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Galactic Realm Energy Download

By on May 1, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Galactic Realm Energy Download

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by Peggy Black,

Galactic Realm Energy Download

When an Energy transmission is offered from the Galactic Realms there is always a need to have receivers that will anchor this NEW vibration and information.


Many things are occurring; there is an Energy transmission offering a major Shift that is supporting and triggering mass consciousness to Awaken to their True power and understanding.

You are a receiver. Own it and make it your intention to claim this Gift each and every day.

Say to yourself as often as you might need to; “I AM a Receiver of Divine Transmissions of Information and Awareness.”

Just this statement will trigger your ability. BE Aware and pay attention to inspirations and ideas that come to you. Notice when you feel a Shift in Energy, a rush, a tingle or some other body sensation that is letting you KNOW you have just received an Energy Download.

We are a part of the Wave of Awake BEings who are aware of the partnership between our Physical Consciousness and our Divine Consciousness. It is in this Divine partnership that all transformation takes place in this dimension.

When this partnership between the Physical Self and the Divine SELF is Acknowledged and Awakened we are powerful beyond measure.


In this Awareness we BEgin to understand the gift of connecting with our Heart’s intelligence. It is the HUman Heart that generates the largest Electromagnetic Field produced by the Human body.

When we are Aware of this gift, we can activate the Heart in offering coherent frequencies of Gratitude or Appreciation. It is these vibrations that carry this encoded emotional information of Well-BEing into the Magnetic Field of the Collective.

It is also important to remember that we create our brainwaves with our every thought and every emotion. We are a vibrational BEing of Energy. We are always interfacing with everything and everyone around us.

It is possible to affect our DNA, our Cells and our Health when we Shift our perspective on what we think is possible. Light and Sound can and do influence the Energy Field of the body and the body’s Healing process.

Our every Cell knows how to operate in perfect Divine Integrity. We are assured that wondrous results will Blossom in this Divine relationship. Our Health and Well-BEing will improve.

~ Peggy Black <3

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