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Death – Leading Up To, Traversing Through, And Reanimation From

By on February 1, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Death - Leading Up To, Traversing Through, And Reanimation From

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by Sean Akers,
Contributing Writer,

If you never look at Death, you’ll never see it coming.


Death is the primary occurrence, or Event, that is said to happen to each and every living thing on our world, and potentially in the Universe at large. The latter might be confirmed if we can establish contact with life beyond our planet in the Galaxy. I venture to say that most people are afraid of Death because the descriptive speculation of what happens beyond the cessation of the vital life forces has always, for the most part as described by Western thought leaders, hit a brick wall.

Modern doctors today will say that when the brain ceases to function, as well as the body, that’s “it.” There is no more consciousness. Your point of view, your awareness, ceases to be. All becomes black, and you, as a sensory receiving human being, are no longer functioning. There is no anything for which to experience because all of the sensory receptors are no longer alive or supported by living systems as modern medicine would define. Living systems, in short, are supported by some sort of circulatory/transport system, a intake/digestive/waste removal system, and an intelligence hub/brain that guides and directs the comings and goings of action within the single or multi-cellular system.


The primary three systems that makes something alive as observed can be as simple as described above, or it can be complex in nature, like us. With each level of complexity, there is a different level of awareness and consciousness. Based on this, I make the presumption that while scientists likely narrow their definition of what constitutes consciousness to an extremely small band across the entire living spectrum, consciousness is actually pervasive across the entire spectrum, but there are varying levels of effectiveness to the surrounding environment with which each level of consciousness is imbued by its nature.

If we move beyond what most scientists would define as the requirements for consciousness, descriptions of what happens at the Death Event and beyond are possible. Most scientists would likely agree that consciousness would require the three main systems to support life, and the third system would need to be more complicated in order to produce what we would describe consciousness for ourselves. Limiting consciousness to just what we can experience is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. To say that insects, dogs, cats, and other types of living things that have a semi-complex/complex central nervous system are not conscious and do not have the ability to make decisions based on input from their environmental stimuli is ludicrous. That’s just my opinion.

During a meditative session, the idea raced through my mind about Death, and what happens to people when they die. Do you just cease to be? Do you experience something that is described as sublime? Is there death after life? Does consciousness, as you experience it now, which is the awakened state, disappear and everything goes black? These are questions that are driving scientists, religious and spiritualists alike in their quest to understand the nature of reality, and sometimes to add a little coin to their pocket.


What came to mind as I thought of this barrier, of this cloaked singularity, of this veil, of this Event Horizon, was the quote by a 1980’s actor, Larry Hagman, who played JR on the award winning series Dallas. Larry was known to abuse drugs and alcohol during his lifetime. During an interview, the reporter asked him, in so many words, “Are you afraid to die?”

Larry replied, “I feel fine now. I am not afraid of death. I had taken LSD 40 years ago and I had ego death. That took the fear of death away.”

Now, why is it that because he took a psychedelic, he no longer fears death? What happens to someone who takes a psychedelic that makes the issue of facing death less anxiety inducing? That’s a very good question. In fact, there are clinical-trials being done at present that study the effects of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and how it affects anxiety levels for people who are terminally ill patients [1]. There are also a number of studies that have been performed to measure how the brain functions before and after the administration of psychedelics like LSD, and psilocybin [2][3]. What’s very interesting to note is the results of those studies show that brain activity responds to these compound in a way that is very much counter-intuitive to how most would think a psychedelic would affect the functional activity of the human brain. Their mechanism of action actually decreases brain activity in certain regions. That’s startling because it would be perfectly logical to presume that if a person is “seeing and hearing” things that are not physically present, and have a sense of ego dissolution, that their brain is firing in overdrive to produce these hallucinations. Surprisingly, the opposite is true.

So, let’s take all that we’ve talked about above, and concisely state what it is, and put it aside.

  • Psychedelic administration causes decreased brain activity, which can profoundly impact visual and auditory sensations. Strong spiritual experiences and ego dissolution are also of note in that after the effects of the psychedelic compounds have worn off, people who are terminally ill have demonstrated marked reductions in anxiety with regards to their mortality and their loss of fear as it relates to death.

From the view point of a complex organism such as a human being, lets start with person who is at the end of life, and their brain is slowly starting to deregulate and become inactive. Just prior to when the heart stops beating, and the blood pressure is equal (0/0), brain activity has been clinically recorded to be markedly reduced. Brain activity is shutting down [4]. Of note from another article is that at or just after the moment of death, there is a surge of brain activity. In this paper, it is hypothesized that when the heart stops beating, a sudden, coordinated release of calcium ions occurs because there is no longer an exchange of vital nutrients, oxygen, and other kinetic mechanisms shut down that remove waste by-products of metabolism. This sets the stage for a final release, and creates a moment of brain function hyper-activity because calcium ions cause excitation and contractions, whereas magnesium causes the opposite reaction; relaxation and flaccidity [5]. I only draw attention to this because it is likely a normal occurrence with all creatures that have a complex neuronal structure, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that while there may be a temporary spike momentarily after the cessation of vital signs, the fact still remains that brain activity decreases leading up to and after death.

Now, lets take this part that we’ve talked about above, concisely state what it is, and put it aside:

  • Generally speaking, as a person approaches death, or the point where vital life signals begin to and then ultimately fail to continue (breathing, heart beat and blood pressure) brain activity begins to decline. Sometimes there are recorded instances of a final coordinated burst of brain activity, but this is brief and short lasting.

Many people who have near-death experiences report having a spiritual experience, and/or the sense of timelessness. Perhaps they see close friends, or family members as they are experiencing the sensation of a white light. Commonly reported is that the person feels fully encompassed by the sensation of Love and there is often a strong desire to stay within this embryonic-like and cared-for state. That could be entirely understandable in this present day that we experience together. There is so much corruption, lying, stealing, deceit, murder, wars, fraud. I mean, the adjectives to describe the opposite of love are nearly endless. People who have awakened into this state that we’re experiencing collectively as a spiritual community, or maybe those that have had a near-death experience, are strongly yearning for a change to a different paradigm in which Love is the primary directive. Cooperation is the name of the game, and the goal is to provide for the betterment of yourself and others, relatively equally I would imagine in terms of effort and outcome. We could be a space faring specie right now if not for a criminally imposed perpetual cycle of artificial energy limitation and resource scarcity.

Now, lets take this last part above, concisely state what it is, and put it aside:

  • People who have near-death experiences and come back to report what happened to them often describe a sense of fully encompassing love and a feeling of a spiritual connection to something that is greater than themselves alone.

Now that we have three corner-stones identified, let’s lay them out together and observe the invisible threads that connect these points of view.

The principal connections, having stating the above, are:

  1. The psychedelic compound which effects both an experiential and physiological phenomenon (e.g. spiritual feelings and reduced brain activity)
  2. The physiological outcome of brain activity at the time of death (e.g. reduced activity brain function leading to zero measurable brain function)
  3. The experiential outcome of people who approach and have a near death experience (NDE) (e.g. strong spiritual connections and a overwhelming sense of love, the absence of fear)

three states connected

Now with these three states connected, what does that imply for the person who is outside of this construct. Well, you are never really outside of any construct. You are always part of the construct, truth be told. It’s much easier though to understand these concepts though when we segregate them apart from one another, and then we re-illuminate their connections. Then when you see clearly the connections between the differing aspects of these states of being, you can then reinsert yourself into this equation and see how it all fits together.

So that’s a big part of present day, mass mind control. That which is unknown, and for which there is no way to skirt the boundary of the unknown, is labeled as fearful, because you wouldn’t want to go beyond the unknown, because what if you could never come back? Hmmm…..something to think about. Good insurance I suppose to keep the masses from doing crazy things and behaving in an anarchic way. Even better, you can sell a religion to people to tell them what to expect when they die along with a list of punishments if you do not stay within the thought boundaries of their prescribed philosophical and theological tenets.

You see, this is the problem of approaching Death in a rational way when the agenda is not to be real and truthful to each other from positions of power, but to control the flow of energy in ways that are clearly shameful if light were shown on how the powerful accomplish what they have so far. This is what occurred to me when I was sitting there, thinking about Near Death Experiences, and then on the flip side about what the actor Larry Hagman, and terminally-ill patients reported who were given an unsupervised or clinically supervised doses of a psychedelic compounds, respectively. They no longer feared their mortality. They no longer feared the inevitability of their death, and accepted that their time on Earth was finite. Their anxiety about this issue was dissolved. They somehow, whether intentionally, or unintentionally, were able to peer behind the Event Horizon of the Black Hole of Death, directly look at the naked Singularity of Death, and feel at peace. You see, they were able to see the Angel of Death (a negative term in my opinion), and realize that this entity (lets call this entity the “helmsman”), this helmsman, is there not to cut you off from life like a reaper with a scythe, but to be your friend and to ferry you from the end of this life to the beginning of the next.

The helmsman is your protector from one paradigm to the next. They are not to be feared. The fear propaganda of death is a false construct of this present-day matrix that does not expect you to peer over, around or under the Event Horizon that stands between yourself and Death. They use this intentionally induced state of ignorance (either through modern scientific consensus that says consciousness is nothing more than a construct of our active brain structure and near death experiences are hallucinations that are as easily dismissed as dreams, or they go to the extreme to outlaw currently studied psychedelic compounds, only accessible to patients on their death bed in the strictest of controlled settings, so that the proverbial cat is not let out of the bag; THAT THERE’S NOTHING TO FEAR ABOUT DEATH!). The helmsman is your old friend that has been with you and traveled with you many times in the past.

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With the connections made above, the next and last step during my meditation was what led to my breakthrough. The breakthrough is my hypothesis that death, as described at the beginning of this article, is not the cessation of consciousness. The screen of life in the back of your mind, your perceptual awareness, does not go black. You are not some entity that is, and then you are not. You continue as consciousness through “time,” but you do not experience time as we experience time now. After and with death, you do not have an effect on your surroundings as you do now. For instance, you cannot go to your refrigerator and pick up a tasty beverage and gulp it down, satisfying your sense of thirst. After and with death, you are, and that’s it. You are a point of unique awareness, but you are not in limbo either. You traverse time effortlessly. Maybe it’s thousand of years, maybe it’s hundreds of years. Maybe it’s impossible to know how much time might elapse.

So to sum up this article, based on my own thought experiment of near-death experiences and their similarities to reported psychedelic experiences found through reports and academic literature, this is what I would imagine what happens when your body is approaching the death state, when your body dies, what happens after your body has died, and a hypothesis that, in my opinion, one could place strong confidence in that leads to your reanimation from the death state into one that is alive, provides for feeling and manipulation of your surroundings again, much like you’re experiencing now.

  1. As you approach the death state, your body begins to shut down. By shutting down, the heart rate may begin to lessen, the blood pressure may begin to drop, and breathing may begin to either become less effective at exchanging gases and more erratic. Because of the convergence of these states, your brain activity starts to slow down, and you may begin to become disoriented. The experience that is strongly relatable to either of the below:
    1. The disorientation could be compared to an unintentionally induced near-death experience where there is the setting in of a state of peace and calm, and a resurgent connection to a spiritual source, or
    2. The disorientation could be compared to an intentionally induced psychedelic state in which brain activity is reduced as an action of the ingested psychedelic compound, leading to a sense of timelessness, a loss of ego, a state of calm or bliss, and at times accompanied by subtle or strong visual imagery often geometric or fractal in nature
  2. When your body dies, you heart is no longer beating, you are no longer breathing, and your blood pressure reaches equilibrium, which mean you have no blood pressure. At this state, your brain activity continues to decline. Hypothetically, your experiential state is that of a full blown hallucinogenic state. There are no more filters in your mind to make sense of sensory inputs because the neuronal structures are shutting down. Experiential consciousness is likely turning fractal at this point, and perhaps quite colorful. In this state, your awareness persists because your consciousness is not a product of your brain. Your consciousness is a frequency that was in harmony with the structure of your brain. When your brain fails because your body has stopped working, your consciousness is no longer restricted from multiple dimensions, or information streams that have historically been restricted from your in-body consciousness experience. Your consciousness is in a state of pure novelty, and your state of awareness changes to that of a baby or an embryonic state, one of perpetual awareness yet surrounded by Love.
  3. After you have died, your old friend, the helmsman, formerly the Angel of Death, comes to you to ferry you across expanses of time to your next destination. Death the helmsman is not there to hurt you, drag you to hell, or slice your head off with a sickle. Death, the dark helmsman, which is only dark because you likely never see the dark helmsman directly, carries you to the next incarnation. You no longer have to breathe, as you no longer have lungs that require constant exchange of gases. You no longer feel fear or anxiety, because it is in this state of protection by your dark passenger that you are cared for and loved. You traverse time faster than is conceivable at present, because you are no longer inside of a body that resides on a planet that spins around in 24 hours around a star in which time is standardized by the oscillations of an atom a certain number of times. That is no longer relevant because you are no longer part of that matrix. You time-travel in a state of joy, wrapped in a cocoon of love to the next destination.
  4. Finally, after what feels like the appropriate amount of time from your perspective, your awareness and sense of feeling start to come back online again. The entire time through your time-travelling trip via your dark passenger, your helmsman, you are witness to marvelous and at time strange phenomenon, and that’s it. As you approach your next bodily vessel that is compatible with your consciousness frequency, you notice that your hands, and feet, while once were nearly forgotten about because they were wrapped up and folded in a fetal like state, start to respond to your thoughts. Eventually, you start to regain more and more responsiveness to your thought commands. At this point, there is a decision that is made, either by yourself, or by your dark passenger, or maybe both, in that, “Where Do You Get Off?” Do you get off as a newborn baby again? Or do you get off where your consciousness arrives fully activated into that of a young man or woman? Or are you even human? Are you some new and novel form of life that is as of yet conceivable? Eventually your dark passenger, your helmsman, your Angel of Death, must stop and say, “My journey with you now comes to an end, and your new beginning starts here. I will see you again.” And to your helmsman, you turn around and say, “Darkness, my old friend, I will come to meet you again. Until we meet then, travel well and safe.”

So, from here, are we inside this new paradigm that we have all had a spiritual sense for? I do think so. Is this how it will happen for everyone? That’s hard to say. Does everyone go through the Death experience, or is it possible that some conscious beings might experience a “flash of light” and then they’re just transported to a new reality? There’s no certainty with either of these conjectures. But here’s the take away. Let’s say that you go through life, and you do end up dying the natural way: because of old age and your body is so worn out that it just stops working. You die. What could happen? Are you going to miss the “Ascension?”

Absolutely not. In fact, you might be transported, or ferried as we explained with our Angel of Death/helmsman/Dark Passenger construct, to exactly where some people may be transported. You might actually be ahead of the curve, and will be there waiting on those that may arrive in the blink of an eye.

Regardless, if that is the way through which you arrive at the next paradigm, at the next spiritual evolution, then the point is to not fear the process, regardless of the way that you get there, because you will be taken care of. Death, or rapid Ascension, should not be feared. Either mode of transport is going to take you to where we are heading. This is what my gut instinct tells me, because you see, when you piece these simple, seemingly disconnected ideas, draw solid lines to join them that can be followed with ease, the fear will abate like shadows as the light approaches.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

— Martin Luther King Jr.


NOTEPsychedelic substances are illegal in most territories.  This article does not advise that you should try to obtain or use these substances, which would be illegal. 


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About the authorSean Akers is a just a dude and an armchair philosopher. He is the author of Thought Experiments for Ascending Spirits – Volume 1. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to   His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

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