘roaring 20s’ to come.

Next year is going to be an amazing year to be alive on Planet Earth. The ‘teens’ have been a time when the energetic structures on this planet (and in our solar system) have been completely restructured in order to set up for the New Earth Architecture which is going to begin to manifest in earnest in the 2020s. We will start to see shifts in policies, as the consciousnesses of governments will begin to align with the new aggregate consciousness of the people of Earth. We will see a shift in the financial system from a fiat system that is structured to maintain power and control to a cryptocurrency-based system that allows for a planet where everyone can thrive. Whether this shift in the financial system will be complete by the conclusion of the 2020s will remain to be seen, however I do predict that the shift will at the very least begin in the decade to come.

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From this Equinox until the December Solstice, Lightworkers are going to find themselves being pushed ahead at an unprecedented rate. Rapid awakenings are becoming the norm, as Chiron the Wounded Healer remains Retrograde in Aries until December 12. We have the opportunity to make huge leaps forward in our consciousness and in our life.

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Here’s another great question to ask yourself on this Equinox: If I had to guess, what is likely to unravel in my life because it is no longer aligned with who I truly AM? How could I get out ahead of life and start to make the changes that I know my Future Self will thank me for?

NOW is the time to re-write the script of your life and create what you truly want. It is absolutely one-hundred percent true that the requirement to fulfill karmic obligations has been lifted from this planet, and we are now each free to create exactly the life we want to live if we so choose! The energies incoming during the final quarter of 2019 are really going to pry us to take matters into our own hands and create whatever we are desiring. There is no more time to waste steeped in victimhood or powerlessness. THE TIME IS NOW!

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I am wishing you a wonderfully healing and beautiful Equinox, whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern (happy Spring to all of you lovely people). Blessed Mabon if you are in the North.

With Love,

Matthew John

About the author: Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, and Quantum Energy Healing working directly with the Ascended Masters. He offers inspirational and educational articles and videos on his website and Facebook page. He also offers powerful private sessions worldwide via phone and Skype, including Intuitive Healing & Coaching Sessions, Soul Plan Readings, Spiritual Mentoring (Awakening Coaching) Sessions, Starseed Coaching Sessions, Intuitive Nutrition Readings, Chakra Scans. Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progressions. You can check out his work and book readings and sessions at

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