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Awakening To Autism

By on October 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Awakening To Autism

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by KaraLynn,
Contributing Writer,

What is Autism? Well that depends on who are you asking. The internet will have their definition. A parent will have their definition. A teacher will have their definition. A medical professional will have their definition. A service provider will have their definition. So whose definition is correct? Who knows Autism best? They do. Those who “have Autism” know how best to define it. Upon asking a 17 year old with Autism, “What is Autism?”, he replied, “It’s not a disorder like everyone thinks. It’s an ability.” Beautiful when defined that way, isn’t it? Well beautiful is what they are.


Being deeply immersed within the world of Autism, has allowed me to create a personal deep understanding and appreciation for these beautiful individuals. Would you be surprised to hear that our consciously expanding world could be highly benefited if those with Autism are the ones here to teach everyone else? Maybe it’s not too surprising to hear of one more thing that we’ve been purposefully conditioned to understand in one concrete way, out of fear of what might happen when we think outside of the 3D societal box emphasized on conformity. While personally experiencing a year of my own drastic conscious expansion, understanding the creation and purpose of Autism has become more and more clear.

It has become clear that individuals with Autism are here, like many starseeds and lightworkers, because they have chosen to be here during Earth’s ascension with a desire and purpose that happens to be a hugely impactful one. It has become clear that one major advantage that these individuals have over others is that they never forgot who they are, which is evident in their untouchable desire to be the contrast to conformity simply by being their true self.

It has become clear that, with all 3D societal expectations aside, the true essence of individuals with Autism can further be understood as advanced beings of light and love with vast knowledge and infinite abilities that could benefit humanity now more than ever. It has become clear that their baseline level of vibration is one that we should strive to reach since they vibrate at a level of high frequency that appears “atypical” only because we are not used to seeing individuals express intense high vibrational emotion in such a pure way that is completely untainted by 3D societal expectations.

It has become clear that individuals with Autism have a powerful ability to use their imagination,  which is an ability that is becoming more and more crucial for everyone to relearn as we consciously expand to fulfill our roles as creators on this planet through use of the Universal Law of Attraction. Consistent with this Universal Law; our thoughts, feelings, and imagination will attract what we desire to create. A seemingly complex concept to grasp by most “typical” individuals, yet those with Autism somehow understand it and flawlessly utilize it all the time.

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It has become clear that a strong personal desire exists for me to let the rest of the world know that it’s time to bridge the gap between the world of Autism and the rest of the world. How can we do this? Embrace them for who they are. Desire to learn from them, not to teach them. Rather than holding onto the desire to normalize those with Autism by attempting to bring them back to our level of reality, why not desire to learn more about their superpower-like abilities? Should we have attempted to normalize Einstein or was it important to embrace his way of thinking and to learn from his abilities?

Imagine a world where you can visualize your desire, only to have it manifest right before your eyes.That world exists and flourishes, right here right now, and they have been holding the key. Who wouldn’t desire to join them in a place of beauty where dreams come true and desires become reality simply through use of imagination?


Beautiful isn’t it?

About the author: KaraLynn is One who Shines, a creator, a mother, a wife, and a voice for those who are misunderstood. Aside from fulfilling her life’s purpose as an infinite being of light, love and creation, she desires to fulfill a specific purpose to bridge the gap between those who have Autism and the rest of humanity, to bring into light their infinite abilities and knowledge that will immensely contribute to our journey towards conscious expansion.  Email:

Image: Pixabay

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