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Exclusive Interview! Conversations With A Walk-In Soul

By on March 14, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Exclusive Interview! Conversations With A Walk-In Soul

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by Yolanda Arenas
Contributing Writer,

What are ‘Walk-Ins’ and have you ever met one?  Who are these Entities?  Perhaps during your Metaphysical Journey or Spiritual Path you’ve been close to one or perhaps just never been aware of their existence.


Walk-ins are Entities who with prior permission from an incarnate soul “someone born through the natural process of child birth and who has a living & breathing body on this plane of existence”, allows an entity to occupy or inhabit its body for a period of time. We could say that “Walk-Ins” have been around for ages, but it is not until recently that they’ve become known.  Many people have written accounts on these entities.   

One can closely examine Edgar Cayce’s life and tie his experiences to this subject.  During Cayce’s life he served as a Channel for an entity and cured many through his work.  Movies like K-PAX and Heaven Can Wait both portray their stars as entities inhabiting a body born to another soul.  There are well-known primetime TV shows like The Ghost Whisperer featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt who portrays a young girl who sees spirits that have departed and The X-Files a television series on the Paranormal created by Chris Carter a Science Fiction producer both of which have touched the subject.  But, not all Walk-Ins portrayed on the big screen are as interpreted on film.  The media has a way of exaggerating a bit and sometimes its interpretation lacks the essence of what a “Walk-In” really is.

Spirit is all connected and Spirit abides Universal Law.  When a Walk-In enters a body it will not forcibly enter it if not with prior permission from the incarnate soul.  That is why in many cases a lot of the films we see today depicting these entities and made to scare the masses have little or no credence to what they portray.   Spirit is all knowing.  When an event like this occurs, family members may or may not be aware of the shift.  Some family members and close friends may notice a slight difference in the person’s personality while usually it’s the parents who perceive the difference and dissimilarity because of their closeness to the loved one.

In my lifetime. I have met two types of Walk-ins.  One is best described in Edgar Cayce’s writings where the body is inhabited to convey a message for a short period of time and the other is one who inhabits the body full term until the life cycle is complete.

“What happens when a soul leaves the body?  “Can an entity who inhabits a body of another soul lead a “normal life” on this plane of existence?  The answers to these questions are responded in my one on one conversation with an actual Walk-In.

Hector Casasnovas, better known as Andy, grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey.  He was raised between the city of New Jersey and the small Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  He came from a working middle class family, his father a business man and his mother a factory worker.  Andy’s mother describes him as a quiet withdrawn child who hardly ever spoke, before his injury.  At the age of 12


Andy suffered a life threatening injury to his left eye which was completely removed by the age of 17.  In his story, Andy relates that his life was transformed after this terrible accident in an unexpected way. Andy completed High School at the age of 15 became President and Orator of the Hoteliers Marathon for Jerry Lewis’s Muscular Dystrophy Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  At 16 he ran his own Public Relations Agency called H Casasnovas Public Relations which although not fully operational today still exists.  He also adds that during his years at the agency he employed over 250 employees who worked closely with Telemundo, a renowned television station and one of largest stations on the island today.  At the age of 19 he earned his Bachelor’s Degree and by the age of 21 earned his Master’s in Public Relations.  He also dabbled in Gold Jewelry design and owns a custom upholstery automobile shop on the island.  He adds that at the tender age of 15 was acknowledged by the Muscular Dystrophy Association in Las Vegas, awarded a prestigious recognition given to him by Jerry Lewis for the merits he achieved with the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Andy communicates that throughout his life Spirit was always present and attributes his successes to Spirit.

In 1999. I met Andy through my middle son’s acquaintance.  Andy employed my son during his early years in college and we established a friendly, but spiritual relationship.  I learned of Andy’s colorful nature and funny sense of humor first hand.  He absolutely loved to be around people and relished in the presence of company.  Back then, he’d arrange these “group meetings” every week that lasted hours.  He’d gather several like-minded people who’d meet at his home to share their personal paranormal experiences and discuss ways in which they could awaken the masses.   It was the kind of meetings Madame Blavatsky would’ve had in her times.  I was privileged to be amongst all these wonderful conscious human beings who lived their lives actively in Spirit.

“To everything a Purpose” I’ve heard say and this resonates within me today.  It was through these meetings and gatherings in our quest for knowledge that Andy and I met another female acquaintance while attending a Seminar on Past Regressions; a Paranormal Speaker who we called “The Doctor,” an experienced Parapsychologist who later joined “the group” and was helpful in the development of each of the group’s faculties and it was through her work that Andy revealed his identity as a “Walk-In”.

I hope my one on one conversation with a Walk-In is insightful.

Me:  “Hello Andy, and how are you today?

Andy:  Hi Yolanda, I am doing quite well and truly happy to join you today.

Me:   Andy, I’d like for you to share with me your experience as a Walk-In and how it all came about?

Andy:    Well, Yolanda this is quite the question.  You ask something that covers a broad range of things.  All I can say is that my past feels like a dream to me and when recall these memories I see a child living a quiet life right before my accident.  My mother says I was a quiet simple boy who had few friends and was an introvert who hardly ever spoke to anyone and all that changed after my accident.  I was 12 when I was struck by a rock and lost my eye.  At 17, I lost my eye completely when it was removed to save my life.

Me:  How disconcerting

Andy.  How did this happen? Andy:  Well, I was walking down the street a boy threw a rock.  I felt something pass over my head and when I looked at the floor I saw it was a rock, but when I looked to turn back to see where it came from, another rock struck me right in my left eye.   I was rushed to the hospital where they performed emergency surgery to save my eye.

Me:    So, what can you remember of this accident?

Andy:  All I can say is when I recall the event it “feels” like a dream.

Me:  Can you explain what do you mean by a dream?

Andy:  As if I was watching a movie.

Me:  And, can you recall your life before the accident?

Andy:  Yes, I can remember mostly everything before the accident, but it mostly “feels” like I am viewing a dream as if an observer and anything thereafter feels real.

Me:  What about your parents?

Andy:  My parents?  Well, my mother believes I was saved by a miracle of God.  She confesses that both my father and her thought that I would never make it because of the way I was as a child.  They say I was a weak child who acted withdrawn most of the time.  Also, the damage to my eye was too severe and the doctors didn’t know if I’d recover.  Both my parents were very spiritual, although my mother was more of a religious believer and my fathers’ beliefs in Metaphysics.  Both did what most parents do turn to their faiths for a miracle.

Me:  Moving forward to the moments of your recuperation from this terrible accident, how did you cope?

Andy:   In less than a year and a half I went through six different operations to correct the damage to my eye.  My life changed completely.  I spent most of my days in a hospital.  I lived more at the hospital than I did at home.  It was during my stays at the hospital that my parents said they noticed a change.  I felt different and I was happy during my stays at the hospital.  I can’t recall anything that really bothered me during that period.  I did what I felt I had to do at that time and to get better.

Me:  So, did you feel any different after the accident or was there something significant you felt changed?

Andy:    I felt urges to do things differently.  I remember one time my parents couldn’t fly with me to a clinic so they sent my uncle instead.  My uncle and I were visiting Montgomery Alabama and we stopped to rest in Mobile, Alabama.  My parents had given me $150.00 dollars for the clinic and I used the entire amount on memorabilia of the Confederate War that I fell in love with at a store.  I didn’t believe there was anything wrong with that, but my relatives couldn’t understand my new passion for these items.  There’s a particular flag I bought along with these items that I’ve given away on several occasions, but the darn thing keeps coming back.  I’ve given it away hundreds of times and it keeps coming back.

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Me:  So, you began collecting items you never had before?

Andy:  Yes.

Me:  So, what did your parents say or do when they learned about the change in you?

Andy:  They prayed and prayed all the time.  They seemed happy that I had overcome my ordeal.  They found strength in their religious beliefs and believed my recovery to be a miracle of God.  In all honesty, they didn’t question anything.  People never questioned anything back then.

Me:  So, what other significant change did you perceive happening?

Andy:  After the accident I excelled in everything I did.  When I was 15 I met this woman, Roberta Estratti, who was actively involved with many of the social events in my community.  She was a Public Speaker and a well-respected person and became my teacher and mentor.  She studied Metaphysics.  I became an Orator.  It was back then when I felt attuned with that which resides in all of us.  I studied A Course in Miracles and joined Dr. Joan Hassleback and became part of the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I was invited by Jerry Lewis to Las Vegas to receive recognition for my merits with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and became President of the Hoteliers Marathon all that same year and stayed as President for a period of 15 years.

Me:  Amazing!  So, life was different?

Andy:  Indeed.  I was active in my community and became an Orator of public events and opened a public relations agency before the age of 17 which I named H Casasnovas Public Relations and it still exists today although not operational.  There were over 250 people employed.   It was there that I met people from all walks of life.  Doctors, lawyers, actors all of which I learned from and respected.  I am truly thankful for all these wonderful experiences I shared with each and every one of them.   I did have a set back at the age of 17.  I was at a function and while dancing I began to hemorrhage through my eye and was rushed to the hospital once again, this time to Miami where the doctors could not save my eye and it was completely removed.  It took me a while to recover, but I learned to live without it.

Me:  So, your spiritual journey begins at this time?

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Andy:  You could say that.

Me:  So, you’ve shared your physical experience with me, can you share your Walk-In experience and what happens when a soul leaves a body?

Andy:  The soul does not remember the transition.  I believe that when a switch occurs between one soul and another that soul’s life existence is placed within the walk-in’s memory to be recalled like a dream and for that matter I can only recall the incident as a dream, as an observer in a movie.   I cannot recall the moment in which the switch happened or how, but my reality began at the hospital.  All I recall is a strong sense of getting better and the happiness I felt with just being that is all.

Me:  Do you consider yourself different from someone who has been born through the natural process of nature?   Meaning, do you feel different because of the nature in which you came to be present on this 3rd dimensional plane?

Andy:  I have been blessed.  I walked into a humble family’s nucleus and learned to live on this plane of existence with the help of those around me.  I can only be thankful.  I can only say that being a Walk-In has its advantages and it was beneficial in my learning process.

Me:  Considering the fact in which you came to this existence and acknowledging the human experience in which each person is born into the 3rd dimensional plane, do you believe the process in which you chose to come took away from the human experience as a whole?

Andy:  No.  I cannot describe how you feel or how it feels because I have never been born.

Me:  What is Universal Law and how do you apply it to your existing life?

Andy:  Every being has its growing and learning experiences that follow a divine plan.  Within that divine plan consciousness grows hand in hand with wisdom. This plane of existence is like a playground where each being gives part of them-selves to create the whole.  Our lives effect one another be it for good or bad.

Me:  Do you remember a previous existence?

Andy:  I have a vivid memory of two other beings who accompanied me prior to my arrival on this planet that were set to be my father and my sister on this plane of existence.

Me:  How did you know?

Andy:  I know because I felt it and it is so.

Me:  Do you know where or what plane of existence you came from?

Andy:  I have very little memory of that place, but I have learned it is from the planet Kitza.  That planet was destroyed.

Me:  And how did you learn this?

Andy:  Past regressions.  These two beings have been with me in other planes of existence.

Me:  I know you are pressed for time and this is another story in itself.  I would like to hear more about this planet and how it perished and what happened to these beings.  Can we talk about this subject at another time?

Andy:  Yes.

Me:   Can you share with me where you believe life will lead you once your existence on this 3rd dimensional plane is complete?

Andy:  It depends on my accomplishments here on this plane with this body if I will move forward to another mission or another growing experience.

Me:  So, how do you see life for our planet and the future of humanity?

Andy:  In order to know the direction in which the future takes humanity it will depend strongly on the each person’s growing on this plane of existence and where it wants to go as a collective whole.   In my opinio

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n, and knowing what I know, I believe we are heading  into a cleansing and spiritual stage where many will move on to other planes of existence and yet others will continue their journey living on this plane of existence choosing to live a life much different to the one that exists today.

Me:  That is somewhat profound.  What is your wish for humanity and how do you believe it can be accomplished?

Andy:  I do not live my life as a human.  I live and breathe and think Spirit.  And, my wish for humanity is that everyone on a journey living on this planet may reach their life’s purpose on this existential plane.

Me:  And, how do you believe that can be accomplished?

Andy:  With a massive change of consciousness!

Me:  I definitely agree.  Thank you Andy it was a pleasure talking with you. 

 I certainly hope we can get together again.  Thank you for your valuable information and sharing your astounding life experience.

My blessings to all, Namaste.

Image: Pixabay

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