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How Can We Know Who & What Information To Trust?

By on April 25, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

Each week we ask a question in the Bridge To New Earth Facebook group and like to share the question and answers we get. We will be sharing the admin’s answers here, but Feel free to join the group to see answers from everyone in the group who participates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BridgeToNewEarth/

The answers may come from automatic writing, meditation, intuition, higher self, guides, channeled, or from soul group.

Question #2: There is often is so many different viewpoints and a lot of the information seems to conflict with other information. How can we know WHO & WHAT information to trust?


“Knowing who to trust or what you should trust is not a matter of finding an outside source. It’s an internal mission. Each and every one of you have your truth and the ultimate truth within you. As you ascend through your soul journeys you are in fact remembering your own truth as well as working towards becoming one with the ultimate truth again. Instances of a change in beliefs or no longer resonating with a specific person or ideology is your own truth coming back to you. Sometimes you are shown what you do not agree with for you to remember what you do. As each of you gain more knowledge you will instinctively know where you stand. You will be confident and comfortable within your own knowing that anything or anyone who does not fit will fall away from your frequency. The more work you put into yourselves and the stronger you get the less you will feel the need to follow others or to get answers from others. You are the truth and you should be trusting yourself.”

-Archangel Michael

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Within you the answers lie. You must look within to know the truth. Granted, everyone may have or perceive a different truth because it can get muddled through the filters of the Ego.

Fear not. Your heart will always vibrate when the truth, that is meant for you, is presented.

One will immediately hear a tiny voice say, “No, that doesn’t seem right”, that little voice is us, trying to tell you when the information you are receiving is not for your highest good.

Trust and know that We are always looking after you. Trust and know that you are not alone.

Follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong because that is where We live.

We love you! We cheer you on.

All for the One Creator.

Peace and love to you all.

-Higher Self


Who and what information to trust will resonate different for each us. We each have our own reality and have to figure out what feels right to agree with or disagree with.

This comes from within, but how it comes from within can happen in various ways. It can be a knowing, feeling, sensation, first impression, or other ways unique to you. I have found that when I come across someone or information that is of a high vibration and a place of love, light, and truth energy, it’s uplifting. I can feel the love and light energy & it feels good to connect with that energy. I will often get a confirmation tingle. The last few months I have started sneezing here & there (it’s always just a single sneeze) which seemed random, but figured out that was an additional form of confirmation when a thought crosses my head that I should pay attention to.

There have been a few live videos that ended up on my feed in Facebook recently of people I immediately had to hide the video or unfollow who shared it. Right away without watching the video there was this sense that the person didn’t have energy that I resonated with. I’ve encountered people with possessed energy that are charging $150-200 a session to help people.  I’ve tapped into energy of a video before and have gotten a sharp pain in my head, which is a sign for me to stay away. Other times I’ve found if the video is not working for me or an article doesn’t seem to want to load so I can read it, that is also a sign.

Not long ago I went to get a haircut at one of the cheaper places. I was waiting and my name was on the monitor/screen with other names. After waiting just a little bit, my skin started reacting, like being very tingly and itchy in an uncomfortable way. It felt like something was reacting really bad to my skin. At the same time my name just disappeared off the monitor without anyone doing anything. I was reacting to one of the employees in there, who was messing around with some really bad energy. I had to leave there and after I got in my car and cleared my energy, that feeling went away. I’ve noticed that same feeling one other time since then and that’s a big sign for me to immediately know there’s some negative energy coming into contact with me from somewhere.

So overall I’ve found that if I pay attention then it’s fairly easy to determine if the energy is a good fit for me. Also there are chances that someone is coming from a place of love and light, but their information was just being interfered with and they are unaware of it.

If I feel like checking into it further I can ask questions, such as:

-Is this person a clear channel? Have they put in the healing/clearing work for themselves?

-Are any entities or energies that are not of love and light attached or interfering with this person’s energy and messages?

-Was there any interference when they wrote this or did this video?

-Is this person and information coming from a place of love, light, and truth energies?

-If they are a channeler and channeling a specific being or group, can ask: Was this person truly channeling Archangel Michael and did the information come through as it was meant to without any interference?

Then I would just pay attention to what feelings I get when asking the questions or use a pendulum as a way to double check if needed as well. You can ask any questions you feel you are guided to.

I also like to be cautious when information comes through that is exactly what I want to hear. A lot of this for me relates to some sort of event happening that fixes all my problems for me, whether it be this wave/event that has been circulating, Pleiadians coming and making first contact and will help us fix all our problems, or something else like that. Whenever the information switches from guiding to empower oneself, to waiting around for something else to fix/change things, I try to notice that and make sure I sit with it.

A handful of people can get a handful of different answers and everyone can be right. Just because I don’t resonate with someone or pick up that their energy is not great… someone else may get the opposite and feel that person is helping them. Most, if not all of us, have experiences where we trust someone or information that ended up not working out. It ends up being a great learning experience. So if you do end up having a bad experience, on some level you were wanting to have that experience so you could learn from it. So either way there’s nothing to be afraid of, you will always get the experience & information that you are wanting or needing to have for your soul growth.

Love & Light


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