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Hail For The Grand Arrival Of The Lion’s Stargate Portal

By on August 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Aiena & Ostarel,
Contributing Writer,

Hail for the grand arrival of the Lion`s Stargate Portal which will be reaching its peak on August 8th (8/8, symbol of Unity), harnessing the power of our Sun named Sol who open within itself a vortex that permits the Galactic Central Sun to send New Light Quantum Particles.

Every year; the Light is increasing to reach a New Critical Masses of Awakenings throughout the Planetary Consciousness. This establishes a brand new basis for Multidimensional Operation System within our Pineal Gland that goes as far as reaching our Lightning Rod (our Chakras) which is propelling huge biological changes to occur within our physical vessel.


The Inner Sight that’s showing up belongs to the Divine Complement Template as they would be called further into their mission of implanting 5th Dimensional Unconditional Love within the Earth Unified Matrix. As they withhold Waves of Divine Light of Emerald-White Cosmic Rays of Sirius 6D Lineage, they would be called to embody their Multidimensional nature in order to assist the Wondrous Stargate of Light for they will be, from this moment on, the Gatekeepers.

Divine Complements are all connected together throughout the Universal Web of Consciousness that exist within the Universe, acting as gigantic pillars of Light, that are emitting Unified Fields of Consciousness within the dimension they had been called forward for planetary assistance. They amplified other pairs of Divine Complements in an exponential fashion, radiating outwards in all directions and on all levels to initiate a massive ripple of golden light that is flooding to the very core of our beloved planet.

Beloved Gatekeepers sit in meditative postures; facing one another, their left hand palms up facing each other while their right hand opened resting on their knees. Illumination of Emerald and White Divine Frequencies could be witnessed within their Left Palm for it emits a Light Language Symbol synonym of a Crystal Key, which is a key that will keep the Doorway of the Stargate open during this sacred time of the year. Their reunited presence will unveil the path for the new template towards reaching the Rainbow Dragon Body.

A Golden Sun Disc appeared within our Inner Sight for it is known to hold Cosmic Keys encoding for Higher States of Enlightenment connected to the 11 other Sun Discs; for they are in total 12 Sun Discs connected to the 12 Central Suns of the 12 Masters Galaxies. This Golden Sun Disc holds within itself the codes to reactivate the Blueprint of the “Royal Lineage of Divine Complements” that will serve to amplify the already existing Divine Love Frequency Signature within this Earth template.

It is a Great Victory and Revelation of the Light is underway, one that asks to surrender in absolute trust in the Higher Wisdom of Ain Sophia.

About the authors: WE are Aiena & Ostarel, Crystal Channeler, Rainbow Alchemist of the Heart & Soul, Facilitator that guide others to re-connect back to their own Divine Magnificence. This is in accordance with our Soul Mission to spread Love, Light and Truth upon our transforming Earth, to raise the vibration on an individual level as well as that of a collective one. ? If you would like to book a services with us, go to our website or watch our Facebook Page for our articles. We thank you in the Infinite Light of the One.

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