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For When You’re Feeling Unsure

By on January 8, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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For When You’re Feeling Unsure

by Adam Helfrich,
Contributing Writer,

There may not be an inherent meaning to life or existence. Perhaps maybe there is, we simply lack the organ to sense it in our realm. Regardless, we as humans do possess the ability to give life meaning, and therein lies one of the miracles of life.

If you ever have an especially hard day, week, month try to remember that though you may feel stuck in this life, you are never at rest. The entire universe is constantly in motion.

As you’ve read these words, your body has rocketed through the cosmos by thousands of Earth-miles. Change is happening even if it is no within your immediate, relative awareness.

Try to use all that you are to live free from the judgement of others. It seems counter-intuitive to think that your loved ones could be a source of that judgement, but your emotions can make it hard to dispel the illusion that the ego loves to fear. Your worth is not judged by the will of others.

Be your best you. Be someone you love to be around. That means allowing yourself to feel the way you feel, think the way you think, and live honestly with every energy that passes through your form (especially the uncomfortable ones. See what they are showing you!).

There is no way that you “should be” or “need to be”. Don’t sacrifice your desire to be a person of gentility and honesty with yourself in order to obtain order in a system that your soul doesn’t want to be a part of.

Fear not. Love yourself. Live your life. Be at peace.

Adam Helfrich

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