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Energy Update – Walking Through Light Frequency Bandwidths

By on December 15, 2016 in Energy Updates
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Energy Update - Walking Through Light Frequency Bandwidths

by Lisa Brown,

Your view will determine what looks real to you. From the 3rd/4th Dimension, NEW Earth was not real. From NEW Earth, the 3rd/4th Dimension are no longer real. It’s but a holographic imprint barely visible.

As all let go of their old existences they arrive on NEW Earth NOW. Completely different holographic existences on vastly different dimensional planes than we once experienced as unconscious sleeping humans, doing our journeys perfect for us.

We travel through Light and move through holographic realities here. What is real is what is materialized, in the moment and a response to the vibration and light that we hold/stream now.

What is real is all of our existences merged into ONE here. What is real is what we can see from within and all that transpires in these higher vibrations that go beyond what we could see as a human, yet saw in our sleep state, saw in our dreams, felt in our desires and knew in our Star-Light-BEing hearts.

Walking through Light Frequency Bandwidths is one of our awaited existences that have been returned to us with these higher light frequencies that flow through us at the speed of light now.

Open eyed or closed eyed states really don’t matter anymore. We exist in all of these as one. Most days, the hard busy physical work is done in our sleep now, our bodies proof of all that we do in every state now. We’ve finally reached a vibration where all we have to do is exist as love, light and flow in sacred peaceful space in our open-eyed state, considered the awake/awakened one.

Work with your hearts loves. Allow them to expand/stretch as far as you can take them. WE’ve just begun what is possible now. I love you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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