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Being With Christ Consciousness

By on October 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Guest writer,

The last three decades brought people together in collective consciousness, in unity to understand the real meaning of Christ Consciousness. People pray to many deities for worship for assistance in their trials on Earth to be a being with Christ or one with Christ Consciousness on to their desire to be with Oneness with Source.

A number of people are awakened and they cast out false beliefs, religion, political leaders, government, monetary control and controlling dark Illuminati. Unluckily, at PH Pacific Islands we are 100M blind sleeping followers of Rome contributing to the coffers of Vatican who has in its vaults wealth that could feed the whole island and lift us out of deception as poverty feeds on lies. Helping us is out of the question. The Cabal-Illuminati-Knight Templars group are now open for scrutiny, are and in the process to be thrown out to lifeless dark space by Source Energy, as the Consciousness of Christ with Observers are reaching us, assisting us awaken.

Cloaked dark Angels use the lifeblood of Mother Earth, gas and oil to power our daily needs while killing and milking us of our wages and that of the planet’s resources where we should have used the ether or photon as power for free that could make life easier. Many countries with ruling dark elites with 15,000+ nuclear weapons like USA, Russia, with 6,500+ each country, UK, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea…. controlled by the dark energy are ready to erase us from Earth. These countries have their own inventors-innovators using free ether-photon energy as free fuel, hidden. An inventor patented 33 related energy solutions in US but bought and scrapped similar to other inventors everywhere whose fate are unknown. These humans lost their lives to lift men from slavery all in vain, unappreciated as we are blind and poisoned on their ordeals. We never cared make their contributions happen.

Negative beings introduced their ‘concoctions’ like killer drugs statin, fluoride, methane, vaccines, chlorine for water, air gases, Freon and other killers in liquid, gas or solid materials, even sugar (before an energy drug) that are fed or drank by us, marketed as perfect products or goods but in reality to shorten human lives to the most productive part of 55 odd years substantive for energy milking. They suck our energy at the 4th vibrational frequency, invisible and living below the surface of earth. They feed at night on us while we sleep as they are cut off from Source light energy. Remember a morning when you wake up very tired and exhausted.

We are living fodder-slaves of darkness, deceived and forced to consume anything in the guise of ‘Eureka’. It is likened to a drug curing a disease, create another disease.We experience and seen them on friends happen. Those with cardiovascular and hypertension problems take these maintenance drugs that programmed our life span, keep us alive while they feed on us, a life giving life to darkness.

Source Energy put a stop to this horrible acts and has sent his pure white magnetic crystalline light rays to heal and cleanse Earth and humanity. Earth and humanity has fallen to the very dense part of the third dimension and we will see what will unfold the moment we are aware and learn how to absorb incoming pure light with assistance from Christ Consciousness, the Observers and the Avatars.

With that deep background and situational piece, what then in reality is the meaning of Christ Consciousness? This last decade, aware humans (not in PH) no longer rely on compilation of archaic biblical books introduced by the Romans, Emperor Constantine on 325 AD, Nicea Council of bishops and deacons at Bosporus Straits- Mediterranean to control the growing unrest from Christ Consciousness and introduced pagan and elite child sacrifice practices in cathedral or church rituals.Indoctrination and publicized book is written by his aides and palace writers using copying lives of St. John, Apollonius of Tyanna and Yeshua bin Joseph in one persona. Thru false education, government and religion, we erroneously understood we, the volunteers rule the earth, even human beings and learned dark secrets of colonization-desecration of our living earth, destroying humans in the process.

We are One and we do not rule the world. The universe is host to similar human and earth creations, all part of experience of All That Is. We are never alone in the universe, in fact billions like us evolve and are part of One. Our conquerors came from other worlds and star systems, extra-terrestrials (ET) controlling us for million years similar to the Romans conquering half of the world for 500 years, sword and cross or government and religion, combined for control.

Christ consciousness is the highest state of emotional and spiritual development and being intellectual is no longer part of it. Intellect is for 3d life. Reality tells us that everything is in our cell. Christ consciousness is a state of awareness of being an extension of Source, awareness that allows you to access to information and wisdom within yourself. The words deities, idolatries, Gods or sacrifices are all Illuminati creations making conquerors, ETs our worshiped Gods.

Be aware, analyze, learn that everything, information you need to know is within yourself, in each cell of your body. Knowing makes you realize our contract here is to raise to higher consciousness earth and humanity. Thru persistence, stillness and deep meditation, go within, reach for the Consciousness of Christ. That is a gigantic crystalline step on our path to Oneness with Source All That Is, a Moment Now. Ascendants did it, you can with dedication and unconditional love for Source to flow into your hearts and connect you to the divine mind.

Light and unity from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the authorANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-Middle East, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Healthy body is best. Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris, or link with him at or listen to you tube,

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