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Evolution: An Ascension To Universal Consciousness

By on August 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

Evolution: An Ascension To Universal Consciousness

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

If 5D is alternative news that publishes multifarious concepts, doctrines and ideas that are not read or even known in the main stream media (MSM), why is MSM publishing terror, wars, doomsday, creating fears and announce disasters to happen to humanity? Why are esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical activities never came to light last 100 years till now the last 25 odd years? It is negative and dark power controlling Earth and humans, the planet’s weather till Source made her mark, a stop to all these nonsense.


Source Consciousness is now at hand bringing crystalline magnetic light rays converting to obsolescence the manipulations and control of negative dark forces. Observers, Christ Consciousness and the messages from Source are strong and emphasized Earth/Gaia has shifted her presence to the fifth dimensional frequency whilst humanity is given a chance to be aware. We join the evolutionary shift of earth in this one in several thousand lifetimes chances of getting out of the rot, the low density vibrations where Earth and aware individuals come out to be at the forefront- at the fifth vibrational density.

This period of evolution, others call it ascension is something to behold as this happens in other galaxies who are evolving just like our own Earth and the residents or riders of the planet, all on their way to a higher vibration after millions of years of evolution. Observers and watchers are all around us observing the phenomenon.

Questions are asked on these evolutionary concepts and we understand that consciousness is a spiritual topic for discussion to enlighten the individuals prepared to receive information. Each of us have track our own individual path. We have our own levels of development or ways of evolving leading to our transfer or shift to higher consciousness that range from the intellectual-physical-material to a shift to emotions and spirituality or the deep connection of heart with the divine mind. At this point, brain is second, material things are not important aspect of planetary life. Emotional and spiritual take hold and humanity is one consciousness.

As we evolve, service to others become priority but must maintain ourselves in perfect health and form. Positive values, thoughts, and decisions are made knowing that truthful actions are your defining moments in this physical life, wondering why we have this level of development for a very long time, even when we are growing up.

As meditation becomes a routine part of your life, you keep your body in perfect healthy shape with diet, proper food and exercise as emotions tell you that you cannot help others without your body maintained to harmony and perfection. From meditation, you connect with your higher self and universal consciousness thus letting you understand that spirituality and material-physical life are two opposite or unrelated things. You prefer living the spiritual world and less and less of the physical, a lifetime of actions where guidance is given to others in need of it. Living with the spirit, your soul resident at the spinal column means that you empathize with all beings, animals, plants, trees and nature and your energy is an agent of cure. At this level, you manifest your intentions and desires and discuss truth without inhibitions as you connect with others easily. Learn to be with Aware beings and shy away from people who are still at the dense and lower dimensions.

NOW, MOMENT, we have to distinguish where we are, at the lower rungs of evolution or at a higher vibrational frequency as these ascension/evolutionary development are now common with many members of the planetary ascension team( PAT). They are ready to embrace the shift, ready to cross the boundaries of the third to the fifth dimension. Let me elucidate the stage of evolutionary pace of those in the more advanced evolutionary level. In our scientific studies in schools, we have learned symbiotic relationships of various living kingdoms specifically the ants and the aphids and this is now truth at higher realm as we are connected with all of creation. We shift from one energy form to another, where thoughts are frequencies of energy.


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Full awareness is almost at hand as you are now fused with the universe as your presence is pure unconditional love. With the internet and cell phones, you influence people and you can transmit your ideas en-masse, to a large number of individuals as we are ONE, being ONE with the universal mind. You have connected your heart to the divine, merged with the light of the galaxies, All That Is. At this level, the being is able to communicate with all beings you meet, able to channel love and truth. We learned the language of love as it is the norm at this reality.

ASCENSION OR EVOLUTION, which or who are you going thru? This is a debate of science and religion. I prefer evolutionary growth as we have been in various stages of physical and spiritual development for a million years and without the Source Consciousness coming to the rescue with divine crystalline, magnetic rays we are at standstill. Source pushed out darkness to where it belongs and negative thoughts gave way to enlightenment and full awareness. This is our chance to evolve to a higher vibrational frequency, the higher dimensions. “The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension by Dr. Georgi Stankov posted at Stankov universal on Sept. 6, 2013” explains ascension from a technical viewpoint but will make a spiritual student understand what it is all about. KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD. From my viewpoint, as we evolve and ascend, our pure crystalline light bodies merge with a ball of light, a sun, a new reality of Source Consciousness and is ONE and travel like a thought or to understand it, a shooting star to the galaxies, one pure light with ALL THAT IS. That is what happens to our merging with Oneness, a prelude before routine or permanence at 5D, a simple taste of luxury of unconditional love to ONENESS with ALL THAT IS till you desire to come and return home at 3d reality.

From here on, evolution is on an individual basis as you can decide to ask Source to give you a chance to serve humanity and bring light and unconditional love to where you are, at your posts, share the wisdom Source Energy bestowed on us.

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the author: ANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-ME, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris, or or link with him at or listen to universal channeling, link at

Image: Pixabay

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