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Full Moon In Aquarius: Defining Your Service Work

By on August 15, 2019 in Astrology with 0 Comments

Full Moon In Aquarius: Defining Your Service Work

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by Matthew John,
Contributing writer,

Full Moon In Aquarius: Defining Your Service Work

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! The Full Moon becomes exact on Thursday, August 15 at 8:29 a.m. EDT (12:29 GMT).


Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is associated with equality, group consciousness, and the Higher Mind. It is an optimistic sign that reminds us of our highest potential. We are reminded that even when it seems like we are all alone, we really aren’t, because we are inseparable from the collective consciousness.

With the Sun in Leo, we are encouraged by the energies to put our best self out there. But even when we are putting our best self out there, we can still find ways to hide our true selves from others. Do you feel like you are currently living up to your potential as an individual? In what ways are you hiding your true self from the world?

The Aquarian energy requires teamwork to really thrive. We are all individuals on individual healing journeys, but we are also one collective on a collective Ascension journey. It is not possible to separate yourself from the whole. How are you contributing to the healing of the planet and of the human race on a daily basis? The more you are contributing, naturally the more whole you are going to feel, because you will be fulfilling the exact mission you came here to complete.

As a professional life coach and spiritual healer, I work with people from around the world on a daily basis. I get to know their psyche and I do my best to tailor my work to best suit their psychological state and their history. Once in awhile, I’ll get a client who has survived a lifetime of trauma and is stuck in the darkness of feeling victimized and wronged. They have little control over their mind and allow it to constantly take them into darkness. Often these people are in a lot of pain—sometimes physically, too—so it is of course perfectly understandable that they have developed a pessimistic outlook. The one thing that I always suggest to people who are in this sort of situation is to find a way to do something nice for others, whether it be volunteering, complementing strangers, helping out a friend, picking up trash on the beach, etc. When we step outside of ourselves to help others, we actually merge closer with ourselves, because we are aligning with the Highest Aspect of the group consciousness of all of humanity, which we are.

Do you make time on a daily basis to do something nice for someone else, or to say something nice to a fellow human? Do you make it a habit to wish people around you Blessings of healing or happiness? Are you a good listener? Are you willing to hear others’ perspectives?

Unlike Leo, where the inflated ego is celebrated, Aquarius encourages the deflation of egos so that the many can merge into the one. This is the energetic trajectory of our planet, as we are in the planetary Age of Aquarius. The famous gurus of the past are fading into relative obscurity as we see the rise of hundreds of thousands of spiritual teachers—including yours truly—each with their own niche audiences. Although each and every teacher has a different perspective, style, and personality, the core teachings (should be) the same—Love, Unity, healing.


If you feel like you have something to teach, then put yourself out there! It could be something informal that you do in social situations or you might feel guided to start a blog or write a book. This Age of Information that we are in provides the opportunity for voices from around the world to be heard like never before. It feels really good to your Soul when you share the things you’ve learned and help to guide others, no matter on how small of a scale. This is the essence of the Aquarian energy: sharing of resources, information, and energy.

The Aquarian energies are really bringing us into communion with our Service Work. Service Work is a broad term that covers all the positive work you are meant to do; all the people, animals, and environments you are meant to help; and the positive legacy that you are meant to leave behind. It is your unique physical and vibratory contribution to the healing and Ascension of the collective consciousness of humanity.

It can be helpful to define your Service Work in a single sentence. For me, my Service Work is to assist in the freeing and Ascension of humanity by working with intermediate-to-advanced level Lightworkers to help them create their Highest Destiny and step into their Service Work.

How would you define your Service Work? Here are some questions to get you thinking:

• Who or what do I feel most called to help? (e.g. alcoholics, the elderly, children, animals, rivers)
• I feel most fulfilled when I ___(service work)____.
• Which skills or talents do people most ask me to help them with? • What do I feel like is my mission on Earth?
• What type of legacy do I want to leave behind?
• What is the one thing that I have to help heal or improve before I leave the planet?

Go ahead and write down your Service Mission and keep it somewhere special. When you step more fully into your Service Work, you will naturally unravel any of the Shadow Aspects of Aquarius, like martyrdom, which we will discuss in the next section.


The dark side of Aquarius is the trap of martyrdom. Can you recall a time in your life when you’ve fell into that trap? Do you know people in your life who are constantly allowing themselves to sink into martyrdom?

Martyrdom and codependency form a dark energy web which drains all parties involved of vital energy. The drains are situated on the ends of literal energetic cords between the people. So if you’ve ever heard anyone suggest that you cut cords with someone, know that these cords are absolutely real. Cutting (or better off, removing) cords between yourself and another works, though the caveat is that if there are still emotions like martyrdom, jealousy, resentment, etc. present then the cords will come right back. It’s the emotions and beliefs about another person’s role in your life that keep the cords in place.

Which people in your life do you intuitively feel you have negative cords with? These people are most often parents, partners, ex-partners, close friends, and business associates. This Aquarian energy is encouraging us to free ourselves from negative cords.

While I would suggest getting help from myself or any other trusted healer if you feel you have negative cords you need to cut, you can also simply visualize them being removed. Archangel Michael is a good being to call on to remove the cords. The trick is, though, to identify which resentments you are holding against that person, or if there’s guilt, jealousy, or martyrdom present. Freeing yourself from these feelings will free yourself from the cord. The most powerful route to this freedom is through true forgiveness. I did a whole webinar on true forgiveness here:

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with in the past year whose energy field was being severely held down by a partner, a parent, or a child. After working with them, I was able to help them free their energy up and it’s remarkable how their whole personality shifts. These deep cords with partners and loved ones can be just as nasty as entity attachments.

For those of you who are in a romantic relationship that is working really well right now, the next two weeks may feel pretty blissful and harmonic. For those of you who are in relationships that struggled to just make it through Eclipse season, you may find yourself (or your partner) desperately trying to hold the relationship together by putting BAND-AIDS on things and lowering your standards of what is acceptable. It may work for now, and the relationship may even feel like it is rebounding back to something that works over the next few weeks, but ultimately it will also build inner tension inside each party, eventually leading to arguments. If there is a separation in your Life Plan, then nothing you will be able to do will ultimately keep the relationship from reaching its conclusion or perhaps shifting to a friendship.

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If you have been reading this and thinking, “wow, this is me…I see how I have fallen into martyrdom” then congratulations! because the vast majority of people who get into this sort of state of codependency never have the ability to even recognize the trap they’ve created. If this is you, then now that you’ve become aware of the pattern, it’s up to you to shift it. Feel free to reach out to myself or others for help.

When you finally free yourself of the pattern, you may find it unbearable to be around the other person for the time being, OR you might find it actually suddenly pleasant to be around them. Either way is perfect. We do have the remarkable ability to totally shift the prevailing feeling of any relationship in our life. When you change the meaning of who someone is to you it can shift the entire relationship. However, if it’s someone who just isn’t meant to be in your life (at least for now), there’s nothing you will be able to do to make the relationship feel life-giving instead of draining.


The dualistic age of Pisces officially gave way to the New (Golden) Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012. Over the next century, we will see all of the systems of control on this planet—which were built to drain vital life energy from the people—shift to supportive, life-giving structures of governance and economics. We will see our planet transform from a toxic, polluted place where the majority of the population are sickly, underfed, or depressed into a clean, healed world where all people live in peace and harmony and have more than enough to not just survive, but thrive.

It is destined, and it will happen. That is assured. However, the journey from where we’re at now to what I have described above is the exciting part. How will it all unfold? If you’ve been paying attention to the news, it seems that there are currently some really interesting things going on behind the scenes.

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As individual consciousnesses and a planetary consciousness, we are moving from duality (Pisces) to nonduality (Aquarius). I would encourage you to harness these Full Moon energies by practicing entering into nonduality.

What does it mean to be in nonduality? In nonduality, there is no judgement. There is no right or wrong, good or evil, better or worse. Everything just is. It is the energy of stillness.

A great way to practice nonduality is to just observe. Literally spend some time just sitting on a bench in a public place, and just watch people. Notice how your mind will be constantly judging, categorizing, and analyzing the people. Go beyond the mind to the part of you that is able to just simply observe and allow everything to be as it is. Wish every person and animal you see a silent Blessing.

When you hear bad news on the radio or TV, wish all parties involved Blessings of healing. Yes, even the perpetrator. If you think about it, anyone who would hurt another being must be in a tremendous amount of pain themselves, and thus requiring healing.

Feel free to check out this video of mine for a deeper exploration of nonduality:

In the Aquarian energy, the people begin to demand freedom from their oppressors. The energy of Love for one another permeates, as people band together rather than allow themselves to be separated. The energies of Acceptance, Nonjudgement, and Compassion send out the frequency of Unity, which calls in the benevolent extraterrestrials to intervene to the extent they are allowed to and dismantle the control structures.

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This is precisely what is happening now. Every time you reach your hand out to help a stranger; every time you hug someone; and every time you visualize World Peace and healing for the planet, you are contributing to the frequency of Love that will literally free HU-manity from tens of thousands of years (or longer) of energetic slavery. Can you feel it?

So, let’s all reach out and be there for each other for the next two weeks and beyond. Let’s take some time to visualize the planet we want to live on. Let’s be more willing to forgive the past and to build bridges–of course while maintaining our healthy boundaries and not forgetting the advice regarding relationships in the previous section. It’s a balance.

Wishing you Love and Unity within and without (and a big hug) on this Full Moon in Aquarius!

With Love,

Matthew John

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