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Energy Update – Solar Storms Bring Upgrades

By on April 10, 2018 in Energy Updates

by Morag,
Contributing Writer,

We are experiencing profound DNA upgrades triggered by solar pulses of intensely high frequencies. Portals of light are opening around the globe. Energetic shifts can be felt, like a rippling effect in the fabric of our reality. When these adjustments occur vertigo or nausea can be experienced as well as feeling untethered, disconnected or dissociated with our perceived reality. We can feel the ground shift beneath our feet. We can also experience moments where we feel connected to everything. Sinus issues occur when our third eye and throat chakras align. Physical manifestation of energetic blocks shifting and dissipating. Headaches and aches and pains ground us as waves of solar light flood the planet. We are integrating immense levels of high frequency light whilst immersed in heavy third dimensional vibratory fields. The battle for our consciousness rages within as well as outside us. This battle is about the frequencies of planet earth and the people on her.

The baddies, the evildoers, the infiltrators, the elite are looking to freeze us in a kind of suspended animation. A never ending 1984 scenario of control, consumption, poverty, division and war. The goodies, us, our intergalactic allies and ascended lightbeings, are stepping up to confront and disable this synthetic stasis. This frozen timeline of violence, greed and depravity. We are living through accelerated technological advancement revolutionizing how the human race interacts with itself. A quantum leap of expanding consciousness. The prophesied awakening of a planet and her people. Long dormant DNA is being activated, in turn our energetic system awakens from it’s matrix induced slumber. We are transforming at a cellular level. From the inside out. Our bodies are transforming. Our minds are expanding. Our hearts are connecting to universal love frequencies. We are awakening to multi dimensionality. Quantum spirituality.


Our frequencies fluctuate as pulses of solar photonic light bombard us. Throat and third eye chakra expansion is activated by DNA upgrades at this time. A double whammy of identity crisis and spiritual connectivity. The surge of energy through our chakra systems requires we break down blocks and create free flowing passage. We are deep in global and personal identity crisis. Who are we? Are we kind? Are we selfish? Are we narcissistic? Arrogant? Ignorant? Humble? Grateful? Do we like the world as it is? Do we wish to change it? Do we care? Identity rests in our ability to express ourselves authentically. The more fake we behave the more fake we become. The more plastic we look, the more plastic our mind becomes. The more toxic our food and drink intake is the more toxic we become as people. We are coming to terms with a lot of dire and dark revelations. We are being asked to shake off the matrix induced trance state of ignorance and embrace truth.

There are angels walking amongst us just as there are demons. We choose who we share our journey with. We have that sovereignty. Light can only shine when it is fed. If it is starved, deprived of love frequencies it goes out. The fourth dimension is the realm of Satan and his fallen angels. Demons tethered to the guilty pleasures of Gaia. Addicted. They seek human hosts. They offer black magic rewards for service. They are parasites draining the life force of individuals and the planet. We know when we have been exposed to demon parasites when we feel violated, drained, physically shaken during and after interaction. As our third eye opens we learn to see the demon dweller in the eyes of the human host. Vacancy combined with a lurking glint, the host is not wholly present. There are layers to third eye activation. We sense and become increasingly aware of the fourth dimension and how it interacts with the third. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, they all reside in the fourth dimension. Our loved ones can use the fourth dimension as a bridge to communicate with us. Ethereal creatures can be glimpsed as veils thin between realms.

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The material plane, the third dimension houses our bodies but our souls and our third eye can see and be part of many other worlds. Heightened frequencies require us to ground in Gaia as we expand our consciousness. We become active participants in an energetic vibratory multi verse. The veils thin as our third eye expands. We start to see vibratory fields, frequencies, colours, lights, energy imprints and echoes. The more our third eye expands the better we get at reading and responding to energies as opposed to simply relying on our third dimension senses. We see a liar in a smart suit. An angel begging on the street. We see layers, loops in time. We have accurate premonitions. Vivid dreams we interpret and respond to. We follow messages our guides pepper our lives with. We become hyper aware of how we present ourselves, how we listen to people.

Throat and third eye expansion could be the defining characteristics of our evolution. Who are we as a global population? Who are we in our lives? Who are we in meditation, in solitude, in our own pocket of consciousness? There is no normal anymore. There never was. It was conformity, competition and survival. When life could and should be about peace, creativity and growth. Stay grounded as we breathe in solar blasts of high vibrations. Take extra care of yourself. We are upgrading, go offline, hit flight mode, pause and unwind. We are reaching for the stars cosmic surfers.


I embrace all upgrades appropriate for me at this time under the protection of my higher self.


I power up the pyramid of light that protects me from all lower vibrations.

I am safe, I am love, I am grounded.


About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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