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Eating Like A Baby To Integrate The Light Body With Ease

By on August 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Eating Like A Baby To Integrate The Light Body With Ease

by Jennifer Lee,
Guest Writer,

Many of us are experiencing a ‘slower pace’ of ascension within our physical bodies. This is coming in the form of what you hear of as typical ‘ascension symptoms’, but specifically with our eating habits. You can think about the ravenous-ness and ‘stranger’ eating habits many of you are craving as how a baby is nourished when it is born. When a baby is firstborn, the baby eats practically every two hours – constantly needing nourishment from its mother, straight from the ‘Source’. The baby sleeps, as it integrates its new ‘awakening’ in a new ‘life’, as it’s just now opening its eyes for the first time to the world that welcomed it with open arms. It cries at slight discomforts, needing to be reminded with motherly hugs/support of where they came from and that they are alright. They expel waste, quite a lot, as their body quickly works together to make sure the nourishment is aligned with their developing systems.


Your souls are being awakened and realigned. Your souls and higher self are coming together to ‘make love’ with one another within your physical bodies at this time. Your being REBORN. Your physical bodies need LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of nourishment as this time as this is quite like being a newborn. Born into a new life, a new era, a new way of Being. Your all-encompassing of your higher selves, freeing yourself of past lives, of past doubts, of past currencies, of past eras, of past dramas, of past ‘ways of life’ and being born again into the ‘new’ for the very first time.

So, just as a mother would be with their newborn baby, you must be with your physical selves now. You’ve already aligned and shifted within your other realms, it is at this time that the body is slowly catching up. The body is very dense and has done a lot of releasing now, still is, so that is why it is perceived to be ‘going so slow’ in catching up to your real self, or your real state of reality. The pressure released in the womb no longer exists – meaning, the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual pressures many of you were facing to release, let go, heal, move on, shed, and so on, during your ‘incubation’ phase (like a baby developing within the womb space), is gone. The pressure is gone so you must learn to relax, to breathe and to carry on in the new light, in the new world that you are encompassing now.

The light that has developed in your bodies is very new to your physical systems and currents now. It is new and often times ‘scary’ to be felt, which is similar to a baby crying at slight discomforts or ‘new’ things (have you ever seen one baby laugh at Santa Clause and the other one cry? Giggle at the sight of a moving toy and burst into tears or run and hide another?) for the first time. Much of the same is going on within your physical bodies – as they adjust to this ‘taking over’ of sorts from their typical state, as they are being ‘forced’ to ‘make room for’ and grow into your new waves of light, as DNA codes are ‘awoken and realigned’… the body is working in OVERDRIVE. To create, to understand, to let go, to open, to shift, to grow, to heal…

This is where the bodies’ cry for SO much food or not so much at all is coming in – you are realigning to the real you for the very first time. This takes a LOT of energy on multiple states, so it is best that you support this from a HIGHER sense of self and eat nourishing foods from the SOURCE of your physicality (Mother Earth, Gaia… the Sun). Many of you are being called to switch to vegetarianism or veganism at this time, or having ailments come up to the surface to be disposed of through NATURAL healing and supplements. This is part of the ascension process, and you must take your time understanding that. For forcing your bodies into these adjustments with FEAR, ANGER or FRUSTRATION will only cause more of the same.

Understand that your bodies were NOT created to ‘stay the same all of the time’ as your media and culture has made you out to think. Your bodies are meant to EBB and FLOW with everything else and stay connected to Mother Source and Light Source. Refuse to let yourselves think otherwise anymore and you will find your bodies shift faster from that state of resonance. Alkaline water, dark green leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fruits, cruciferous vegetables, berries, flax, chia, hemp, algae, spirulina, chlorophyll, berries, detoxifying foods/supplements/herbs, and so on are all recommended for you at this time. Think BEYOND what you are ‘used to’ because that is the OLD YOU! You’re a NEW BORN BABY of sorts and just as we do with newborns, you need to be eased into your new source of food (which is primarily light, and eventually you will not have the need to ingest so much, however we will explain this at another time). A newborn ingests only primarily mother’s milk for quite some time before switching to baby food and then from baby food they move to whole food cut up into very small bites and then their taste buds change and they grow and align… the same for you.

Take your time. And do what is best to NOURISH your LIGHT BODIES at this time. You may battle old ways of thinking/eating/craving, but do not worry, this is part of your system being re-aligned. Move through it with ease and find NATURAL, NOURISHING and ORGANIC sources to get CREATIVE in fulfilling these cravings as you are experience ‘die-off’ of ego, manipulation, old paradigms, parasites, and so on at this time. Remember you are integrating an ENTIRE NEW WAY of BEING in the LIGHT and things will continue to shift and change rapidly … so, we might as well ‘get used to it’ and lean in with LOVE AND JOY ?!

Jennifer Lee, Arcturian Gatekeeper and Multidimensional Channeler

About the author: You may find out more about Jennifer’s channelings and Arcturian Light Work by visiting:

Image: Pixabay

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