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Galactic Humans and the New Earth Collective

By on July 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Galactic Humans and the New Earth Collective

by Jetson White,
Contributing Writer,

I’d like to share some ideas on the newly-forming field of consciousness being generated by the emerging Galactic Humans. Anyone who has activated their Light Body gains automatic access to this field. And the deeper you access this field, the more aware you become of your Galactic history, purpose and powers.


This field, which we can call the New Earth Collective, is a pure-hearted, fifth-dimensional collective consciousness built upon unity, compassion and cooperation. Its formation is a natural result of the on-going DNA upgrades that are activating more and more strands within what was formerly labeled as Junk DNA.

Through metaphor, the New Testament provides us with an account of what we are all becoming. Jesus, like all benevolent Galactics, was a fully conscious, multi-dimensional Being. Check out this list of Galactic powers! He performed fusion by changing water into wine. He controlled gravity by walking on water. He teleported his body by disappearing and re-appearing elsewhere. He replicated matter by multiplying fish and bread. And he controlled magnetism by commanding the weather. He also displayed an amazing degree of knowledge, wisdom, patience and compassion, all of which are natural states for a Fully Conscious 5D+ Galactic Human.

But before you can go wielding all that Galactic power yourself, you must know this: In order to access any of these powers, YOU—meaning your Soul, your physical vessel, and your fields—must be vibrating coherently in the same frequency range as the power you wish to access. Different powers vibrate at different frequencies. For example, teleporting up to a Galactic Mothership would require a higher frequency than telepathing with Beings inside a Mothership.

So, what would it be like if everyone was tapped in to the fullness of their powers? Imagine a pure-hearted race of individuals, each creating his or her own perfect world without negatively affecting anyone else’s. As Galactic Humans continue to form and tap in to the New Earth Collective by making their personal frequency the most important aspect of their lives, this is the perfect world we are creating.

About the author: Jetson White is an emerging Galactic Human and Way Shower with Pride. After receiving the Diamond Light Codes in December 2015, he achieved a high enough frequency to no longer require food. He is a graduate of the Resonance Academy Delegate LVL1 Course offered by Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation, and writes and produces a YouTube show called “Dancing With The Stars—The Emergence of the Galactic Humans.” Jetson is on Facebook as Jetson White in Kauai, HI, and can also be contacted via |

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