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Ether, Etheric, Magnetic, And Electric Energy

By on November 16, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ether, Etheric, Magnetic, And Electric Energy

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing writer,

Ether is a very fine type of energy that is somewhat like electricity, but not exactly the same. It is all around us, and it permeates all physical matter while etheric energy is vital life energy; chi, qui, or prana, the energy that flows within our bodies. Other interpretations from Asian spiritualists may differ but would turn out similar in essence.

Physicists say it is primary life energy common in the universe. But it can be generally accepted and understood that ether and etheric energy mean the same thing as the English language lacks appropriate words to define something which is universal. Humanity would not know what is there in other galaxies as knowing is preposterous thinking.


Knowledge today is limited to theoreticians considered as authority and we all are, thinking in theories, even what we call as geometry axioms, as that is the limit of our brains, intelligence at this time of our development and evolution. The $10B Hadron Collider in Switzerland has added few ‘discoveries’, effectively in all our cells, as they proclaimed knowledge of quarks, neutrinos and god particle after bombarding light. Few of us are of the Ascended Master norm and the truth is we are sanctioned and influenced by beliefs taught by religion, false education and ancestry. For each individual, acceptance of what the general population, dictionaries or ancestral hierarchy say is correct or generally accepted principles ingrained on an individual brain. Collectively let us pray and desire that Source intervenes as we fell Source intervened and tell us the truth within all of us.

In a very limited sense at our reality, ENERGY is ‘power’ and whoever controls energy has an edge over others in terms of leading others and the ability to forcefully act on what they desire to achieve. ENERGIA, a Greek word in Physics, is the capacity to do work. In economics and capitalism, it is a combination of labor, capital, entrepreneurship and management. At 3d where we stand, it is any source of power like fossil fuel, hydrogen in fuel cells from NASA or Toshiba Technology, solar, ocean or wind that produces power or electricity that eat our earnings/wages. PH signed with Toshiba a study agreement to power our un-electrified villages with hydrogen in fuel cells. PH at the Pacific Islands is 7,100 islands, smaller than California, separated by big bodies of water and electrification and communication are a big deal for our country. India, US and Germany have their own machines utilizing ether that could help the world. The truth is they are perpetual motion energy machines fueled by ether that contravenes what we learned in 1700 old physics that gravity, ether, electromagnets cannot power machines, lies taught by darkness for control.


How you tap energy for the ‘capacity to work’ is your way of increasing your vibrational frequency. ‘Etheric energy/ether is universal energy and is present in any fabric of space. We should be using ether for electrical generation known by our scientists and inventors around the world but is being blocked by the dark state for obvious reasons. Earth is still a prison and the dark is in partial control.

Practitioners of various arts and other meditation techniques consider this etheric energy the key or solution to vibrant wellness, the original source of life and strength for any living thing. Access it and wellness comes to your well- being.

Physicists and cosmologists today disputed the findings of olden knowledge that there is no energy in a vacuum as there are neutrinos, ‘god particle’ ether or energy moving within, proven further by the Swiss L10B pounds collider research project that bombards light/protons and split it into minute forms, neutrinos, quarks or what you want to call it, ‘God particle.” It has gravitational effects on worlds, the physical matter existing in any planet of the universe.


We may find out later as we go’ interstellar ’ that other universal creations are slightly different from our universe as Supreme Beings create their desires and their thoughts of ether; take different forms as the Creator would desire it. As you awaken, we learn that everything is energy whether we call it neutrinos, quarks, gluons, etheric energy, ether or simply light energy or rainbow rays from our energized red magnetic sun and Central Sun all healers and cleansers, NOW. Source provides us rays of light that permeates and cleanses our whole being. . The truth will finally beckon on us.

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Understanding the above statements bring us nearer to preparing ourselves to crystallization for interstellar travel as carbon bodies are very near to glass or silicon, the building blocks of crystalline light bodies. This is elementary much more if you are a doctor of chemistry, mining engineer, geologists or specialist in minerals. What is very significant is we should all be prepared emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, otherwise the truth will never be revealed by ourselves which are within every cell of a human being. We will be creating the crystalline bodies from deep within ourselves as we are on track on our journey to Oneness. Why would Source provide us crystals and silicon on earth if they are not clues to something of creation we are about to discover? Are they simple reminders to humanity that our thoughts, desires and intentions will prevail? That is the next track we are following, our individual journey to ONENESS.

Let us rely on our intuition through Christ Consciousness, our Higher Self. Stick to ether, magnetic energy or gravitational energy to power things we desire at our 3d reality, we raise our vibrational frequency by one or two notches that will prepare us further for inter stellar travel. That will make our specie a new born, a potential member into the intergalactic universe, a totally new set of paradigm for humanity. The dark state should now be cut out from the power stream as truth will set us free from prison of irrational thoughts and allow us explore the universe.

Welcome to a new level of vibrational frequencies as things are changing all around us. Observe, feel and be amazed of what is happening within ourselves.

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the authorANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-Middle East, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Healthy body is best. Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris, or link with him at or listen to you tube,

Image: Pixabay

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