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Awakening The Extraterrestrial Within You

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Awakening The Extraterrestrial Within You

via Anonymous,

Awakening The Extraterrestrial Within You

It will be a super big wake up call for earth humans who are asleep, because most of them truly believe that the human species is all there is. There are billions of planets in the galaxy that house millions of productive galactic alien civilizations.


Wait until humanity finds out how many alien species live right here on earth and that they were on earth billions of years before humans arrived.

Some alien species look just like us. We eat, work, sleep, play together and yes, interbreed. Its’ been this way forever.

Yup, the sleeping public is gonna have a lot to adjust to and many humans will not be able to handle the truth emotionally.

I won’t even discuss how disclosure will affect all religious belief systems. The Vatican will, and is, beginning to fall and crumble, because the Roman Catholic Church is well aware of the aliens races and those of them who want control over this planet and humanity.

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Humanity was created and has survived on a crock full of lies, deceit and manipulation for millions of years.

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