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Celebrity Attachments

By on July 24, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Celebrity Attachments

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer, In5D.com

I’m getting a lot of energy and questions telepathically surrounding the celebrity attachments.

Let me tell you that they were enticed into a certain lifestyle, money, and definitely control.

Let me tell you, or remind you again, that any one of us are enticed by the falsehoods of comforts.

Let me also say that these celebrities, once they agreed to said circumstances or situations, also had conditions placed upon them to change it. So, if you settle or expect the income of X-Y-Z, these expectations started small but increased over time, did they not??

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And if you didn’t move forward or make yourself available to those lower forces, your life was threatened. So the majority of celebrities are calling out for help.

Did they create crime? Absolutely.

Was it a choice? Yes it was.

BUT was their life threatened as a result? Yes it was.

So they made the choice like puppets on a string, they moved themselves as best as they could. Money drove them of course. Was it their fault?? What would you have done?

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Some of the celebrities who stuck up for themselves were disposed of. I have heard from George Michael, Prince, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Robin Williams a lot telepathically. I hear what they went through and what they have to say as others do, too. They had to move themselves to the liking of the Cabal or force destruction/elimination.

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If you Went with the flow, you lived it as just being “Hollywood” but chose to conform to these ridiculous expectations nonetheless. That’s why you are hearing this message.

It’s time to come clean and open up. There is no better time than NOW. You are supported in doing so. So please, tell your story. You are safe in doing so. ❤️

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About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and TwinFlame who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

Image: Pixabay

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