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What Is The Difference Between Channeling And Telepathy?

By on October 29, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

What Is The Difference Between Channeling And Telepathy?

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer, In5D.com

So many channelers are coming out of hiding and some are recently discovering the ability to channel that it is becoming almost as popular to share channeling messages as it is to sharing cute kitten videos on YouTube.

From the most famous channelings of Seth via Jane Roberts, to channelings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks that were publicized as the Law of Attraction, and the latest channellings of Blue Avians by Corey Goode.

Channeling is a way of perceiving information, and so is Telepathy, and this is where the confusion may arise. So, what is the difference between channelling and telepathy?

With channelings, you are somewhat taken over. You are temporarily not in control of your voice, your thought processes and/or your visual perceptions are suspended in the present. While it is still a way of receiving, or perceiving information if you like, there is always a way, however small, that you are not fully in control when we turn our attention to your mind or your physical body.

With telepathy, you are never taken over. Sure, your mind can be influenced, however when it comes to telepathy it is very similar to a level of influence that you subject yourself when listening to an inspiring lecture. We are all easily influenced to a degree, by certain speeches, certain events and certain information that find their way to grab our attention. With telepathy it is more about receiving the information, or an ability to perceive other humans (or beings!) thoughts and then decide what to do with that. It’s like talking to someone. We accept the information, we then either discard it, or do nothing about it, or! in particular exciting or somewhat thought-provoking situations – we are eager to share it!

Of course, with channelings you can clearly deliver/translate what the other beings want to say, as you don’t really have a filter to adjust their information while you channel. Yes, the beings will use the vocabulary available to you and the words, or letters or even symbols that they are capable to describe using your existing knowledge. Other than that, their information is delivered pretty much as though you, the person who is listening to channeled messages, are simply in the same room with them and listening to what they have to say. Usually channelings can go both ways, when you can talk with the beings channeled via channeler.

There are other forms of channelings of course, such as written, very common and not to be mixed with inspirational writings. But such channeled writings are mostly common among the lower vibrational beings (though not just limited to them).

As you can see, channeling somewhat equals – taken over. With telepathy, you have a wider scope of access to the web of knowledge. Depending on your current abilities, you may grasp some people’s feelings, some people’s thoughts and perhaps, you can tune into the web of the universal information, sort of like a library, just instead of browsing the books in the library or Wikipedia, you somewhat connect to the Universal library. As we are still going through the awakening process, this ability is quite rare and it is much easier for many telepaths to establish a communication with some races rather than to get an access to a whole ‘web’.

It is not just about ability to access the ‘web’, it is also inability to perceive certain information that is available to our minds but unperceivable in our human states at this stage.

In general, according to my perception, channeling is not good nor bad, it is just a step forwards. Think of it this way, before we had shamans, witches and trance mediums, or what I call Old Paradigm communication. Channeling is not a New Paradigm but a necessary step in evolution of our consciousness. It’s like a side step before we embrace telepathy fuller.

Just imagine, if one day we wake up with full blown telepathic abilities and we’d know all the information that is out there and we’d have to deal with the fact that not only are we not alone, but there are a multitude of other races, and beings out there. With channelings we get a gentler introduction to what’s yet to come. Consider it as a tapas platter rather than a five-course meal.

If you are not sure whether your connection is telepathic or channeling, consider the following: some beings have abilities to make you think the thoughts are yours and not theirs. But you CAN spot them eventually as those energies can’t control themselves and it will slip here and there (for example they suddenly play A LOT to your ego and fears, or suddenly you feel depressed for no apparent reason or you want to commit suicide – again for no apparent reason) or they simply will behave in a controlling way and you’ll know that is not your usual way. With telepathy – you know it’s not yours but you are perceiving it though as someone is TALKING TO YOU (not through you or at you) OR TRYING TO COMMUNICATE in some ways, or you sense other people’s thoughts (again, they have no interest in using you and they are most likely unaware of the fact you can read SOME of their thoughts or feelings. With telepathy you are always in control and you can choose to receive it or not (providing you are opening up to such a gift – usually it starts with feelings and occasional ‘hearing thoughts’). And channelling – you are only in control in a sense if you choose not to let them use you as an instrument, but once they have taken over you, you’re not ‘thinking’ or judging as with telepathy when you ‘perceive’.

Love and Light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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