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Energy Update – Atlantis/Lemuria – The Great Polarity Balance

By on September 23, 2016 in Awareness, Energy Updates

Energy Update - Atlantis/Lemuria - The Great Polarity Balance

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By Anastacia

Transition…Change-over…Reaching the Other Polarity – to find a balance – to come back in from the ‘old’ from childhood/baby and before this, back to Ancient times – Atlantis/Lemuria. We have been seeking, searching and experiencing a balancing of the polarities since then – since leaving Source


It takes a whole lot of guts, strength, determination, faith and trust and being connected to one’s emotions and to their spirit from their soul and to the Divine – Rise up and Shine on Spiritual Warriors!


Our time is now and here, and I can assure of this as after three months of processing and trailblazing (and just like many of you, years before this ;-), this has been now been broken through in the Human!

Due to all else we have experienced (from 2012 especially) yet very much from the September energies and full moon/s which has helped/allowed this energetic ‘breakthrough’ and through all you and I have been experiencing and transmuting for ourselves and humanity.

There is so much to this as it is one thing to realize, all that souls do in the Spiritual, but the ultimate WHOLE realization is through our human body and our emotions and feeling FULLY – to breakthrough ‘to the other side’ so-to-speak.

To connect our Soul to our Spirit and the Divine in the Human Being…and this takes being VERY REAL…open and honest (especially with oneself firstly) and most importantly coming from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, this too needs to start with self…as this is the only way this will and can be actualized…if one chooses to do so in this lifetime.


‘Fake-ness’ can no longer ‘sustain’ these energies….as realness and authenticity will ‘win out’…yet one needs to be very real and honest with themselves firstly and this is the ‘bit’ where one can get ‘very stuck’.



It is very tough facing one’s inner and deepest truths…to feel them and bring them out into the light…as only then are we able to take our power back for ourselves, from within ourselves – firstly…and then all else flows and follows…(there is much to this).

The ‘being stuck’ is largely due to souls being ‘stuck’ in their heads/ego…which has been ‘operating’ for a very long time in a ‘certain’ way and does not want to give this up…as we have been facing the ultimate head/ego duality split of going up against OURSELVES.

Us pushing ourselves in what ever we have needed to experience, for us (an opportunity) to fully learn and grow from. As we chose the situations we are in, with the souls that are in our lives, for us to learn from.

When one shifts through their ‘perceived’ blocks, then one can look back and see and understand, that deep down, they needed to go through what they did, to ‘breakthrough’ what ever one has needed to…whether it is abundance, health, close relationship ties or whatever it is for you. The gratefulness and tears and joy in doing this, is so life changing and massive and beyond.

There will be many many souls who will get ‘stuck’ in where they are at, in what they are experiencing – until they go to the ‘other end’, the other polarity, to come back to find their balance…they have a chance to feel right into the other polarity and it is up each soul as to when they will or if they will do this, this lifetime or further on.

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This is what has been ‘behind’ those who have been going through abundance ‘issues’ and experiences…this is what has been ‘behind’ souls health ‘issues’ and being pushed to an extreme point physically….this is what has been ‘behind various’ situations in one’s life with their places of employment and souls that have triggered various experiences – to push through – to touch the fire/flame – to then come back from this – to then find a balance.

A new balance of our Duality, Yin and Yang of totality and wholeness in a way we have never experienced or have been able to feel and experience in this way.

So huge is this….as this is the final ‘tipping of the scales’ humanity wide/wise…


As once one reaches the other end of the pendulum, then there is the ‘coming back in’ – in finding our balance…with all areas in our lives…from baby/childhood…and up to where we are at now in our lives at the other end, in coming back in from reaching the other extreme/touching the flame/fire – and both at the same time – coming back into a very New Middle and Balance….and this takes time.

There is more to come on this and I wanted to share this with you now as this has been such a long time in coming…and so big that recently I ‘fell down’ and don’t know how I did it, as I felt the balance come back in for myself and humanity energetically….as it was the balancing of the ‘Yin and Yang’ within myself, that was played out physically in a way I needed to learn from. So this is very real and very much here and now.

Rise up and Shine on Spiritual Warriors!

Much Love and Divine Blessings
Ascension Guide/Teacher
Multi-Dimensional Ancient Earth Master

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