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The Gifts And Challenges Of Life-Changing Energies Coming In

By on July 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Gifts And Challenges Of Life-Changing Energies Coming In

by Kalayna Colibri,
Contributing Writer,

It’s okay to let go of your handrails…


In fact, it may be time to do so. The love you have waiting for you is what you’re letting go into now. The unfamiliar will become familiar, will become more known to you as you move forward. The fall is not long once you’ve let go. Parts of you anticipate and think it will be, but that’s not the plan at all. There is so much more to let in once what parts of you grip hard to is let go of. It may be a process of moving one single finger at a time as the grasp loosens and the next step forward into the changes coming in is stepped into. This may be what’s needed and that’s fine… charging through change can create more chaos than you may need right now, but in another way, that may be just what you need too.

These foggy changing times bring momentum but invite us to stay in the moment… these energies coming in now are supporting us to feel our next choice points and to feel all there is to feel in the process of making these choices, inhabiting these changes, and finding our way into this newly emerging life phase and overall timeline. It seems these shifts can be subtle at first, but then once that first step is taken, it can feel suddenly like you’re riding a roller coaster or even a speeding car. I should qualify that and say that parts of us feel it this way, while our soul actually has a deep trust that is leading us. There can be a difficulty in the surrender to it all… there are attachments on different levels of our being and in different parts of us, to how things have been up ’til now, whether or not our life’s circumstances are ideal in many (or any) ways.

We do NEED change. It offers us grist for more self-discovery and healing process and celebration of how far we’ve come too. It offers us more ground for growth, especially if we seem to have ‘mastered’ the old ground, to the degree that we can feel how maybe we’re outgrowing it now – it has become too comfortable and kNOwn, perhaps. You may feel consciously that you are a big fish in a little pond too. Change presses what’s uncomfortable, wounded, in distrust, in pain, in separation, up to the surface to be felt and held. It has a way of creating a chaotic windstorm at times, that can be made much more intense by parts of you that are in a panic and either don’t want to be felt or cannot be felt by you for some reason. Change is really the best catalyst to encourage us to feel ourselves. The smoothest transitions in life usually come when there is a whole lot of surrender to a lack of ultimate control, while still paying attention to and moving along your own chess pieces in each step, though even doing this very thing can still bring up surprises and more to feel.

Trusting the rumbles that love wants to send through our life and our current relationship to people, geography, ourselves, the Divine, and even life and love itself, is the biggest invitation and the hardest to inhabit for parts of us. This is when a process becomes so valuable, as we allow in these energies that want to move us into our next places and phases of growth and expanding LOVE consciousness… we cannot always control the depth of change that is being invited into our lives, but we can control the degree to which we are willing to look at the whole picture, to feel all elements of it, to be with the challenges and the bonuses, and to find our way through by allowing ourselves to be IN ourselves and our hearts around it all.

These times of feeling like a whirlwind has picked you up and it’s hard to tell where you’ll land, are some of the toughest phases and also the biggest opportunities for expansion of our consciousness and our overall scope too, it challenges how we see and inhabit life and also how we see and inhabit and love ourselves. There are many gifts here, though the reality of the challenge needs to be felt deeply too. In fact, one feeds the other and when they are allowed to dance inside of us in this way, that is when we pop out the other side, feeling so sacredly different than we ever could have before. We’re on our way, no matter what, to a higher dimension in every way.

Kalayna ColibriAbout the author: Kalayna is an indigo-crystal bridge, energy healer, writer, poetess, and facilitator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.



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