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Handling The 800,000+ 4D Beings Released On The Eclipse

By on September 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Handling The 800,000+ 4D Beings Released On The Eclipse

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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

On the Solar Eclipse on August 21st there were between 800,000-900,000 4th Dimensional Beings released into our dimensional space on Gaia. This resulted in many of these shade/shadow beings (discarnate souls) attaching to people. The souls that were released were once humans.


There have already been energy workers that have taken care of the issue with them coming in. So no additional ones will be coming through. The ones that did come through already, will still be here until we remove them. I’m going to go over some of the symptoms and the solution to remove the beings from yourself or others and send them back to where they should be.

Some Symptoms

There have been reports that these beings specifically can affect the physical body. For example, let’s say the discarnate soul was once human with a certain ailment or disease. Now when they are attaching to people, that ailment they had in their life is now presenting itself to the person they are attached to. Maybe they were a lifetime smoker and now the person they are attached to is having smoker’s cough out of nowhere. They can also cause other symptoms that are not physical, symptoms can be unique from person to person. I encountered one that was more mentally manipulative and bringing out dark aspects.

During meditation, there would be interference where suddenly the thoughts would turn more to a dark/negative nature. It’s generally pretty easy to notice when something isn’t right when you start keeping your awareness up. There’s generally a sudden change in you & an intuitive knowing that something doesn’t feel right. So if you or someone you know within the last month has started to notice their thoughts be abnormally dark/depressive or have physical ailments/issues suddenly pop out of nowhere, this could the reason why.

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For dealing with these shades you will want to use a very bright lime green energy mixed with a translucent white energy (translucent white turns it into multidimensional energy). Put your intention that the energy is multidimensional and also the intention that the energy sends these beings back to where they belong. You can bring the energy down through your crown chakra then fill your entire body with it. Have it go throughout your auric field, through all chakras, cells/dna, & everywhere. From there bring it down through to connect to Gaia’s core and cycle it back up into your body through the feet & do a push with the energy so it pushes any of those beings out of you past your auric field. You can also use this energy for clearing your house & property. You can do that by putting intention that the bright lime green energy mixed with the white translucent energy fills your entire house, every particle of everything. For the property you can visualize the energy going 200 ft below ground and 200 ft above ground and covering the entire property. Both with house & property state the intentions again that the energy sends the beings back to the place they belong.

For protection & preventative measures you can put that same energy on the outside of your auric field so that they cannot get to you. They were released everywhere so even if you have protections set up at home, it’s possible one will latch onto you when you are out and about.

You do not need to be able to see the energies or feel them for them to work. Just do your best to visualize what it would look like & put your intention that it happens. Ask your higher self & guides to help direct the energy where it needs to go and they will assist you.


If you need assistance, please seek out an energy healer that can assist you in with these clearings. I’m able to assist with this as well. You can check out my services on my website via the link below if you are interested.

Love & Light

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