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Energy Update – Fear, Souls Defending Themselves, Our Reactions, And Unconditional Love

By on August 20, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Fear, Souls Defending Themselves, Our Reactions, And Unconditional Love

by Anastacia,
via BlueBeyond

When someone is aggressive when one’s truth of something is shared, they are fiercely defending their fear.

Fear of what, one may ask….Fear of what another person is sharing or saying.

Why do people get angry and react as they do?…and so fiercely do they defend their stance.

It is a general closed-offness from the world they live in and with what they believe.

‘Heaven forbid’ that someone shares something that another does not fully understand or know about, as to where that other soul is coming from…but really that is okay.

As once someone ‘reacts’ like this, then this is a trigger for us to go ‘okay then’ and take a step back from that energy.

Unless one is feeling anger/rage come up in them, then we need to feel into what that is, that is coming up, that has been reflected back to us.

Sometimes it’s okay to get angry, yet in a healthy way of, I am not going to tolerate this and then leave, or sign off or delete or block that person and their energy.

That is when one is coming from unconditional love of the bigger picture..of seeing that the other soul, has yet more to learn and grow…yet, to come from a space of where souls can share what their truth is and then like ‘agree to disagree’ with another – from a loving space…and when this is done, more unravels and comes later.

Yet not all souls are in this space…and so we do what we need to in having our boundaries set of what we will and will not tolerate energetically.

As we all bounce off one another 😉

As we are here to learn off and bounce off one another…this is how we grow more and more.

Reflections of ourselves in those we meet and have soul contracts with.

Yet not all are ‘in the same space’.

And that’s okay.

It’s about how we deal with or handle this…are we coming from a space of unconditional love…or are we ‘getting caught up’ in the energy of someone who (just like you) is growing and learning.

It does take a while and a lot to get to that place of unconditional love as there are yet many souls that have not experienced this for themselves yet…and that’s okay.

We’ve all been hurt or damaged in the past and there is much to work through in layers and levels to reach a point of loving ourselves unconditional (first).

‘Kill them with kindness’ is a very good way to deal with other souls…and then also ‘take no sh*t’ if they ‘carry on’…and walk away.

It really can be that simple…yet it depends on what this ‘brings up’ in ourselves.

As it does (can) bring something up…we are human beings and we feel and we react to what people write or say to or about us, that is just how it is when one is sensitive and an Empath.

Yet we can learn, over time how to be stronger with this, within ourselves.

And usually this takes time.

We grow, we learn, we LOVE.

Always starting with ourselves – from the Inner – Out.

I love you and your sensitivity and all you are….as you my friend, just like me, are unable to ‘help’ being this way.


We who have dared to feel so deeply and have endured so much, well no more….the time for us to own our own POWER = SELF-EMPOWERMENT is here!

We are brave Spiritual Warriors and we need to ‘fight’ (through the old as not all is so simple, yet we also come to a place later where don’t need to ‘fight’) for our true authentic selves…as we do not need to hide anymore.

So set your boundaries, as if you don’t have them, how can anyone know/feel what they are?…as this comes through in our words and actions.

As the starting place is always YOU…and please remind oneself often to ‘put the stick down’..and be GENTLE on YOURSELF.

I love you and all you are.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty…Peace, Joy and Freedom

About the author: Anastacia is a Multi Dimensional Ancient Earth Master – First Wave Trailblazer Way/Seer-Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit – through our Emotions of the Divine.  All Anastacia shares is from experiencing energies herself, feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20 years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Email if you feel you would like a one-on-one personal healing of the Divine (and what the exchange for this is).

All Rights Reserved – 2016 Anastacia Kompos

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