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Common Dream Symbolism

By on October 10, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Common Dream Symbolism

by Joy Jackson,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

There is no such thing as a bad dream symbol. Even our most horrific or frightening dreams have the most positive insights once they are worked out. Dream images are just trying to get our attention and to offer us clearer vision to bring into our waking lives. If we ignore them, often they persist. The insight our dreams have to offer us, allows us to move into a more joyful state of awareness.

Many of us experience the following symbolism in dreams:

Falling and Paralysis Dreams

If we dream we are falling, we are probably having a difficult landing coming back into the body from the dreamtime. We all leave our physical bodies during sleep. If we jolt or jerk as you are drifting off, it is usually just a bumpy exit. If we begin to awaken, but find we feel paralyzed and cannot move or speak, this usually means that we are half in and half out of our physical body. We cannot physically move until we are completely back in. If this happens when we are aware we are dreaming, thinking ourselves down to our fee will help ground us. We leave the body at night, or transcend physical awareness, to be taught or trained. The physical dimension is the illusion; the dream state is reality. Through meditation and working with our dreams, we are able to transcend our fears of death, as we become more acquainted and intimate with the fourth dimension.

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Death Dreams

Experiencing death in a dream often represents the ending of the old, and making way for the new. A death dream is seldom symbolic of literal (physical) death. Rather it suggests the dying off a part of ourselves necessary in our process of the growth and regeneration. It could also mean that we are dead or contracted inside, and that we need to awaken to our feelings. Check carefully the symbols within a death dream, in order to help better interpret the message.


A dream know to most of us is the nightmare. It is one of our most valuable teaching dreams because it shows us a fear that has been blown way out of proportion, or something we have suppressed that is affecting us negatively. Often we do not remember the happy dreams. But the frightening ones will make more of an impression and we will be more inclined to work them out.

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Chase Dreams

If we are being chased in our dream, or are trying to run away from something, this often symbolizes that we are avoiding a problem. If we cannot get our legs to move, or are moving in slow motion, this represents that we will soon have to confront our fear. When we are being chased, we are being shown where we are putting ourselves through unnecessary anguish and pain. When we turn around and confront whatever aspect of us that is chasing us, and make peace with it, the drama will end.

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Obscene Dreams

Nothing in a dream is obscene once we understand the meaning. Nothing within our dreams are intended to insult us or offend us, but to get us to look at a level of self or limitation that we could avoid. Once we work through this kind of dream, we usually discover a great deal of humor as well as meaning behind it.

Sexual Dreams

Sex often plays a big role of many of our dreams, and usually has little to do with the literal meaning of intercourse. Usually a sexual dream indicates there is a lesson we are in need of, in order for the male and female polarities within our being to be balanced and harmonious. Within each of us there is both male and female manifesting in a particular body. To have a dream of sexual intercourse represents a merger of energies. If having intercourse with a male, it often represents a merger of masculine energies within the self. If with a woman, it is a merger of our feminine energies. If we dream of having sexual relations with someone we actually know, it represents taking within the self qualities you associate with this person. A sexual dream may also indicate a need to release and balance our physical energies, and to restore equilibrium. It is important we remember that we are sexual beings, and this part of the self needs to be cherished and honored.

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Snake Dreams

Snakes often appear in our dreams as power symbols, and represent kundalini energy, or life force. The kundalini power is housed at the base of the spine, and the snake often represents the energy moving upward through our chakras.

Bathroom Dreams

These dreams concern how we are taking care of our inner garbage. Are we letting go of unneeded thoughts and experiences? Are we releasing the past so that we are fully able to live in the present? Difficulty in elimination or constipation indicates suppression. Forced elimination suggests ready or not, and we are out of control in the process. A stopped up toilet means you are not releasing, flushing out negativity and wastes.

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Blood and Killing Dreams

Blood and guts means a loss of energy. If we are being stabbed, note the area of the body and check the corresponding chakra to see where energy is being lost. If we are being murdered or are murdering someone else, we are killing off a part of the self. This may be an aspect no longer needed, or a part that we are failing to nature that is still valuable to our life’s purpose.

Costume Dreams

If we find ourselves dreaming we are in a costume, this usually represents a past life. It may be that a problem we are facing now, is the same we have dealt with in an other time and place. Remembering and understanding the dynamics of the costume dream assists us with gaining a higher perspective on whatever is presently confronting us.

Disaster Dreams

Whether earthquakes, flood, fire or nuclear war, a disaster dream indicates a sudden change in some area of our lives. They usually indicate turning points or opportunities to take advantage of a new direction. For an example, flood usually represents an emotional upheaval, and an earthquake dream often means a there is a significant change or rearrangement occurring in our affairs.

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Recurring Dreams

Like a movie rerun, there is a message we are not seeing. Reoccurring nightmares mean that we have not dealt with a particular fear. Reoccurring fence or barricade dreams mean there is a limit we have imposed upon ourselves that we have not yet recognized and removed. These are most important dreams to write down and to work through. Once we get the message they will stop.

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Our dreams may come in almost any form and use any symbol or story line imaginable. Recognizing our emotional and feelings in our dream, as well as particular symbols are useful in understanding their meaning.

To assist with dream recollection and interpretation, first, write down the dream as fully as you can. Second, write down all the symbols you can identify and the possible meaning beside them. Look them up; check an unabridged dictionary if needed. Third, write out your interpretation in a notebook or journal for later review.

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Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and medium in the Pacific Northwest. 

Image: Pixabay

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