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Higher Consciousness Beings To Call In For Healing

By on October 15, 2017 in Extraterrestrials
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Higher Consciousness Beings To Call In For Healing

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Today I’m going to share some of beings that are great to call in for healing to help you along your ascension path. I’m not going to go into Archangels & Ascended Masters with this list, mostly because there’s already plenty of information about them online. If you are at a beginner level then I do recommend starting with the Archangels, Angels, & Ascended Masters first. You should always call in your higher self & all your own spirit guides as well with any healing. You may already have a being or several of the beings listed here as part of your spirit guides team. If not, you can still call them in and work with them!



Arcturians are great for emotional & physical healing support. They also are known for having healing chambers that they can bring you into for healing as well (energetically). Although their specialty is emotional & physical healing, they really can cover all aspects of healing in their healing chambers. The chambers can do everything from emotional, physical, mental, spiritual healing to giving DNA upgrades. They also like using forms of Liquid Light type energies to help with healing. Liquid Light has many uses, but can be very beneficial to use after an entity or implant has been removed to fill and heal the space that is left behind/torn.

The Dolphins & Whales are the Arcturians as well. Those are the physical forms they chose over a humanoid form when they went to the Sirian systems. You can call in the Dolphin & Whale energies and they like water healing energies & sound type energy frequencies to assist with healing. The sound type frequencies they emit have been great for blocking certain frequency type attacks that have happened over the last few months as well.


Sirians are great for mental & spiritual healing. Because not all of the beings on the Sirian system have been good natured, they have had to learn more into how to help heal the mental & spiritual sides of the beings there. So feel free to call them in when you are looking for mental or spiritual support.


The Pleiadians are great with entity & implant removals and are easy to connect with and call in. Pleiadians also have a special technology group. That group is called Simious. They are kind of like a tech support group that when you call on the name Simious with intention, they will send out whoever is available to assist you. When you come across something that is of a higher technology than an implant & needs more of an expert to remove it, they will be best suited to help with that. Pleiadians are all around good healers, so whatever you are going through if you reach out to them or have one as a guide you will be in good hands, just as with any of the others mentioned here.

Mantis Beings

Mantis Beings are fantastic healers as well & they are experts at entity & implant removals. Generally these beings are on the much higher frequency side, so they are the most difficult of any listed in this article to connect with. If you are more on the advanced side you can reach out to them and they will help you.

Calling Them In

For the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, & Mantis Beings you can call them in by saying with intention something like “Please send the best suited Sirian for me at this time that is of Love & Light only.” You can replace Sirian with whatever other type of being you want to call in. I also have said specific types of beings specialize in this and that, however, all of these groups can really help you out with all types of healing as needed.

I will be sharing more information about various types of beings in the near future. There are a lot of Starseeds incarnated at this time that are one of the 4 beings I shared here. There are also many from these groups helping us in spirit form from higher dimensions.

Love & Light


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