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Energy Update – Angelic And Benevolent Assistance

By on July 11, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Pioneer One,
Contributing Writer,

A coordinated effort in the spiritual realm has been placed into full effect at present. This means that the angels or benevolent beings have heard the planet’s cries for help and healing.

At this time, ALL are receiving the energies they each require to make a full recovery and the cellular structures to be restored. It is a slow process that takes time, a sudden increase in cellular resonance would be harmful to life, think of it as avoiding shaking the physical body to pieces.


This has already been accomplished in every other galaxy at present.

The darkness above the planet is a veil, it’s truly paper thin. Proof of this is found in NASA’s recent discovery of several ONLY light matter galaxies.

As prophesied, this is the last stop to the universe healing itself entirely.

WE are ALL a part of a larger being, contained within the universe. This being contains many universes. Being is a choice.

To be or not to be?

Be present or leave?

As spiritual beings of multiple dimensions, WE each have a choice of which brainwave WE desire to be at any given moment. The higher, the better.

The more WE strive to reach new brainwaves, previously undiscovered by humanity, the faster the planet rises.

Gaia is asking US to heal ourselves, as WE are products of OUR environment, so too is the environment a product of US.

Gaia is rising to balance herself with man. She brings US ALL in tow. Headaches and organ pains are common effects in the body, but pain is healing. Walk through it, as drug free as possible.

Pioneer One

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