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Finding Who And What Resonates

By on November 2, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Finding Who And What Resonates

By Anne,
Guest writer, In5D.com

This personifies UNITY beautifully. Uniting people, cultures and ideas together as a whole. We are everyone and everything simultaneously. The entire cosmos is with-in our very essence-ONIPRESENCE.

This supersedes ALL cast and class systems. These are man-made fear based separative, illusory conditioned constructs. Energies are AMPLIFIED at the moment. Let’s “ride” this energy and momentum to manifest and/or “let go” of what isn’t working for us. Now is the time to continue dissolving these fears and ALL that kept us there. Let’s amp it up and fire up the TURBO!

Leap into LOVE and UNITY!

UNITY encompasses total acceptance for one another no matter what. An example of this is when our most wildest, weirdest wacko jacko ideas are instantly understood, accepted and even EXPANDED upon.

Co-creating humorously TOGETHER. To achieve total acceptance of one another involves sometimes agreeing to dis-agree respectfully. When truly in our heart-space we want EVERYONE to thrive. And we do whatever we can to encourage and empower EVERYONE to be the VERY BEST they can be. Example, I LOVE to sing, it fills me with pure HAPPINESS and JOY.

I also LOVE to hear others singing whole-heartedly. AND I don’t care if their naturally gifted or not. PASSION is CONTAGIOUS. It makes me HAPPY when I see/hear/feel others HAPPINESS too.

ALWAYS surround yourself with joyful positive people!

Finding Who and What Resonates

Mother earth is calling to us ALL to stand in our power and step into our soul purposes/missions TOGETHER. Quite often this call presents itself in the most unusual, unexpected and humorous ways. Mother earth speaks to us through emotions, elementals, words and ideas. Through All creatures great and small. Also through colors, symbols and songs seen/heard/felt when we are in and inspired by nature-synchronicities. HEED HER CALL!

Synchronicities can and do occur anywhere, anytime, in fact EVERYWHERE.

These can come in the form of other people, numbers (numerology, codes) and are seen in the sky/clouds and stars etc. When they excite us and make our hearts “soar” follow them. Our intuition is confirming we are on the right path. These synchronicities are leading us to our highest greatest outcomes.

If things being reflected are unwanted, modify, even small daily changes can have wonderful, rapturous, ripple effects.




Arohanui Anne

(“big love” in maori)



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