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Is The Flu A Spiritual Awakening?

By on February 26, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening


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by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

After seeing how wide spread the flu has become sweeping the U.S. and actually killing people. I began to think is there a spiritual meaning to this flu? I had it in early January for 5 days. What was different about this flu was my body was sick but my mind very active. My body was wiped out by I kept thinking and could not sleep as much as when I had the flu in the past. I laid there and thought about my life and how I could change it.


I am convinced we are going through the apocalypse right now. I wrote another bog on the Spiritual Meaning of the Apocalypse. I explained that the suffering will be mental and emotional. There is not complete physical destruction of the earth. There will be a change in consciousness. Those who refuse to change will suffer mentally and emotionally. As I watch the flu spread I am becoming more convinced this is part of the apocalypse.

I am a spiritual person as I except everyone and their personal beliefs. I am not so narrow minded now to think our creator selected only a few to believe in one spiritual figure. I think all our spiritual leaders and figures and come from the same energy. It is just called Jesus, Buddha or Allah etc. depending on where a person came from. To except an entire world to follow one spiritual leader is so limiting. I do believe every way is right and everyone’s beliefs are right.

Religion is different because it narrow mindedness insists only their spiritual leader is the one. Only their spiritual book is right. Everyone else is wrong and they are right. Therefore they will have eternal life while the rest of us will suffer. Wars have been fought and many many people have died to be right. Their religion is right and the rest of the world wrong.

As I was raised in a religious household I was sent to a Christian school. I read the bible. I stuck to Jesus’s words and Revelations. The Christian form of prophecy to the end times. Every religion and culture has prophecy of the end times. I will go into a few and how the flu might be related.

In the last book of the bible the four horsemen are prominent. Each horsemen brings different suffering and are prophesied “to kill with sword [warfare], with hunger [famine], with death [pestilence and disease], and by the beasts of the earth” to the extent that one fourth of mankind will be slain! (Revelation 6:8, New King James Version throughout). That’s around 1.6 billion people. We have been in war since 9/11 which I have always thought was the beginning of the apocalypse. People are starving around the world and Cape Town S. Africa only has water to last until May 11th 2018. Death, pestilence and disease could that be the spreading flu? If you throw in the opiate crisis that 65,000 people died from in the U.S. in 2017. Drug addiction is a disease. The flu is the perfect disease to spread after all it would be suspicious if we all came down with cancer all at once. It takes along time with cancer to get sick. With the flu takes a week to 10 days.

The Hopi had this prophecy about the earth: “When the Earth is ravaged, and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, classes, and creeds, and who by their actions and deeds, shall make the Earth green again! They will be known as the Warriors of The Rainbow”. -Hopi Prophecy


The earth is ravaged right now people and animals are dying. Is the Warriors of the rainbow tribe the Lightworkers? The 144,000 that are in the book of Revelations? That are sent to save the rest on earth that are left behind during the Apocalypse? I am seeing things start to connect here.

Zoroaster was an ancient Iranian prophet whose teachings eventually formed the Zoroastrian religion—the very first faith which focused on a single God. Dating back to the 5th century BCE, Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions on the planet. His prophecy was: the end of the world will be ushered in by a comet called Gochihr, when it strikes the earth at some undetermined point in the future. This impact will burn up the world, resulting in a boiling flow of metal and minerals which will flow over the continents like a river.

For those who are wicked, this river of molten material will be a purifying punishment, causing unimaginable pain as they are made clean. But for those who are already righteous, the heat will merely feel like “warm milk.” Could the comet be conscious energy that hits the earth? It makes sense the the wicked would suffer the most. Those that already chose to change would not.

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There are a lot of prophecies that are similar from all different religions and cultures. If I am right then we are on the third horsemen in the bible’s book of Revelations. The fourth horsemen is the beasts of the earth. The bible is never meant to be taken literally you have to search for the answers. Not everyone is meant to understand. The beasts of the earth I seriously doubt mean animals. Most likely machines of war and weapons.

You can do research for yourself. I see the connections can you? All I know is this flu was different than any I experienced before. Was this the Event? I am not sure. Something is going on and the change starts in the U.S. and spreads to the rest of the world.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. I have recently been guided to work with animals. I do energy work on animals especially abused ones. Which also leads to energy work on their owners. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog 

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