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Energy Update – Fluctuating Energies

By on January 31, 2020 in Energy Updates, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Energy Update - Fluctuating Energies

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

It’s amazing that we are energetically treading along very quickly into the next month of February. Most of us are questioning what happened in the month of January as “the time” that we experience, continues to speed up as we go. It might seem to blow by for some or be quite memorable for others. It really depends on your specific growth and transformation as to what your experience or lessons will be.

It’s also tailored to why you are here and what you want to learn. The month of January might have been a “soul stamp” for some of you as you discovered revelations and epiphanies that can both be evolutionary and freeing for you. It is necessary that you pick up on these energies and move yourselves accordingly. Your heart and soul Truth and pathway is becoming louder and more apparent to you now. You no longer have to guess as to what you are supposed “to do” or where you are supposed “to travel.”

Follow your heart. Follow your Truth. Follow your intuition. Imagine that these 3 major themes are separate paths if you must. Master each one individually if it helps you. Just know they are all equally important and will soon merge together into your ultimate soul path and growth when you allow this to be. The energy is no doubt intense. As collectively intended. Make no mistake about that.

This particular energy may feel unforgiving to those who weren’t originally giving and abundant to those who did. This is for a reason. It is to balance the scales of ALL. No one can give without knowing how to take. And no one can take without knowing how to give. The roles must be in reverse for the energy to not only be respected but appreciated. It is necessary to know both aspects in order to fully value your experiences.

Be forgiving with yourself and others as we continue to uncover these truths both seen and unseen. Also this energy wave is reminding you that you are a Creator with every thought projected and every word that you speak. Since we are manifesting quickly now, make sure it is high vibrational and has a frequency of positive intention/energy attached. “This energy switch” is and will be most painful to those who have lived in ego trajectory. Those who originally experienced this, asks for justice and those who currently experience it, asks for mercy.

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It is equal give and take. The masculine and feminine energies become balanced this way.

So be it.

And so it is. ❤️


About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and TwinFlame who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

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