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Beyond The Veil

By on October 15, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Beyond The Veil

by Todd,
Contributing Writer,

I have to admit as this begins that I don’t really read much of what is written in the awakening community anymore. One reason is that I don’t want to seed my consciousness with anything that doesn’t originate from the connection I am receiving teachings from. In this way when others tell me they have found similar information from another source I can view it as confirmation. Many messengers bringing the same message is a clear sign we are on the right path.


The other reason is that when I do connect I can see everything from the viewpoint of a Galactic Consciousness. From this perspective just about everything that seems so important to little embodied me becomes transitory static. The result is a blissful state of awareness that I would like to share with you.

The following descriptions are generalities of the consensus experience. There are special consciousnesses here now that are coming in with their connections to soul experience. These are the volunteers helping to move the collective forward… and that is a topic for a separate discussion.

Free will is not discussed here because it is an expectation that all consciousness is free to choose the lessons it will learn. This applies to the entire cosmos. The only place where free will is violated is within this Galactic Construct and as a result of Negative Polarity. It is therefore not a rule; It is an expectation from Source itself that individual self-aware consciousness is self governing… PERIOD.

In order to participate in the Earth construct we have agreed to abide by several rules. There are three rules that are the most limiting so we will place the focus upon them; the veil of forgetfulness, the illusion of separation, and the choice of polarity.

It’s easy to understand the veil of forgetfulness because without forgetting what you already know, you would be able to easily bend or break the other rules that keep the construct games effective.

The rule of separation has prevented us from realizing that we are all the same type of photonic consciousness and every one of us are connected to each other, and ultimately connected back to the source energy of all that is.

With these three rules in play we have spent thousands of years struggling to understand the nature of our existence and have created some very elaborate stories to explain it. These rules have also created the mindset in some that they must acquire as much as they can in their ‘single’ lifetime at any cost.

Let’s examine these rules and some of the misconceptions that have occurred.

The Three Rules

1. Forgetfulness

This is the rule that makes all of the other rules have any effect on us. Let’s assume you strolled into a lifetime on this planet and remembered that you have lived thousands of lifetimes. Perhaps some of those were in a higher density where the abilities would appear miraculous here. You would quickly understand the illusion and fallacy of the limitations placed upon consciousness in this construct. While it is true that your density and vibration were ‘realigned’ so that you could participate here, it wouldn’t take you long to reacquire them because you would know exactly what to do to get back there.

With this perspective, the following rules would be transparent and you would easily avoid the vibrational dampening effects of them. Because of the energy we now find ourselves within this is happening to those who are ready and it is being called: “THE AWAKENING”

2. Separation

Almost all of us began as unawakened consciousness here on Earth. As our bodies grow on this planet we become intimately connected to the sensory aspects that allow us to experience the physical environment we find ourselves within. Without a guide to help us understand our spiritual connections we quickly associate our consciousness with the body, and as the body. If you are exposed to religious doctrine of any sort there are various discussions of a soul that continues after the body ceases, but the concept of a single lifetime is reinforced in most western cultures. Even in most of the cultures that embrace multiple lifetimes we still see the manifestation of the results discussed.

3. Polarity

This rule was put in place by the Galactic Construct that created Earth and is viewed by all other Galactics as “A Poor Experiment”. In an attempt to prevent the stagnation that other Galactics have seen in their games, this Galactic Construct created “Negative Polarity” which has been defined in a prior teaching. (See The Relationship Between Light and Dark and Positive and Negative Polarity) With the first two rules in place, consciousness is allowed to choose the path they want to experience. Negative Polarity is that which must be overcome as consciousness strives to achieve unity with each other (and create ‘collectives’) and unity with Source.

Manifestations of the Three Rules


In order to experience fear we must first forget that we are inextinguishable consciousness playing in a three dimensional construct. If you knew that you have existed for eons and have had thousands of lifetimes, would you be afraid of anything here? Maybe the momentary pain associated with the ending of the body, but certainly not much else. What you might be concerned with though is whether you have completed all the lessons you laid out for yourself in this lifetime. Fear lowers your vibratory rate and reduces your ability to connect to higher energies.

Fear is a carry over from second density instinctual behavior that helped those organisms remain alive to fulfill their function. It is meant to be released as consciousness attains self-awareness and a higher perspective. Fear is replaced with logic and reason in higher consciousness which then performs the same function of preservation without the vibratory reducing impact. We are conscious photonic energy that cannot be destroyed. If our physical vehicle ceases to function we will create another one. Most likely better than the one we find ourselves in at the moment.

From that perspective, what is there to fear?


This expression is unique to this Galactic Construct and is unknown throughout the rest of the cosmos. It manifests in various ways, but the underlying theme is division from unity in all its facets. On Earth we are inundated by messages of division and conflict and you can look into just about any corner of life and find it lurking. This is one of the primary manifestations resulting from the rule of polarity, whose job is to create division and discord that must be overcome as we ‘strive’ for unity with each other and God Source. As individual consciousness awakens and ascends into the lower levels of fourth density the machinations of hate and division become transparent. The intention of this creation was to accelerate third density consciousness’ desire to ascend into fourth density as it formed collectives to overcome it. These collectives are easily seen in the awakening community at this time as smaller organized groups. Watch closely as these smaller groups begin to form cohesive collectives. As they amalgamate and begin to focus their intent, you can be sure that the polarity experiment is nearing completion.

Outside of this Galactic Construct there are no detractors to unity with God Source as this is the preferred experience. There is no conflict or war and all species on all planets, regardless of how diverse, work together for the experience and ascension of all.


This is coming to Earth and we are deciding when it arrives.


Another unique expression to this construct and is embraced by consciousness that has chosen the negative path. The need to have power over others is only appealing because the rule of separation prevents the connection to unity consciousness. The manifestation of this has created some very unique constructs that must be undone in order to completely embrace unity consciousness. We will not individually name the various constructs but they are easily recognized. Any construct that creates division between people or a hierarchy of power within itself is an obvious power/control construct.

Greed is a sub-manifestation of power and control. If you are focused upon material gain and are able to acquire more of the substance that provides the things you desire, you are more likely to accept your role and disregard the downstream consequences. Which creates the self feeding cycle of more money (greed) = more power and control.

Remember first and foremost; negative intentions wrap themselves in just enough positive attributes to become palatable.

© 2017 Enlightened Aspect Productions, a non-profit organization. “Enlightening the darkness with the flame of truth.”

Image: Pixabay

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