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Cutting Past And Present Cords In Relationships

By on May 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Cutting Past And Present Cords In Relationships

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by Janet Eileene,
Contributing Writer,

Relationship cord cutting is a powerful healing tool to release the toxic flow between two people, a job or virtually any relationship past or present.


This process is a means to cut cords that bind you with another person.  The longer the cord is running between you and your partner or ex-partner the harder it is to not repeat what didn’t work the first time.  Intimacy creates cords and connects two people in either extremely satisfying ways or abusive patterns.  I recommend cutting cords to all past and present lovers.  The way the cord connects you and someone else leaves an easy medium to send things back and forth and usually not in a healthy manner.

We can also cut the cords on current relationships to shift the toxins out in order to renew and keep the energy clear between you.  This makes for a balanced exchange free of past hurts and blames.  By having an opportunity to talk to each other from a higher-self perspective and say what needs said without the confrontation.

The basic procedure involves the person you would like to cut to standing about 10 feet in front of you.  You are facing each other.  See the cord that is running between you.  I have seen ones 5 feet across and 6 feet in diameter to just a thread.  It will depend on what all is there between you on the size of the cord.  You will need to state the intent to cut the cord and you can name the reasons if you choose to.  I recommend you also include past and future lives that are affecting you now.  You are cutting the cord and the other being does not have to participate but the cord will be cut regardless.  Choose scissors, a knife, a sword, a chain saw if it is really big or anything else that will do the job of cutting this cord right down the middle.   The cord is cut and the ends fall to the ground and start releasing all the toxins, pain, and content that use to flow back and forth between the two of you.  Being attached made you send things back and forth that most likely had nothing to do with nurturing or creating a loving relationship.  Watch the toxins pour out and be transmuted as you see the cords start to get smaller.

Go to higher-self level and ask to speak to the other person’s higher-self.  Now both of you back up 2-3 feet.  As you do, observe to make sure there are not any more cords that show up now that the large one is cut.  As you move the person back from you, sometimes you start to see a whole other network of cords that need cut.  Start using your knife, sword or other cutting tool to cut these cords off of you as you turn in a circle, check overhead, under feet and on your back.  Keep cutting until it feels there are no more to cut.  These cords will also drain and shrink in size as they release the energy that bound you to the other person.

Move the other person back another 5 feet and check again to see if everything has been cut.  Repeat the steps again if you find anything else.  Then from the higher-self perspective say what you need to say to the other person and they can say to you what needs to be said.  Sometimes it is not possible to forgive the actions of another or make what they did ok but you can forgive them to free yourself to move on.  When you forgive them, you forgive yourself and release yourself from the cord that bound you in repeating patterns that no longer serve you.  When you have said what is needed, ask that their higher-self to take them to where they can finish the healing process and heal where the cords were hooked in.

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When the other person is gone, step into your own sacred space of healing and ask that all the cords that are now dried up be removed and the hooks or anchors be dissolved forever.  Fill these pockets of empty holes with the sacred light of healing.  When there are large cords the cavity will be filled with the healing light that is appropriate for you.  Sometimes you will be taken to a place and asked to remain in the healing space for a period of time so all the spaces are filled and the re-balancing is complete.


When the process is complete be sure to give gratitude for the help during the process and then slowly go about getting up and going about your day.  You will be amazed at how much lighter you feel.  You took control of your life and changed yourself through the process.  This can be done as many times as you need to with the other relationships be it, the same person again, family, situation or job.

We get tangled up in the cords that tie us to each other.  Everyone is responsible for creating the energy and the life they want to lead.  Cords keep us connected to thinking that what we want is outside of ourselves and someone else is responsible for giving it to us.   Freeing your energy keeps your power and strength available for your own use.  So get the scissors, knife, sword, or chain saw out and cut the cords to freedom.

About the author: If you would like assistance with this cord cutting process, please e-mail or go to my website.  Janet brings her own tool belt of cutting equipment!  |

Image: Pixabay

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