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Glass Ceilings that Hinder Evolution

By on January 18, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Glass Ceilings that Hinder Evolution

by Samiksa Love,
Contributing Writer,

Are you hindering your own spiritual evolution unconsciously with invisible chains? If so, you are gloriously human!


For so many of us on the spiritual path, while we seem to be from time to time facing obstacles “out there” in the external reality, the most pervasive limitations have mostly been laid down by ourselves through our lifelong conditioned beliefs and our daily habits.

The centuries-old phrase “gateless gate” has been used in Buddhist circles for illustrating in part that no one outside of us is actually holding us back from our own spiritual awakening. Although there appear to be countless barriers along the way, even inwardly in deep meditation, the path to waking up further actually has no solid gate. We don’t have to think outside the box, as it is commonly said, we just have to realize there is no real box to start with! Adyashanti, a modern-day American spiritual teacher, has famously stated that “If we would only see that all limitations are self imposed and chosen out of fear, we would leap at once”

So what exactly is holding us back? It seems to be one thing to see our limitations consciously and either succumb to fear or dare to fearlessly transcend them. But it’s another thing entirely if we can’t consciously perceive what gates we have built for ourselves. If we can’t find the gate, how on earth do we step or leap through it?

Then it happened, I came across a bold declaration by Stephen Hawking, an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He stated that “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”


When I first came across this statement, I was profoundly affected by it and found myself reflecting on it for several days. I realized that Stephen Hawking was moving past false dichotomies and pointing to an invisible or glass ceiling, a gateless gate! And oh!, what a dangerous one, because it has the most potential to keep us stagnant and deluded on the path of continual growth.

Looking back on my own series of spiritual awakenings, which continue to this day, I realized that I had encountered hundreds of these glass ceilings on the road of spiritual evolution and self-realization. I bet it has been the same for you, and what a ride it has been for us!

I noticed that at least in my own life, in addition to the gateless gate concept, the glass ceiling idea was a great way for me to understand the nature of the subtle barrier that finally falls away right before each new level of awakening.

And the key here is that there is not just one gateless gate or glass ceiling, not just one awakening, but infinite many and we need to be courageous enough to keep moving.

So I took Stephen Hawking’s quote and decided to extend it further to find other glass ceilings and gateless gates in my own life. I posted these statements on social media at least a year ago and kindly received feedback that the word “enemy” might keep us in a mindset of constant war or struggle internally and externally. I agreed wholeheartedly, and I changed the wording to “obstacle”. Please keep in mind that like all words, these are always just pointers, and the understanding will always be a unique direct experience. Trust in your own process and your deepest knowing.

May these statements assist all of us to courageously and continuously find our gateless gates, our glass ceilings:

The greatest obstacle of wisdom is not delusion, it is the illusion if wisdom
The greatest obstacle of awakening is not unconsciousness, it is the illusion if awakening
The greatest obstacle of love is not fear, it is the illusion of love
The greatest obstacle of oneness is not separation, it is the illusion of oneness
The greatest obstacle of kindness is not cruelty, it is the illusion of kindness
The greatest obstacle of healing is not disease, it is the illusion of healing
The greatest obstacle of life is not death, it is the illusion of life
The greatest obstacle of abundance is not poverty, it is the illusion of abundance
The greatest obstacle of light is not dark, it is the illusion of light
The greatest obstacle of justice is not injustice, it is the illusion of justice
The greatest obstacle of peace is not war, it is the illusion of peace
The greatest obstacle of lightwork is not evil or dark, it is the illusion of lightwork
The greatest obstacle of acceptance is not judgment, it is the illusion of acceptance
The greatest obstacle of ascension is not de-evolution, it is the illusion of ascension

And so on and so on….

These are the infinite many subtle barriers that we must allow to shatter open and burn away so that we can step through the gate into a whole new reality. Can you think of any others in your own life?

One other thing I noticed in my experience is that once I shed each old layer it also felt so painful, sometimes even associated with yet another dark night of the soul episode. Leaving behind the familiar and stepping into a whole new paradigm can be a challenge for the human ego. But there was always, without doubt, a rebirth into a new layer of being and it was so much more liberating. We’re like caterpillars that keep turning to butterflies, and Source is ever so kind to each of us along the way with blessings and blessings in disguise at every turn!

After going through this process so many hundreds of times on my journey so far, I have come to expect the resistance and it really does get easier and easier each time. I found that the hardest layers to shed were the lowest and densest ones in third density consciousness. After these initial layers are shed we do gain a great amount of momentum to keep evolving and ascending, and we have a lot of help, both on this side and in the beyond. Life itself will continue to present us with lessons and opportunities for growth, whether or not we go out looking for our gateless gates.

But when encountering your next glass ceiling or gateless gate, are you willing to take the leap?

About the author: Samiksa Love is essentially another version of you, and we are fellow travelers through life in love. She has a diverse background and continues to play diverse roles, but is mainly a rehabilitating academic who used to study, teach and write about a variety of world religions and cultures, especially Hinduism and traditional eastern medical practices. After a series of spiritual awakenings beginning in 2013 and continuing to this day, it was impossible for her to fit into her old life, and soon she realized she was being called to create a whole new one from scratch as part of a wider global shift toward the new earth. At the same time, she began channeling music, and she now shares these Energy Transmissions and messages with people all over the globe for healing, awakening and celebration. Starting in 2015, she began following her guides’ strong promptings to “show up”, find her tribe and boldly share her life experiences for so many who are also waking up, changing their lives based on new priorities, and taking their place as lightworkers and starseeds. While she has facilitated quantum healing hypnosis technique for many clients, she is now focused primarily on helping people around the world live their highest joy and life purpose through online spiritual counseling, customized signature Energy Transmissions, and writing, among other activities. Her main life themes, no matter what else she does, are about staying lucid inside the dream, holding frequency in a state of divine love, mindfully following one’s bliss, and celebrating life together. You can find more of her writings and music on her website:

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