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Energy Update BEYOND 11/11

By on November 15, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update BEYOND 11/11

by Shivrael ,
Contributing Writer,

Entering the One Eternal Now Moment

What exciting things are happening on the planet? Are we in a new energetic place? A big resounding yes. Change is here. Can you feel it?


First, to Explain the Meaning of 1111

From Sacred Scribe Angel Numbers website: “Many people associate the repeating 1111 with a ‘wake-up call’, a ‘Code of Activation’ and/or an ‘Awakening Code’, or ‘Code of Consciousness’. It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind, and reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings embarking upon spiritual experiences.
Upon noticing a frequency of 1111’s appearing repeatedly, you may begin to see an increase in synchronicities and unlikely and miraculous coincidences appearing in your life.”

Message from 11/11 Gateway time: Tune in with our own heart. Say your prayer for yourself, for your family and friends, for your town, for your world. Say a prayer for those who are suffering, for those who feel lack, for those who are sick and need healing. Say a prayer for those who need more ease and more joy. Say a prayer of love and send it into the world. Shine your light. Tune into the messages of the universe. Tune into your own heart.

What was the energy of this recent 11/11, an energetic gateway?

The message and images that appear: This world needs your love. This world is going through a metamorphosis, like a giant seed, the earth cracking open and shedding the cell. What is alive, the germination is breaking her shell off. In the center are the crystalline seeds that are shifting consciousness. People are waking up to deception and illusion. People are opening to the light they are. People are willing to see truth now. Finally the hundredth monkey effect has reached a tipping point.

We are in for change, people. Since then, a cosmic upgrade for planet earth has been in progress. How that looks is up to a myriad of timelines we choose, and we choose in every moment. What navigates us through the chaos is our hearts. What helps us choose the highest and best timeline for ourselves and also our world is to remember kindness, and to remember to embody presence. We can look into another person’s eyes and hear them out and listen through the eyes of our hearts. Through the eyes of our hearts we see.

Technology Singularity Point Approaches

A change is that this week the world may be at a technological singularity. A technological or AI singularity point is the place in which technological advances go quantum. In other words, we advance very quickly as a world and it was said that point is this week. This is so exciting! I am imagining the free energy possibilities, sustainable energy solutions. I am seeing technology that brings positive change to the environment and everyone, making energy affordable.

I heard about this AI singularity point approaching through an interview with an expert on Blockchain and Bitcoin (a cryptocurrency) who was speaking of the new Artificial Intelligence robot Sophia that Saudi Arabia is making the first planetary robot citizen. AI exists everywhere and is a part of the fabric of our world now and becoming more intelligent than us. On one hand this could be scary, but on the other hand, we are the glitch in the matrix. Trust that the divine energy and cosmic intelligence is bringing earth to a higher level and that the technology can make our world a better place. Choose love over fear.

A change is that we are opening the layers of the onion that exposes corruption by those in control of the resources of the planet. We are exposing the hidden stuff that will be challenging for many to stomach, and will blow people’s minds as they learn the truth. We are on the verge of E.T. disclosure, and so many things that will come out.

Update: A theory I heard today from Gregg Prescott, the creator of the is the idea of a singularity point in consciousness in which everything has sped up and spiraled into one timeline which is what he sees us as having stepped into on 11/11. He references Terence McKenna who had the Timewave Zero theory on the collective reaching a singularity point.

Terence explains:

… what is emerging is a sense of acceleration of information flow and a sense of rising ambiguity and apprehension. That’s why it’s important to realize what the process is. As human beings, we are unique for our ability to feel, to download experience, to connect disparate data fields, and then to project a goal, a hope — a distant coordination of concern that leads toward an appetite for completion. That’s what the concrescence is. The concrescence is the lost path of our collective soul. The metaphor that makes sense for what we’re going through — because it gets the biology of it; it gets the drama of it; it gets the risk of it; it gets the fun and joy of it — is the metaphor of birth.

Another way concrescence is happening is that timelines come together as one so that we are experiencing one eternal now moment, the singularity point. I feel like this is happening in each person’s consciousness one way or another. We are heading toward all experiencing that one eternal now moment in unity. You may see it in life in which you are in the flow and show up at the perfect place and perfect time, or somebody else does and it is magic. The concresence, the singularity point, the shift is all about living this synchronicity and magic! Some may be losing the memory of the past and are able to only be in the now. Past and future don’t play into thoughts. More mindfulness, more presence, more dropping into every now moment.

Shine Your Light, yet Tend your Inner Light

It is beautiful that the light is getting stronger within us. Our connection to source grows. Meanwhile, outer events in the world may be disturbing and pull at us, maybe being upsetting. You who know that we are going through an energetic shift on the planet are the lighthouses. Be strong in your light. Keep the flames of your heart’s burning. Burn your inner flame of your own light. Make sure you have the fuel, the soul nourishment you need for shining your light. Truly ask what nourishes your soul? What helps you stay happy? Through your connection to source, through meditation or being in the sun and nature, or however you do that divine connection process. It is unique to everyone. This is essential in these times. The other thing that is essential is feeding our mind with positive input, like words or music or silence. Turn off the negative fear based anything even if you feel you might miss something. If you need to know something, it will come to you and in the meantime you will be happier and more peaceful. Unplugging reboots you and connects you to source. Feed your spiritual body with your connection to source, your mental body with inspiring words and sounds that feel good. Feed your body with high vibrational live foods full of life force. The world is going through a detox, letting the stuff that is deeply hidden come to the surface, so we may be guided to do our own personal detox of getting rid of what is in our bowels, our lymph system, eliminating the toxins we don’t need for our full vibrancy. Our physical body needs the fuel so ask your body what it needs. Your body may call you to move and exercise or rest and slow down. You may need some deep rest or some getting up and moving your booty. Feel into it and do what helps you shine your light on all levels. And of course our emotional body always needs attending to with expressing and moving our emotions. Our inner children need to be listened to and honored. It may mean that we take more time going inside to attend to what helps our lights shine. It may mean we disconnect from others and simply don’t have the “bandwidth” to show up for everything that shows up. As after all, time is so sped up, we become selective to what we pay attention to and respond to and who we focus our energy on. Focus our energy on filling ourselves with love and joy, and finding time to play is always important. The dolphin collective agrees.

From this place of radical self-care, from filling ourselves up so our heart flame is burning, we feel good. Feeling good is the place where we can smile at others easily, where we have something to offer. When we do, we can offer loving presence and show up for others with loving kindness. When we are in the space of presence, we can make eye contact and offer validation to others that we meet. Everybody needs love. We are love and we are remembering that we are love.

On one level, we don’t really need it from outside ourselves, as it is always coming from source and it is what we truly are. Everyone is. Those who remember that they are love can extend it to others so that they too remember. A funny thing happens to time when we get in our calm place which is that time may have seemed overwhelmingly speeded up will suddenly slow and become more spacious. Has anyone experienced these phenomena? It is happening more and more.

Calm in the Storm

It is like we have gone from the hurricane winds to the inside of the hurricane wear the time is streaming so quickly at unbelievable speeds. Time is a malleable construct. It is created from inside us.

Our job is to be the centers of calm in the storm. We may need to detach from news, unplug. We may need to detach from others and their drama. We need to keep finding our personal happiness bubble no matter what is happening around us. In any given moment, ask the question “Am I in the calm or the storm? How can I shift to the calm center of myself?” Shifting is easy- we notice we have left and choose to go back to the center of the the calm storm. Our spiritual practices help us to be in the calm of the storm.

We absolutely need to hold the hope for the world, the trust that divine intelligence is bringing us all to a higher place and we are doing our part in that. We need to find our peacefulness and hold the frequency of love and peace. Love and peace and joy are the frequencies of the new paradigm. Those who are awakening need our anchoring.

Feel the cosmic downloads of light every day. Invite and affirm your connection with source. Let yourself be heart guided in all that you do. Do what helps you feel your heart’s resonance and love for yourself and all beings.

Update 2: This is a card that I just drew from the Dolphin Divination Card Deck as confirmation of what I just wrote, adding too it beautifully.

Navigation Card

Following our own star. Decision making. Finding our way. Staying on our path. Getting from one place to another. Learning to understand and chart our course through life. The map of our combined destiny and choices; how our path unfolds, and how we respond to life’s experiences. If we temporarily “derail” ourselves or get “off course,” we find the way to “right ourselves.” Instead of guilt, we focus on the lessons learned. Seeing our life as maps and lessons in the Earth School. Being perfectly in sync with our soul’s purpose and choice. Writing down our goals and dreams. Life just happens to us, without navigating our intentions and goals. ~an abridged version taken from The Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens

May you all be in a magical flow of synchronicity, feel your calm center. Meet you in the heart in the one eternal now moment. Extending prayers and love with blessings for the world.

Sending you many blessings,
Shivrael Luminance River

About the author: Shivrael is an an Akashic Reader and Thai Bodyworker, writer and speaker. She lives at the sacred vortex of Mt.Shasta, CA and is a world traveler. See her blog at

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