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Chakra Maintenance 101 – A Simple Guide

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Chakra Maintenance 101 – A Simple Guide

by Joy Jackson,
Contributing Writer,

Chakra translates to wheel in the ancient language of Sanskrit. This is a word used to describe the energy centers (vortices) in our bodies that control the energy in our aura, meridians, and in our multidimensional energy grid. There are seven main chakras and twenty one minor chakras, situated over major organs/glands and affect how we feel, and our overall state of wellbeing.


When we are energetically clear and centered, we feel grounded, peaceful, vital, and free from anxiety and fear. However, when we are operating under a state of chronic stress, over time our chakras become depleted and disrupted, which leads us to emotional and physical imbalances and disease.

Balancing and clearing our chakras through self care practices such as meditation, spending time in nature, a healthy diet and mind-body exercise, helps to restore our energy levels, and into a state of relaxation and wellness.

The seven major chakras and their corresponding predominant colors are:

Root chakra – Red

Sacral chakra – Orange

Solar Plexus chakra – Gold

Heart chakra – Green

Throat chakra – Blue

Third eye chakra – Indigo

Crown chakra – Purple

The root chakra is physically located at the base of our spine. This energy center is where our energy connected with the material world and our survival is situated. When this center is not working to capacity, we often experience challenges with our finances, career, our home, grounding and manifesting our dreams into physical reality. We also may experience lower back issues.

The sacral chakra is located in our pelvic area, just three fingers below the navel. This is the energy center that is connected with our sexuality, our tribe, and creativity. Any childhood or adulthood wounding related to physical and emotional trauma are held with in this center. Problems with our sexual organs/reproductive system, and experiencing a lack of passion, creativity and vitality, are common symptoms that this energy center is not functioning properly.

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and medium in the Pacific Northwest.

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