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Crystals For Healing And Psychic Use

By on December 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Crystals For Healing And Psychic Use

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by Christine Hirlehey,
Contributing Writer,

Psychic practices, including healing, rely on channeling energy, your energy and the energy of the people and places around you. Crystals are natural energy conductors, and therefore make excellent tools for assisting in this type of work.


When we say the word crystal, most of us think of diamonds and rubies, or amethyst and quartz, but all rocks are crystals. They are all composed of different crystalline structures, and it is these structures that dictate their color and gives certain crystals greater affinity to varying types of energy.

Crystals can draw and conduct energy, pulling the type of energy that we want to us for us to access and use, or pulling energy that we don’t want out of us. They can also absorb and block energy, protecting ourselves from negative energy.

When doing energy work, healing, or psychic readings, what are the best crystals to use?


Amethyst is one of the most potent healing stones and conducts energy that balances the internal bodily and strengthens the immune system; it is a useful addition to any healing ritual. As well as bringing balance to the body, Amethyst can bring balance to the mind and soothe negative emotions. Here is a brilliant guide one Amethyst’s meanings and uses.


Citrine draws in positive, happy energy and can quickly improve someone’s mood. Citrine is an excellent crystal to wear if a person feels like they are stuck in a rut or afflicted by some negative energy. It can also be used during psychic sessions or Tarot readings when a person is leaning towards depressed and needs a more positive outlook to take control of their lives.


Flourite is used for protection as it can absorb and deflect negative energy; wearing a Flourite can protect against picking up negative energy from other people. It is also useful to use in meditation or similar spiritual practices, as it can aid in finding tranquillity and make reaching the desired state easier. As Flourite absorbs negative energy, it is essential to cleanse it regularly.



This silver-grey metallic stone is an excellent grounding tool and is often used by those who practice astral projection or other kinds of outer-body practices to help ground them to their own space. It can also be used to ground a person emotionally in times of stress and can be worn when a person knows that they will need to manage a stressful moment.


Jade draws calming and serene energies and can help people take a more objective look at their lives and themselves. It is useful in practices aimed at developing self-acceptance and inner calm. Jade can also relieve physical pain such as cramps when placed on the skin and can help expel toxins from the body. It is a useful crystal for all rituals of renewal, physical, mental or spiritual.


Kyanite facilitates channelling, and communication with the spiritual realm and thus is a favored tool of mediums and psychics. It can also be used to restore internal balance when a person is feeling off kilter. It is closely linked to the throat chakra, where the hormone-producing thyroid gland lives, and can restore this type of physical energy. Kyanite self-cleanses and can be used to cleanse other crystals.

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Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone beloved by the Ancient Egyptians can help clean up energies that have becomes mixed, a state that can lead a person to confusion and emotional blockage. It can be a useful stone in a psychic or Tarot reading where images are jumbled together to help them form into a clearer insight. Due to this power to bring clarity, Lapis Lazuli is a good tool for spiritual and esoteric practices.


Obsidian is useful for cutting cords and can help people let go of things that no longer serve them, helping them make space for new things in their lives. Obsidian can bring a person a certain level of serenity about the possibilities of the future, allowing them to make decisions with more confidence. It can be helpful when conducting a healing or Tarot ritual which requires someone to make a difficult decision.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a strong conductor of love energy and is linked to love of all types: romantic, family, friendship, spiritual love, and even self-love and acceptance. It can be extremely useful in healing emotional ailments such as heartbreak and can be worn by someone who has closed themselves off from love to help them learn to reopen their hearts. It can also add illumination to a psychic or Tarot reading related to the heart.


Many Native American tribes used turquoise as a tool to help interpret dreams and strengthen relational bonds. This stone can strengthen connections of all sorts, connections between people, and connections between the conscious and subconscious mind, bringing clarity to the images our subconscious projects during our dreams. The Native Americans also thought that Turquoise warded off evil, as it links a person firmly to their community, protecting them against negative outside influences.

There are many ways to use crystals as part of healing or psychic rituals. Many people like to hold a certain type of crystal in their hand when they are conducting this kind of energy work, strengthening their connection with the desired energy. Others prefer to wear their crystals, to either ward off or attract energy. They can also be used to transform the energy of a space, drawing out unwanted energy and attracting desirable energy. Warding crystals should be placed in areas that are the threshold of a space, while attracting crystals should be situated in the centre of a space, at its heart.

You can read more on how crystals can be used as part of the healing process here.

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