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How To Banish Shadow Beings, Demons, Malevolent ET’s & Other Negative Entities

By on October 21, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Banish Shadow Beings, Demons, Malevolent ET’s & Other Negative Entities

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

If you’ve ever experienced a negative energy assailing you in the middle of the night, know that you’re not alone. This often occurs during “The Witching Hour’ – roughly between 3am to 5am in the morning – when the veil is at its thinnest.

You may have unfortunately found out that delving into other realms can open up doors within your energy fields that you didn’t want open.

If this is the case, you need to understand that being aware and protecting yourself is paramount.

Some of us have had nightly visitations and events happening our entire life, whilst others may experience it after an awakening. It has been said that those who are destined to do work in the light are ‘marked’ by negative forces who try to stop this from happening, which is why these entities visit.

Often, they appear with red eyes; other times as a black shadowy masses with tendrils, and other times again something much more horrendous.

There are well documented examples of people having experiences with what was called an Incubus or Succubus in ancient times; with descriptions of people having woken up with a supernatural entity on their chest, often attempting acts of a sexual nature. These acts were depicted in various forms of artwork.

  • They were noted as the ‘Night Hag’ in Ancient Greece.
  • Icelandic folklore calls them ‘Mara’.
  • The German’s called them an ‘Alp’.
  • They were known as the ‘Oily Man’ in Malaysia.
  • ‘Ogun Oru’ is the explanatory term in Southwest Nigeria.
  • Islamic cultures call them the ‘Djinn’.
  • The Japanese call them ‘Kanashibari’.
  • Some call them malevolent Extraterrestrial visitations.

Whatever you prefer to call them; they’re real, they can physically affect you if you’re not careful, and they may come to test your strength when you start on your spiritual path, begin to explore other dimensions and realities or have your senses opened through a multitude of different ways.

Just know that this exploration isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

What was once hidden in the dark may now be visible as something standing in the room.

You may now hear their footsteps as they walk down the corridor.

The shadowy figures on your chest may gain a definitive form.

Voices may be heard before you’re unconscious again; “Don’t worry – He won’t remember this in the morning”

The shadowy tendrils may become fully visible as Astral Spiders or other insects.

The succubus who may come in the night will now have to deal with you as a conscious being.

The malevolent E.T’s who may come will now be subject to your personal will.

It’s important you stay as calm as possible if these things do occur, because the fear is what they strive for. This can be hard, but know that it is possible through strength, love and a determination of will.

An Affirmation

The following affirmation is one of your most powerful tools for protection:

“I am a sovereign being. You cannot affect me. Leave now”

Tips on How to Banish Shadow Beings,

Along with some other tips to deal with these energies:

1. Visualize and direct white light at the being if they’re upon you whilst firmly telling it to leave in accordance with universal law.

2. State your will and intent to the universe that nothing that goes against your soul’s highest purpose may affect you throughout all dimensions of time and space.

3. Crystal grid your room with protective stones (Tourmaline is GREAT – as are most other black stones – Jet, Onyx, Obsidian, Shungite, Hematite etc).

4. State your intention that any false guides must be removed from your energetic fields.

5. Burn sage or lemon grass to cleanse your room and yourself.

6. Visually surround yourself and your room in white fire/pure white light before you go to bed.

7. If you’re comfortable using other terms, call upon your guides/God/angels/spirit guardians/oversoul to wrap you in protection and remove anything negative from your energetic bodies.

8. If you’re comfortable calling on Pleadian help; they have an ‘auric egg’ protection & visualization technique which is simple and easy to learn.

9. If you’re comfortable calling on Arcturian help; they have a star tetrahedron protection & visualization technique which is a bit more technical but great for those with sacred geometrically minded abilities.

10. If you’re comfortable calling upon Jesus to help; that energy is also a fantastic & strong protection.

On a more positive note, a beautiful thing with having your extrasensory perceptions open is the ability to see and perceive things that were once never able to even be fathomed.

You can tap into guidance from higher realms, travel through said realms in your astral body, begin to have visions, feel energy and experience any of the various other gifts available to us.
This process may bring with it:

  • An ability to perceive auras around people, plants and animals along with beginning to see entities from other realms with your standard eyesight
  • Perception of tones of colors you’d never been privy to before
  • An increased audible hearing range
  • An increased visibility range
  • The ability to see geometric patterns within all of creation
  • A taste-bud EXPLOSION of flavors in all foods
  • Increased sensitivity of smell
  • An ability to talk with your guides/guardians/angels/God
  • The chance to see gnomes/elves/sylphs/other elementals
  • The chance to see and contact UFOs/chariots of fire/extraterrestrials/star-beings
  • The ability to astral travel/remote view/lucid dream
  • & lots more

It’s also important to note that many spiritual and religious doctrines promote the additional power of prayer and meditation at the same time of morning; as with all things there is of course polarity.

Be safe traveling the aethers 🙂

Article adapted from my personal blog

Image: Pixabay

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