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Energy Update – August 2018

By on October 7, 2018 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - August 2018

by Bartek Indygo,
Guest Writer,

We have a beautiful spring this fall. I am not just concerned about the weather, which, however, also evidently undergoes the transformation process at least here in Poland ;). Literally everything changes. If you are up to date with changes on Earth, you know exactly what I am talking about – the ever-increasing Earth’s pulse (Schumann resonance), which swings almost regularly reach values ​​above 30Hz, solar storms causing strong solar winds reaching our planet, as well as increasingly powerful energies arriving to us from the center of the galaxy (the Great Central Sun) are becoming the norm.


It all affects all living creatures directly, the level of consciousness increases, our cognitive abilities are constantly expanding, our power grows together with this growth our responsibility increases. From 2012 until now, one could still allow minor low-vibrational thoughts – the Universe was more forgiving and many of them remained unmaterialized by being dissolved and catalyzed. Currently, however manifestation is speeding up so much that it is really worth taking a few deep breaths before thinking about anything and considering whether you will be ready to experience what you think in the physical plane…

When more than a year ago, many channelings from other dimensions emphasized the acceleration of the ascension process which was forecasted for 2018. At that time, I was completely unaware of how these forecasts were literal. Today, when I experience this acceleration in my everyday life, I fully understand the seriousness of these words.

We are now approaching another important moment from an energetic point of view – I am talking about the equinox that took place on September 22. These energies can be already felt now, and their impact will be valid for the next couple of weeks of autumn. What can you expect? More about this just in a moment.

Before I go to details, I want to assure you of one thing. What you are currently experiencing is not a coincidence, the Universe only responds to the vibration you currently generate. Of course, you can still cling to the role of the victim and defend the position that life happens to you, that your experience is the result of karma, curses or other ointment distracting you from yourself and allowing you give your power away to external circumstances. Know, however, that the Source is nowhere else but in You, you are both the cause and the effect, and if you still want to avoid the Truth, know that the coming weeks and months may be an extremely uncomfortable time period.


This phenomenon has intensified since around mid-2016, and this autumn will gain a lot of momentum. Beings operating on the 3D level will still experience their sorrows and ills – if someone thinks that life is hard, that is ups and downs are its natural part, that Heaven is ‘somewhere there’ and not Here and Now on the Earth and that he came to Earth to suffer and rework his lessons – of course he will get that what he’s asking for. Dimensional stratification is not the transfer of some of the beings that have reached a high level of vibration to another planet – this is a stratification at the vibrational level. The physical plan will remain the same for all, but the quality of this earthly experience will vary. So do not be surprised if the beings who at that time – consciously or not – choose to stay on the lower than the 5D or higher level of frequency will stop resonating with you completely; you will not force anyone to grow – you can only accept their choice from the level of unconditional love. Everyone is a free being, and if someone still wants to focus on burying the old instead of building the new they have right to do so. Remember that in the process of transformation, it is not about saving the world and others, but above all, about yourself.


For a long time, there has been a departure of everything that was built on fear, or that was based on the ‘guru-student’ model. All beings who have been doing the work for the collective by Now and started to claim the right to remain in a privileged position will feel very much how wrong they were. Spiritual Ego is extremely dangerous because it creates the Illusion of superiority. So if someone is convinced of their uniqueness in relation to others, or what is worse puts himself in the position of having power-over others, he may be brutally thrown off his throne in the near future. An old paradigm based on control, fear, manipulation, or feeding energy on other beings is just a thing of the past. A NEW PARADIGM based on the Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Collective Work and Being Love in Action is Now. I know that you could get used to the privileged ones easily and quickly, but these are no longer those times and no longer those energies. This autumn, we are taking a great step towards decentralization in favor of equal power dissipation between all conscious participants of the Transformation process.


The new, Crystalline Gaia’s Grid is also becoming more and more apparent. Old patterns are disappearing, and Mama Gaia regains her full strength and glory. This is the effect of the work of many beings who supported the building of this new structure all over the world, devoting their time and energy to supplying and creating this structure. The motive of drawing from Gaia’s resources is becoming obsolete, treating Her as something inanimate that can be exploited without consequences starts to completely disappear. All living beings are inseparably connected with Her – and it is beautiful to observe how even those who are still asleep are beginning to care for her. Know that everyone can sense energetic changes at the subconscious level. Even the most hardened supporters of the stone and carbon-based structures are beginning to move towards crystallinity, realizing slowly that their path was the way to the so-called ‘own goal’.


For hundreds of years souls incarnated on Earth together with other souls with whom they had to burn karma, undergo some lessons, fulfill different sorts of signed before the actual incarnation. To make sure that those souls will do their lessons again they were bound together with an invisible thread – a feeling. Very often, despite the fact that they suffered, they decided to stay in these relations, thus turning around in circles. We are now leaving everything that is based on fear (I’m afraid that I will not find a better partner for myself) and lack (is there anyone who is more suitable for me?). In the New Paradigm the relations are based not on the low energies but on full compatibility and synchrony. Yes, the fact that a relationship with another person can simply flow in a completely natural way is completely possible. This is not about reaching out to make concessions in the name of what is unknown. The relationship is to flow in a natural and harmonious way and be based on mutual, full acceptance. Of course, the otherness and different perspectives of looking at the world are always more than welcome as they stimulate our development but give yourself the right to full happiness and harmony in your everyday life. It will allow you to keep your vibration at a constantly high vibration.

The same applies to other kinds of relationships – be it friends or mates. On your way, in the near future you may encounter more and more being that feel like you, think like you, adhere to the same values ​​as you, and who instead of inhibiting your development by constantly denying your experiences, will boost your development by supporting you and when you need that will pull out a helping hand. Do not be afraid to catch this hand – even if they seem to be completely strange to you from an earthly point of view. The beings you will be encountering in the coming weeks and months in very many cases will be members of your Star Family, will have similar star origins, and the relationships that you will create with them will be based primarily on mutual deep trust and unconditional love (and I am not talking about love in an earthly, romantic sense).

Have you ever wondered why the hardest thing is to win with yourself? Have you ever thought of how great power must be behind this gate? To do this, all you have to do is to face the truth, not any external one, but your own truth. Not with theories, puzzled stories, built scenarios that like an intrusive background distract attention from the protagonist who in your life is nobody else but you. Give yourself the right to do so, the Universe gave it to you a long time ago. You have a green light. Spread your wings. Fly!

Bartek Indygo

Image: Pixabay

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