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The Hat Man Shadow Person

By on October 2, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

The Hat Man Shadow Person

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by TracyVW,
Contributing Writer,

The Hat Man Shadow Person

I am an awakening Starseed and have had Hat Man experiences both before and after I was conscious of my awakening status. In a way, the Hat Man was one of my many triggers. However, my experiences also escalated once I became consciously aware.


I first began seeing him in the corner of my eye. Usually, I was walking from room to room in my home when this would happen. I would see a tall man with a tall top hat and a trench coat just standing there staring at me. When I turned to see him he would be gone.

After a while, I would also see him in the right bottom corner of a mirror or picture or even the bottom right corner of a TV or monitor that was turned off.

Once I was conscious of my Starseed status, I started seeing him more often and at places other than my home. I could also sometimes “feel” his presence now, too.

One night I was startled awake by my Pit bull, Bandit. He was standing over me on my bed barking and growling furiously at the open closet door next to me. I looked to my left and caught a glimpse of him moving thru the back wall of my closet. He had the hat and trench coat, but from the knees down he was not defined.

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Another time, I was walking from the hall to the living room and I could feel that he was near. Sure enough, once I cleared the hallway I could see him in the corner of my eye to my left. Instead of turning to look at him at my left, I angled my eyes to the right as I was coming up to a large mirror in the living room. And that’s when I saw him straight on for the first time. He just stood there, once again staring at me. He did not attempt to hide or leave, but was gone once I passed by the mirror.


Once I began to practice the 12D shield and other self-protection practices, I did not see the Hat Man for a time. That was temporary however, and when he came back, he did a lot more than stare at me.

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I joined my boyfriend at his hotel for a couple nights while he was working out of town for a few weeks. On the second night, I was awakened by the Hat Man and he had just inserted a very thin, very cold finger in my rectum. I remember touching at me waist area and feeling that I was still wearing my pajama bottoms and thinking, what just happened? How, huh? I had been sleeping on my stomach, (something that is instinctive since early childhood) once this happened I rolled over almost onto my back. Then I saw him over me his hands on my shoulders and bringing his face close to mine. Then I said, from a place where I was watching him do this to me, “you cannot do this! I command you to leave now”! He kind of laughed and said, “Yeah, I know, I am leaving.” But before he did, and somehow I knew what he was about to do. He put his mouth real close to my face and blew a puff of air on my neck causing me to quiver and all my hair to stand up. This was a demonstration of his knowing intimate details about me and that he enjoyed using them against me.

Shortly after I had the Hat Man Hotel room experience, I remembered the Hat Man and his Hag from my childhood. I remembered that I was somehow forced to an immediate revelation of the truth of human enslavement on the planet and attempting to explain to my Mom that I thought we were all “stuck in a dream.” I remembered a lot of terrifying Hat Man sightings and dreams. In 1976, when I was approximately six years old. The Hat Man started his terror on me and my dreams. He sometimes stood in the corner of my bedroom or at the foot of my bed, and would vanish as I awoke. Or more accurately, when I “broke” out of the sleep paralysis. He was a dark shadow man. A tall, thin man with a tall top hat and a long trench-like coat. He appeared as if from the mid 1800’s.

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At approximately 8-9 years of age, I suddenly forgot about the Hat Man and the other incredibly traumatizing visions, dreams and revelations that were far too burdensome for a little girl. One night in 1978 or 79 I awoke from a Hat Man dream and was unable to move or speak. He was atop me choking me, and was going to kill me this time. I say, this time because this “suffocation technique” was a regular occurrence now, but this time I was going to die. I had, before this night, figured out that he wasn’t able or allowed to kill me, After all, it happened the same way every time. This translates to no longer fearing him and is usually cause for the Hat Man to exit your reality. However exit, he did not. Instead he was about to kill me.

I woke up the next morning, with a “knowing” that mankind was stuck in a dream and did not know it. Imagine being 8 years old and suddenly becoming aware that we can be and I believe all mankind are trapped in a dream by an evil secret entity. I was extremely traumatized by the hopelessness of the situation and my failed attempts to “wake up” my Mom. I was unable to eat or sleep and constantly attempting to reconcile nothing vs existence etc.

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After 40 years, the Hat Man returned and instead of re-traumatizing me, he is a trigger of my re-awakening, only this time I am not a child. I have learned to test my energetic boundaries and command my personal space and I have not had any further Hat Man experiences.

I do NOT fear the Hat Man, his Hag, or any other of his Shadow People Creatures!


Image: Pixabay

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