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Galactic Alignment At Winter Solstice – Don’t Miss This Great Wave!

By on December 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Galactic Alignment At Winter Solstice - Don’t Miss This Great Wave!

by Geneviève Lucette,
Contributing Writer,

December 21, 2017 Earth will be in alignment with the Milky Way Galactic Center, the heart of our galaxy. This alignment creates a great wave of energy described as electric, magnetic, gravitational and spiritual.


The line of the winter and summer solstices marks the vertical axis or spine of Earth. It’s the same line and wave for the northern and southern hemisphere and for winter and summer solstices.

If you catch this great wave with awareness of its significance, it can lift you to higher levels of consciousness and evolution. It is up to you to be in the right place and time, since it is through harmony and resonance that an energy is transmitted from one level of consciousness to another.

The energy of this great wave is received according to the planetary time power points, our receptivity, creativity and karma. To align, receive and be lifted by this great wave, face due north, pray and meditate.

It’s an excellent time to do a Quantum Leap of consciousness to pass successfully through this major Gateway.

On December 25th, the Sun begins to rise higher in the skies again. The new impulse of life for the new cycle begins. It is a time for a new beginning, renewal with fresh energies, a new life with new hopes and new desires for the coming year.

In Christianity, December 25th, the Festival of Light and Re-Birth is celebrated as the birth of the Christ, the embodiment of the Divine Light. Since the Divine Light is traditionally personified as the Spiritual Sun, so this day is referred to as the Birthday of Christ or Christ mass. In Mysticism, the Spiritual Sun is known as ‘The Sun Behind the Sun.’

Christ is a title given to one who is illumined in the fullest sense possible with the Light of God. All Master Souls form the Christ Consciousness. The non-Christian mystics prefer to use the term of Cosmic Consciousness, because it is more universal and represent the Masters of all Traditions. There is but one Soul – The Soul of God, The Universal Soul.

Various Wisdom Traditions gave the Master Soul we know as Jesus Christ different names. One of the oldest biblical names was Enoch or Atlas, King of Atlantis. The ancient Egyptians knew Him as Thoth. The Greeks called Him Christos or Hermes and the Romans knew Him as Mercury. In Islamic Tradition, He is known as Idris, and in Eastern Traditions as Babaji or Shiva.

They are all names in different Traditions for the same Great Teacher and Master Soul who appears to us again and again throughout the millenniums to teach and initiate us into the Mysteries of Life and guide us on our path of evolution towards the Divine Light.

Everyone following the guidance of their own Soul and the Master Souls will eventually reach illumination, which is a state of freedom and joy. I believe that in the new Golden Age in which we are now entering, the Christ Light will quicken many. This is known as the Second Coming. The First Coming related to the Good Shepherd or Christ Soul who comes down to Earth to teach and guide us through the Path of Initiation until we become conscious of the Christ within.

It is encouraging to know that the Christ, in the heart of each of us, is lovingly waiting for our coming so that we may return to the Source of Life as illuminated beings.

These are profound concepts and truths from Ancient Wisdom that reveal how life operates within us, on Earth and in the Universe.

We are in a process of transmutation as a human race. We can work together to establish the new era’ Golden Age of harmony, wisdom, freedom, prosperity and peace.  However, the success of this depends on our own efforts to build the Golden Age with the inspiration and support of the Master Souls and Angels.

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Wishing you a season filled with happiness and a prosperous New Year!

Geneviève Lucette,
Mystic and Author

Bio: Author of ‘At One Forever’ and two online courses: ‘Attracting Prosperity ~ The Mystic Way’ and ‘8 Gates In Time,’ a yearly coaching program.  My work is the result of over 25 years of spiritual studies and experiential knowledge in Quantum Mysticism. Studies from Western Wisdom Traditions, such as Baconian (Francis Bacon), Rosicrucianism (Rose Croix,) Hermetic, Egyptian and Christian Mysteries.

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